Diary 2020 (90) June 20th/21st Double Mistress and Double Diomita

Saturday, June 20th, I met with Mistress in the afternoon for one hour. We went to HEavy Bondage Club and spent our time talking. Mistress had exchanged my slave collar with my normal collar the night before after our Friday night party. She gave me some leeway as I had a quite hard time in RL (nothing that belongs to this diary).
At Heavy Bondage Club “our” spot was already occupied. Stranngely people tend to stay at the very same spot in clubs like this one (Stand&Model or SM-Clubs) and Mistress and I are no exeption. That brought our conversation to someone else who always stood at the very same spot at The Secret House and her place was even marked as hers later. I didn’t remember her name first, But I remembered that we had an applicant named cora, who was close to her – and bingo, In the IM history her name appeard: Namaohm Collas. The last time I spoke to Namaohm was in June 2015, when she asked me if I heard anything about Rona (ronapotter). We miss Rona since December 2014. Cora (corafeeling) had one appearance in this blog in 2014 – here.
Back to nowadays. I spent a relaxed hour with Mistress Jenny…

June 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club

At night we had a full house with Angelique, slave Gwendi, slave Zia and slave Luci. Not just by coincidence Angelique was dressed like Mistress Jenny. You could easily mix them up. slave Zia needed to get a bit of distraction and Mistress said that distraction is provided best by a strict bondage. Hence I tied up slave Zia and made her colour her outfit according to slave Luci. As a result we were all dressed in black, the slaves combined with white straps or apron, the two Mistress Jenny with red strips on their corsets. It was worth to pose for a picture.

June 20th: Mistress Jenny and Mistress Jenny (aka. Angelique Maurer) and Diomita at home with slave Zia, slave Luci and slave maid Gwendi

We went to Mesmerize Dungeon and had some fun there. Scarlett (mswhiplash) joined us for a little time there. Angelique discussed selling a slave to a stranger and that led to some banter. Shortly we also had another woman with really long long legs standing close to us. We spent about an hour chatting and having some fun. Of course slave maid Gwendi served also drinks again.
We returned home and had one round of greedy, a long round playing with 6 people. Mistress Jenny and I went looking for some trouble at the Lesbian Society and at club DeLust, but we couldn’t find any trouble and returned home where I got my fix. Thank you, Mistress Jenny.

June 20th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Zia, slave Luci, Scarlett, slave maid Gwendi and the customer (who wanted to purchase a slave) / Angelique in comparison to loooong legs / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at the Lesbian Society and at club DeLust

Sunday, June 21st, I met with Mistress in the afternoon and we went to Heavy Bondage Club with slave Zia and slave Luci. I had an RL interruption and upon my return I found myself back home booted from the club as I didn’t get a pass key. Mistress Jenny had to leave, Angelique was present. I went back to Heavy Bondage Club with Angelique, slave Zia and slave Luci for half an hour, then I had to leave myself to tend to my RL – and I forgot to take a picture.

I had a relaxed night with a surprise. First I had a full house with Angelique, slave Flo, slave Gwendi, slave Zia and slave Luci. As Mistress wasn’t yet inworld, we had a round of greedy first – and that takes some time with 6 people. We had just finished it, when Mistress joined us. We went to Mesmerize Dungeon and chatted mostly amoung us. After I while I asked slave maid Gwendi to serve drinks to the other guests and she did.

June 21st: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, slave Flo, slave maid Gwendi, slave Zia and slave Luci at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon / slave maid Gwendi at work

At some point Angelique left us to powder her nose – and I couldn’t believe it, when she returned she was a second Diomita. It made me smile! And it was fun. Mistress had the idea and Angelique realized it to perfection. Thank you, Angelique! Now the title of this post makes sense, does it?

June 21st: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, slave Flo, slave Zia and slave Luci at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon / Double Diomita (Diomita and Angelique)

Simploring 2020 (45) Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020

Scrolling through scoop.it SL Destinations I came across Nothern Shore – Skärgården again. I had visited it before on Christmas 2019 (read here).

Northern Shore is a moderate full region, created and owned by Elvira Kytori. It is inspired by the place where Elvira is living in RL, the Swedish archipelago coast also known as Skärgården. Look up pictures of these little islands, these skerris in Sweden and compare it with Northern Shore in Second Life – these picturesque, neat and peaceful places do exist! It’s not just a fantasy.

Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020 – an overview

Elvira Kytori is the creator of the “Trace-sims”, places I explored in 2016/2017 (read here about Summer Trace, Fall Trace, Winter Trace and Holiday Trace). Northern Shore fits into this series of places. It is just amazingly beautiful.

When I visited first, Northern Shore was a lovely winterly sim, decorated for the season – but it has changed and was a bit further developed and it is Summer there now, hence no snow and no seasonal decoration. I still recognized it though as the landscape, the main houses and the whole layout is still the same.

Impressions of Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020 (1): Around the landing point

It is great fun to wander around, to explore all the little details of this idyll. Right at the landing point is a lot to discover. Elvira made most of the boards and signs in Swedish to capture the atmosphere and make it feel like her home. Look at the Skärgårdshandlarn. Shandlarn is Swedish for shop and you should go inside. I also recommend to have a look at the little café right opposed to the landing point. It is quite cosy inside.

Impressions of Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020 (2)

The houses at Northern Shore are now ready for the Summer season, decorated with flowers and outdoor furniture. Most houses are furnished. It is worth to have a look inside. You can’t go inside of the houses though – and you should not go to close as the houses are all rented now. Northern Shore is part of the White Dunes Estates, owned by Elvira. You can check the availability of houses on the marketplace here.

