Diary 2021 (174) December 18th – 20th The 12 days of Christmas

Saturday, December 18th, I met with Mistress Jenny only shortly in the afternoon. Mistress was busy in her RL and my time was also limited. After Mistress had left, i roamed a bit, stood around looking good (and doing something else in RL) and I had a short roleplay (just a few minutes, nothing really happened).
slave Holly came inworld and I returned home and met her and slave Alessi at our house. Alessi had cleaned it perfectly again. It’s good to come home into a clean house.

My night started with another promising chat with a potential roleplay partner. Then I returned home and had a skipee with Flo, then with Flo and Holly. Alessi joined us by the skipee table, It was a close game, that slave Holly won.
After the game I took the girls to Psi’s realm and had fun!

December 18th: Diomita at Psi’s realm with flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

After Flo had left to go to bed, I went to club DeLust with Holly and Alessi and Mistress Jenny joined us there. We had time to catch up with our mutual news and Mistress had fun teasing slave Holly.

December 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Alessi

Sunday, December 19th, Mistress had a busy family day in RL – and I had a busy day RL as well. I managed to visit a gallery in the morning nonetheless and I spent some time at Puerto Esclava while writing the report late afternoon. Yet nothing to report for the blog.
At night Mistress Jenny, Flo and I played a round of skipee and slave Alessi and Ebony came by while we played. We went to Psi’s realm and to Carnal Intentions and watched and chatted … yet even Alessi had a busy day and hence we all went off to bed comparably early…..

December 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm and at Carnal Intentions with Flo, Ebony and slave Alessi

Monday, December 20th, I met Mistress in the early afternoon and we went to club Domme a Domme to catch up there. While we were there I changed into a Christmas dress. We moved on ot Puerto Esclava. We just enjoyed our hour together until I had to leave o tend to my RL.
My night began with a surprise. slave Holly made an early Christmas present to Mistress and Jenny and me. A poster with her version of “The 12 Days of Christmas” – a wonderful and creative idea. Thank you, slave Holly.

December 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava / slave Holly’s present for us “The 12 days of Christmas”

Later I learned more … “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is an English Christmas carol that enumerates in the manner of a cumulative song a series of increasingly numerous gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas (the twelve days that make up the Christmas season, starting with Christmas Day). The carol, , has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 68. A large number of different melodies have been associated with the song, whose words were first published in England in 1780. The best known is derived from a 1909 arrangement of a traditional folk melody by English composer Frederic Austin.” (source Wikipedia)

December 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with Flo and slave Holly

Our night was very relaxed and enjoyable. We first played a skipee as teams with Flo and slave Holly. Mistress Jenny and Flo won that easily – way too easily *tuts*. I had to pee afterwards and took slave Holly with me to our dungeon and enjoy my human toilet. Then we all met at the decking and just chatted about the upcoming Christmas days and absences, RL is first. After Flo had gone to bed, I took out the “Truthball”, that Mistress Jenny and I had bought a couple of days before. We played 9 BDSM questions, but they were more to get a conversation running. We had a very enjoyable talk as friends with a common weakness for D/s and BDSM.

Diary 2021 (173) December 16th/17th Glitter and tinsel

I met Mistress Jenny in the afternon of Thursday, December 16th. We caught up with our news, then we visited club Domme a Domme. Mistress experimented with my collar, using commands we hadn’t ever used before. One is the “stay” command, that made me unable to move (but I could still teleport) and she made my collar public, but we didn’t know what it really meant. We moved on to Puerto Esclava, we talked about the theme for Friday, we read profiles and enjoyed being together. Dely (krysbia) came to Puerto Esclava and Mistress invited her home to us and Mistress and Dely tried out her access to my collar. It was disappointing for Mistress and me, because she could do all an owner can do, she could even unlock my collar. Luckily Mistress Jenny is as possessive as I am – and therefore, the public option is nothing Mistress or I will us.

December 16th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava

We had a quiet night. Mistress Jenny was running late and I played a round of skipee with Flo and Angelique. Mistress Jenny and Alessi joined us at the table and I chatted with Mistress while we played. We filled Psi’s realm later und stayed there all night. I teased slave Holly and made her adore my feet. Nothing more to report in here.

December 16th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm and at home with Flo, Angelique, slave Holly and slave Alessi

I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon at heavy Bondage Club. We visited Carnal Intentions and club Domme a Domme together and enjoyed our time. We caught up, we read and talked about profiles, outfits and people and we finished the theme for our Friday night party: “It’s Friday and the weekend of the 4th Advent. As we don’t know if and how many of us will be present next Friday we begin to celebrate the Christmas time with glitter and/or tinsel and will have fun at our party. Wear something silver, something with glitter, some tinsel in your hair .. or come as you are! DJ Virgo is spinning the festive tunes.”
I had already changed into my outfit for the night, Mistress Jenny changed while we were at Carnal Intentions. And we had slave Holly already in her most shiny chastity belt gear in the course of the week and Flo was wearing some silver as well.

December 17th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at heavy Bondage Club and at club Domme a Domme / Diomita with slave Holly at Puerto Esclava

After Mistress Jenny had left to tend to her RL I went visiting a gallery. slave Holly came inworld and I had her in IM. When I had finished my art time I went to Puerto Esclava and summoned slave Holly to me. She decorated me well while I was sorting the pictures of the gallery visit. Later we continued chatting until I had to leave mayself to tend to my RL.

At night we had our Friday night party with lots of glitter and tinsel. It was kind of an early Christmas party, as many of us celebrated Christmas eve on December 24th and therefore would not be inworld the next Friday night.

December 17th – Friday night party – Glitter and tinsel: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Flo, slave Holly, Dely (krysbia), Angelique, Argi Boa, baroness Capelo, Domina Ansar (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Sara (SaraRandall), Winters Snowflake, Claven Albatros, Rhyn Nootan, Laura (Laura00175), Virgo babii (lower row)

We had again lots of fun dancing and chatting..

Art in Second Life 2022 (2) Onceagain Art Gallery

Following Rig Torok’s blog I came across “Onceagain Art Gallery” and visited it on January 2nd. Onceagain Art Gallery is owned by onceagain (Manoji Yachvili). In the landmark profile you find a short description:
Hello! This is a small art gallery dedicated to women where exhibitions of various kinds will be exhibited on a regular basis.
If you want to be part of it, send a note to Manoji Yachvili with your references and a link where I can see your work.

onceagain (Manoji Yachvili) is in Second Life for more than 14 years. She “likes photography, art, landscapes, animals, visiting strange places, most of these things she also does in RL”. You find more of her also on her flickr account.

Impressions of Onceagain Art Gallery (1) – Main building and exhibition “Kaleidoscope”

Her Onceagain Art Gallery consists of several parts. The main building, where you land, features Onceagain’s own art and some pieces of her art collection. Right at the entrance you find a teleporter board that leads you to other buildings featuring “Private Collection” (Onceagain’s art collection), “Personal Exhibit” (another larger exhibtion of Onceagain) and “Artist of the month”. The latter did teleport me to an empty skybox, hence I assume there’s just no artist featured at this particular time of the year. On the ground level you can also see 3D sculptures and art objects embedded in a nice garden.

My visit started at the main building. On the ground floor is an exhibtion titled “Kaleidoscope”. Onceagain wrote about it:
Thinking of the joy I felt as a child when I laid my eyes on the kaleidoscope and with a simple gesture of rotation thanks to those fragemnts of coloured glass I created a new world, precise, clean, an endless array of colourful emotions and grace.
In out life time each one of us must take their pieces and put them back together again to be able to look at his own inner world.
In the life time of this society fragments of an uncertain reality, often confused, rich but fragile, where past, present and future seem to overlap in mposed velocity, the persuit of bauty in a game of fragmetns of light allows me to expand the senses, give peace to the mind, feed my eyes to the vision of tomorrow.
This is the thought that has noursihed my creativity for this project: the need to catch a glimpse of a possible hope for the revival of beauty in this world, the desire to look with brght eyes of adult reality and with enlightened eyes of a child its possible future.

Impressions of Onceagain Art Gallery (2) – Exhibition “Kaleidoscope” – collected art on the 2nd floor

The pictures all consist of 2 pictures, on the left side a RL picture of something messed up, broken, trist and on the right side the picture of a kaleidoscope structure, where the structure repeats elements of the picture on the right. It conjured a smile on my face when I saw the similarities and I can understand what Onceagain wants to express. Well done!

Upstairs are some pieces of Onceagain’s art collection, in particular some objects of Mistero Hifeng. And there’s one room featuring Onceagain’s horse pictures. But these are not just horse pictures, Onceagain processed them and compared them with pictures of renowned RL artists. She wrote about them:
We all have images archived, even at an unconscious level, models which we refer to because any work aof art is an act of communication involving a user, someone who enters into conversation with what is being shown.
Thus on reseeing a photo of my mare, I naturally associated it with a picture I began composing this project. Whenever an image reminding me of an artist came my way, I would set it aside, lke a jigsaw piece intent on arranging the end result, a part of which is here on display; thus, creating a personal dialogue with the works present in one’s memory by means of photographs.

Impressions of Onceagain Art Gallery (3) – Exhibition “horse pictures” on the 2nd floor

Again the direct comparison is intriguing!

I took the teleport board and visited the “Private Collection” which is in a separate building. You could also walk through the garden to get there and see the outdoor art objects on your way. I visited just shortly, the list of artists she collected is quite long and I know and worte about some of them: Bryn Oh, Caly Applewhyte, DixMix Source, Eupalinos Ugajin, Lika Cameo and many others.

Finally there’s another exhibtion of Onceagain in a gallery up in the skies named “NOMORE”, reached with the teleport to “Personal Exhibit”. It is really a quite personal exhibition and covers a theme, i was not aware of at all. Onceagain wrote:
NOMORE interlaces the story of the serious illness of the palm trees, caused by the red weevil, among the inexitent and sick relationship with my father and the joyful synergy experienced by me with this kind of trees during the childhood spent in the “Boulevard Palm” in Nervi, a distrct of Genova, the which I’m particular fond of.
NOMORE was born slowly, it evolves as thought mature, white the experence is lived. With the passage of time, I’ve collectd refrelctions, informations, old photographs, creating my iconic graphic elements, assembled in this project with a contemporary and complete overview

Impressions of Onceagain Art Gallery (4) Onceagain’s exhibition “NOMORE”

Onceagain Art Gallery provides a unique art experience in Second Life. It combines art objects created in and for Second Life in the garden area and the art collection with exhibition space featuring onceagain (Manoji Yachvili)’s own art. Onceagain succeeds to explain and describe her thoughts when she sees a RL photograph and what pictures this photograph brings up in her mind. The direct comparison is intriguing. Thank you for your art, Onceagain!

Onceagain Art Gallery
Rig Torok’s blogpost about “Onceagain Art Gallery”
onceagain (Manoji Yachvili)’s flickr

Diary 2021 (172) December 14th/15th Two more quiet days

Tuesday, December 14th, was a quiet day in SL for us. I met with Mistress in the afternoon. Mistress had had a bad night with not enough sleep due to a cold – hence we intentionally decided to have just a relaxed time together. Flo was present and we went seeing her at the skipee table and we played a round with her. After the game Flo went off to prepare dinner and Mistress and I went to club Domme a Domme for a bit, then Mistress retreated as well.

I had grabbed a free mesh head from lelutka and I played around with it before I logged off. I returned early and further adjusted the ne head. It is a different system and it was quite something to learn for me. When I was satisfied for a first try, I went getting new hair, the longest hair I ever had in Second Life.

December 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at club DeLust with Flo. The two small pictures show Diomita’s two different heads

When Mistress returned she didn’t say a word about my new appearance and hairstyle. She was feeling a bit better, but still we wanted a quite evening. Flo was playing skipee again and we joined her for a game. Then we went to club DeLust with her. Mistress had noticed my new hair and face and said it looked nice, but when I showed her the old appearance it was quite clear that the new head is not her favourite (nor mine).

December 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with slave Holly

We returned home when slave Holly came inworld, right at the time Flo had to leave for bed. We sat down at our terrace and I leashed slave Holly to one of the new chains that I installed at our home. We had our campfire on and jsut enjoyed some time talking with slave Holly, who got a hot butt from the fire. And that’s it for that day.

Wednesday, December 15th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. Mistress was at club Domme a Domme and I went there to meet her. We weren’t yet done with catching up when I crashed and couldn’t get back in for a while. It turned out that the whole grid experienced problems and Mistress had crashed as well. We met in our skybox when we both were abled to get inworld again. Mistress told me about her little adventure. She had found someone who will dominate her every once in a while and who will respect Mistress’ obligations with me and with the family. We shall see if it works out for her. And she might be even more dominant when she ahd a session *winks*.
Mistress had to leave and to tend to her RL when we had finished cathing up. I roamed a bit, then I logged off myself.

December 15th: Mistress Jenny in trouble / Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme

At night Mistress Jenny and I first met Angelique at our house. We just chit chatted until Angelique had to leave for bed. Mistress nad i went to club Domme a Domme for a fwe minutes and returned home when slave Holly came inworld. We had in mind to start a game of skipee with her… then first Alessi and soon later Flo came inworld. hence it was a round with 5 players. Alessi had the best cards and won it easily and quickly. We sent to Psi’s realm and stayed there the rest of the night.

December 15th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with Angelique, at home and at Psi’s realm with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Ann joined us there in a rendeer outfit, somehow it was a hrny night at Psi’s .. and somehow not “my” night, that happens.

December 15th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita aPsi’s realm with Ann, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Art in Second Life 2022 (1) Funday by Cica Ghost

Sunday, January 2nd, I got an invitation from Cica Chost to see her newest installation, the first of 2022. It is called “Funday“.

And so my 2nd day in 2022 (see all the two’s *winks*) became my first Funday. The thought Cica gave to us with her installation fits very well: “Happy Sunday Funday :)”
As I usually do, I zoomed out first and choose Midday as enviroment to get an overview. The landing is right in the middle of the sim. You can easily spot Cica’s shop for this installation, 2 ponds and a group of higher Cica-ish buildings, which I called Highrise-buildings. After this zoom out I used the shared environment settings again (as recommended).

Funday by Cica Ghost – overview and orientation map

Funday is just to have fun – and I had fun. There are a lot of buildings, walls and places at Funday, you can easily lose the orientation. The main animals at Funday are cows, chicken and sheep. You find them as 3D animals as well as in paintings on the walls. And there are a lot of paintings on the walls, all in the typical Cica style. The cows, chicken and sheep are available for purchase in Cica’s shop at Funday.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (1)

There is so much to discover, I certainly didn’t see all and for sure did not try out everything. You should hoover with your mouse over objects, many contain animations, so that you can dance or sit for example. There are also places where you can just dance. Look out for the signs “Dance”.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (2)

The paintings are mostly simply funny. For example the chicken that is jealous of the another chicken which holds a balloon. Or the two monsters that fight to be touched by you. If you touch them you get a link to Cica’s store on the marketplace where you can buy the little monsters that are from a previous isntallation of Cica Ghost. Also the frogs, which take a bath in one of the two ponds, are from a previous installation of Cica. Hence you can meet old acquaintances at Funday.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (3)

You can walk up ladders to get into the highrise-buildings and use bridges up there to get from one room to the other. Also here are opportunities to sit or to dance. You have a nice view from up there and may find more walls with paintings. I looked out for Cica’s cat, that is in almost all of her installations and I thought I had found it in a painting at one wall, at least the ears and the tail of a cat. I also found a bar to have a drink. Did I mention that there are cows and sheeps and chicken at almost every corner?

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (4)

It was quite busy when I visited and I could watch people having fun and I shared the fun and balanced on a rope with another visitor. As I said – try out everyhting, you will have fun! Of course I also visited the Loch Ness monster that peeks out it’s head at the second pond. Finally, shortly before I had to leave I found the cat and I sat down next to it with a big smile in my face.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (5)

Seeing the world with the eyes of children, having fun, dancing with fellow friends or even just with other visitors and forgetting problems for a short while is what you do on a happy Sunday Funday. Thank you Cica for the fun I had at Funday. It was a pleasure to visit and to write about it! And I still have a smile in my face.
As always, I don’t know how long Funday is available, that depends on the feedback and number of visitors and Cica’s mood and plans – hence go there soon and enjoy!

Landmark to Funday by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A
Cica Ghost on the marketplace

Diary 2021 (171) December 12th/13th Intense afternoons

Sunday, December 12th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. We went to Heavy Bondage Club to catch up with our mutual news while watching the silent crowd. We stayed about half an hour, then we went to Carnal Intentions. After a few minutes there, Mistress grabbed my cuffs and locked them in front and leashed me. There was no fore-warning, nothing, Mistress just did what she can because she wanted it. She muted my chat and restricted touch. Then she asked me if I could get into her collar menu, just to tease me and to make me aware of her power and my helplessless. I could literally see her amused smile.

December 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at Carnal Intentions

We went to club Domme a Domme next and I got an IM praising my helpless appearance next to Mistress, which did not really built me up. When it was time for me to return to my RL Mistress took me with her to our skybox at home and leashed me there – still helpless. I couldn’t even sub-hug Mistress without her help (as I had no access to my collar and the animation in it). It was another intense afternoon for me,

December 12th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at home

Our night began with a skippe with Flo. Flo had changed into a silber catsuit and was wearing a neck corset. We took her to the house and completed her outfit with an armbinder and a hood, removing the neck corset. When we were please with her look we took her to Psi’s realm and to Carnal Intentions. We stayed there when Flo left to bed until it was time for bed for us as well

December 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home, at Psi’s realm and at Carnal Intentions with Flo

Monday, December 13th, I met Mistress Jenny when I came inworld in the later morning to grab some advent presents inworld. We stayed at Heavy Bondage Club and caught up with our news there. Then Mistress and I grabbed the two presents for which I had come inworld (one was a “coffee table” where you can lock a slave in, the second was a free mesh head for experimenting) before Mistress and I had to leave again to tend to our RL.

December 13th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at club Domme a Domme

In the afternoon Mistress took me to club Domme a Domme. Once again it became an intense afternoon for me. Mistress not only locked my hands behind my back, she also blinfolded me. My afternoon was all about my submission, looking at my stunning superior, talking when talked to and sinking deeper. Mistress Jenny took me to Puerto Esclava and club DeLust and enjoyed her decoration (me). Finally we went home and I got my fix, the drug that takes me deeper and deeper. Thank you, Mistress Jenny. After Mistress had dressed again, she put a chastity belt on me and locked it. At least she removed the blindfold and unlocked the cuffs. We spent 3 hours inworld together that afternoon and we ended it where it began, at club Domme a Domme.

December 13th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at clubd Domme a Domme, Puerto Esclava, club DeLust and at home

At night slave Holly was present and we put her into a new outfit for the week. Catsuits look strange on her, she was back to naked with her full chastity gear set in silver, ready for our Friday night party that week. we went to Psi’s realm with her and summoned Alessi to us, whe just had come inworld when we we had headed off to Psi’s realm. We stayed quite a while at Psi’s following what was going on and catching up with slave Holly.

December 13th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Psi’s realm with slave Holly and slave Alessi

We returned home early to wind down and played a skipee with slave Holly and slave Alessi until it was time to go to bed.

Happy New Year 2022 and some stats and findings about this blog (2021 in review)

2021 has been another challenging year for all of us. The darn virus dominated our real life and some of us had more time inworld, other had no time for Second Life at all anymore. With regard to this blog 2021 has been a good year. I succeeded again to have an entry for every day (YAY). Blogging daily is not easy always as there’re days with not that much to report 8and others where you could write almost books!). In addition, I’m not able to write every day due to other obligations. Hence I always have some posts on stock and I try to pile up a few more for when I’m off for a few days.
In 2021 there about 180 diary entries, over 120 posts about art in Second Life and 35 simploring reports. Over all the blog grew by 379 new posts bringing the total archive of this blog to over 2,600 (!) posts.
As taking pictures is one of my passions in SL and storage space here is not free, I group my pictures to save space. When you click the pictures you can see them a bit larger. I also post the pictures on deviant art (Diomita Maurer at Deviant art). For my simploring tours I opened a flickr account where I publish pictures from these tours in full size. As there’s a picture limit of 1,000 for a free acount, you find there only the pictures of the last about 30 simploring tours. There you get the pictures in a higher resolution. In total I took more than 15,000 pictures again in Second Life in 2021.

In 2021 almost 15,000 people visited our blog compared to 19,000 in 2020, that’s quite a decline. The blog also got less clicks, 45,000 compared to 68,000 in 2020. Most clicks came from the Germany (9,500), US (9,400) and the UK (4,700). We had less days with very high viewing numbers, indicating that less new visitors came and began to read and read and click and read. Instead the blog is getting more and more regular readers. The number of followers increased once again to over 240. The statistics show that in total people from over 130 (!) countries visited our blog. Many thanks to all friends, readers and followers.
Most found our blog coming from search engines (11.000), from Facebook (1,500), from deviantart (1,300) and from  scoop.it SL Destinations (600) (that’s from where I often picked my simploring destinations. This website has closed a few months ago, probably one of the reasons for less visitors/clicks). Again not only the new blog entries attracted readers, there’re also some “evergreens”. The Top 4 Posts in 2021 were

1. The Victorian Corset Story – Part II –  1,141 clicks – March 2017 (written by slave Flo) – ranked 1st also in 2020
2. The Victorian Corset Story – Part III – 289 clicks – March 2017 (written by slave Flo)
3. Kara Bound – 209 clicks – April 2014 – also ranked 3rd in 2020
4. The Victorian Corset Story – Part I – 204 clicks – March 2017 (written by Flo)

This blog contains a lot of memories for Mistress Jenny and me and for the people close to us in Second Life. It started as a little diary to keep up with all the things happening around us in Second Life and has grown with time. In the meanwhile I read back myself often to look up a date or to check if I came across a place already before. I introduced a new series in 2019, the “Backflash of the month”. In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers this series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.

In my diary entries you could follow how my submission to Mistress Jenny kept growing deeper and became natural for me, but you could also follow how much I enjoy to have her as my sub, as my property during my green lights. She’s still and will always be owned by me as well.

I still have fun writing and it’s my intention to continue daily, if I find the time for it. Considering how much of our free time in real life is spent in this virtual world it makes sense to keep the memories like you do in real life. The memories are real and they stay vivid and present this way.
That we attract so many readers who follow our ways in SL makes me happy and keeps me motivated.

Thanks again for reading and following my and our blog.
Have a great year 2022 in SL and in RL, and above all stay healthy! Let’s get over this pandemic now and forever.
Diomita Maurer

Backflash December 2021 “Enjoying bondage December 2016: Suspension at BSP” (Dec 28th, 2016)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
For December 2021 I selected an Enjoying Bondage picture from December 2016 …. 5 years ago. That year we had our slaves in seasonal outfits and I had found a perfect place to create a Christmas Bondage picture…. Enjoy!

Enjoying bondage December 2016: Suspension at BSP

The season is always a very busy time of the year. For many of us it means more work in RL, additional appointments to visit Christmas and year-end parties and preparing everything for Christmas at the same time. To make it worse for many of us December ends already with the 24th, hence more activies in less time. No wonder that we had some difficulties getting all slaves online for the enjoying bondage night of December. I planned to have it at Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) and LEELOON was helpful setting up a bar with socks and hooks to suspend the slaves. In fact, I visited the Christmas skybox of BSP several times with the slaves and one night I had slave Flo, slave cecy and Kitty with me and could at least get a picture of them enjoying the suspension bondage (see “Diary (124) Seasonal Bondage Spirit“)
As we didn’t get together for an enjoying bondage night with all slaves, I made the most of it and made a collage from what I found of our tours spreading some seasonal spirit over Second Life’s bdsm sims. This year was particular with having our slaves in a seasonal outfit all over the season. So here is the enjoying bondage picture of December 2016:

Enjoying bondage December 2016: Suspension bondage at BSP - Mistress Jenny, slave cecy, slave Flo, Kitty, slave puppy Adarra, Diomita, Christmas tree slave D and slavin C (from left to right)

Enjoying bondage December 2016: Suspension at BSP – Mistress Jenny, slave cecy, slave Flo, Kitty, slave puppy Adarra, Diomita, Christmas tree slave D and slavin C (from left to right)

Link to the original post:

Diary 2021 (170) December 10th/11th – Friday night angels

When I logged in Friday, December 10th, in the afternoon, Mistress Jenny was already inworld at our skybox. It was as if a railroad engine rolled over me. Mistress was dressed all in black with a long latex coat. I knelt immediately without any further word in front of her and kissed her boot tips to express my complete submission to my superior. Mistress did not hasitate, she leashed me, gagged me with a harness ring gag and blindfolded me. Then she took me to club Domme a Domme and leashed me at the failed domme sign. As I know the sign I knew where we were even when my vision was quite restricted.
Mistress went out of my viewing sphere and while I craved to see her we caught up with our mutual news. Finally, after making me suffer to see her, she took me with her to a chair and chose a pose where I could see her. Mistress made it very clear that she’s in full charge and will get what she wants. I was overwhelmed with emotions.
We didn’t stay very long at club Domme a Domme. Instead we returned home where I was allowed to lick Mistress and to taste her addictive juices. Mistress had a nice orgasm and I got my fix, that put me back into deep sub space at Mistress feet.

December 10th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at home and at club Domme a Domme

Before Mistress Jenny logged off to tend to her RL we changed into something white with gold. We had set the theme for our Friday night to: “It’s Friday and the 3rd Advent. The Angels come to praise the lord. Hence come to the party as angels in White and God …. or just as you are and enjoy a good time dancing and chatting. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.”

December 10th – Friday night party: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Flo, Jammy Serendipity (Jammy Voxel), Baroness Capelo, Claven Albatros, Laura (Laura00175), Pacitu (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Firefly Dakota, Jayson Dakota, Katie Kagekiyo, Morgie Darkstone, Domina Ansar, Virgo Babii, Virgo Babii (lower row)

We had fun as every Friday. Some had really creative outfits and our Flo got her cookies. Morgie was dressed in green and decided to strip and Virgo got enough tip to strip and changed into a naked Angel. Mistress leashed me later to compete with Claven – anyway fun as every Friday.

Saturday, December 11th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. We went to our usual places, stayed a bit longer at Puerto Esclava and club Domme a Domme, chatted and just enjoyed. There’s not much to report for the diary though.
Our night began with a skipee with Flo. Then we took Flo to Calas Galadhon’s “A Christmas Wish” (read also here) and made the bollon tour with her. That was a bit tricky as we first had to take all restraitns off her and then we had to instruct her how to decreace her scripts so that she could do the tour. The tour was great fun again and our Flo enjoyed it.
we went to Psi’s realm afterwards and discussed the theme for the next Friday night party as well as the outfit for the slaves for the upcoming week. slave Alessi joined us there.

Saturday December 11th: Mistress Jenny ad club Domme a Domme, with Flo at Calas Galadhon’s “A Christmas Wish”, and with Flo and slave Alessi at Psi’s realm

Enjoying Bondage December 2021 – Maurer’s Angels at Psi’s realm

In December 2021 Mistress Jenny desired to have our slaves and subs in a equal family outfit. As we had the theme Angels for our Friday night party on December 10th, they had to wear something fitting, white catsuit enahnced with golden accessoires, like chastity belts and cuffs. I couldn’t resist to tie them up at Psi’s realm and we had two little enjoying Bondage nights with them, one I had alone with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi on December 9th and in this session I cuffed myself too standing next to the slaves .. and one I had together with Mistress Jenny on Decemeber 6th with slave Holly and slave Alessi. To complete the picture and to reflect other activities in December I added myself tied up from an intense short session Mistress Jenny had with me on December 9th and I added Jenny as my tied up victim from my green light on December 7th, when I left her tied up at the “Park Bitch sign at club Domme a Dommme. Our pet Sun didn’t attend our two little bondage nights, hence I added her on the left from a picture that I took at Psi’s realm on December 4th.
And here it is … Enjoying Bondage December 2021 – Maurer’s Angels at Psi’s realm

Enjoying Bondage December 2021 – Maurer’s Angels at Psi’s realm from left to right: Maurer’s pet Sun, Diomita, Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi, slave Holly, slave Alessi, Diomita, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, Jenny

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