Impressions of Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020 (3)

As opposed to my visit in Winter you can now see some yachts anchoring between the islands, and more boats are at the piers. And Elvira has added a rezzer for rubber boats, that I used to explore the islands this time  (no flying needed this time *winks*). And you don’t disturb any renter or violate privacy when you explore by boat. There’s enough public area to enjoy, as also stated in the landmark description:
Welcome to the Northern Shore. Feel free to explore on foot or by sea on the new rubber boats. Hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for being mindful of the tenants. If you like to rezz here for a picture please contact Elvira Kytori for a group invite.”

Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020

I enjoyed my second visit to Nothern Shore a lot again and it was fun to drive around with the rubber boat.
Thank you Elvira for creating this peaceful sim and for providing that much public space.

Landmark to Northern Shore
Nothern Shore is a part of White Dunes Estates, available homes can be found here

Diary 2020 (89) June 18th/19th Living Fetish Art Ann

Thursday, June 18th, I was about to visit a gallery when Mistress Jenny came inworld in the afternoon earlier than I expected. We caught up with our mutual news, then Mistress left again to eat a bite. I was instructed to make my gallery visit and to wait for her naked and in shackles at the wall display at our skybox at home afterwards.

Thus my afternoon became very intense once again. Mistress returned just when I had locked myself at the wall. Mistress pushed me deep into subspace once again, little gestures, little remarks, her appearance, her clear orders, her will, all adds to my submission. Mistress went to her queen stool and had me lick her. I was thankful for being allowed to worship her pussy and to taste her – and to get my fix. What a start into this day in Second Life!

June 18th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita

After I had cooled down a bit and had dressed again, we went to Heavy Bondage Club with slave Zia and slave Luci and spent more than an hour at Heavy Bondage Club. Ann came by as a really outstanding piece of fetish art. We should get a copy for our skybox! Ann told us that the fetish art is something a friend of hers is developing and she even showed us a picture that provided the idea for the art – really outstanding. Now we only have to find a new qt, who would become our living fetish art.

June 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Zia, slave Luci and Baroness Capelo and with the living fetish art Ann

Baroness Capelo joined us at Heavy Bondage club and was not that excitied about the fetish art as she misses a butt to smack at it *laughs*. Of course we also chated amoung us and slave Zia gave me a few pictures that she make of the “Bondage and Orgasm” night, the night before and two other new pictures of her. They are all published on Zia’s flickr account

June 18th: slave Zia’s pictures from the “Bondage and Orgasm” night on June 17th and from her on the roof (see also at Zia’s flickr account)

My night began comparably relaxed and uneventful. When I came inworld, slave Flo was already present and slave Gwendi and slave Luci came online soon after. We had two rounds of greedy first. And when we were finished Scarlett (mswhiplash) joined us. We went to Mesmerize Dungeon where we stayed for an hour. We had some fun amoung us and with others there. After the busy night the day before, that was nice and relaxed. Back home we had another greedy – and Ann, the living fetish art came by again.

June 18th: Diomita with slave Flo, slave Gwendi, slave Luci, Scarlett and Ann at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon

I spent a relaxed hour with Mistress in the afternoon on Friday, June 19th. We were at Heavy Bondage Club and at Puerto Esclava. But nothing was going on anywhere and hence we played a round of Yahtzee before Mistress had to leave for her RL. I stayed a bit longer, mainly at Heavy Bondage Club, where I met Ann as a living fetish art again. She draw some attention to her.

June 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club, at Puerto Esclava and at home / Diomita with living fetish art Ann at Heavy Bondage Club

And Friday night we had our regular Friday night party again: “Midsummer is ahead … and it’s gonna be summerly hot soon again. Let’s get dressed for hot temperatures, for Summer. Get in your Summer dress – or come as you are.” And we had fun as always…

June 19th – Friday night party: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, slave Flo, slave Zia, slave Gwendi, slave BB (Ebony Massey), Ann, Victorya Kujisawa, Scarlett (mswhiplash), slave Flo, Baroness Capelo (upper row), Claven Albatros, Tyra Sciarri, Virgo Babii, Lizzy Rascon, Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Hotaru Takeda, Sara (sararandall), papafox57, Claire (maddh4tt3r) (lower row)

Simploring 2020 (44) Frogmore Summer 2020

For my simploring tour on Thursday, June 4th, I picked “Frogmore” from scoop.it SL Destinations. The entry led to a post from Inara Pey “Frogmore’s Cornish twist in Second Life“. I knew I had been to “Frogmore” before but the Frogmore of Summer 2020 has nothing to do with the Frogmore that I visited in 2019 (read here). Frogmore of 2019 was a sim inspired by Öregrund in Sweden. Frogmore in Summer 2020 is inspired by Cornwall England.
But both have something in common. As in 2019 Frogmore in Summer 2020 is owned by Tolla Crisp (formerly Tolla Fell (bengta)) and it was designed and landscaped by Dandy Warhlol (Terry Fotherington).

Frogmore Summer 2020 – overview

My visit to Frogmore was my longest simploring in this year so far. I stayed about 1 hour the first day and another 2 hours on Friday, June 5th, as there’s so much to see and discover – and there were just too many nice views and details for taking pictures. I took 70 pictures during these 2 days and hence this simploring report will be full of pictures.

Frogmore is a full moderate region with no sim surround. I kept the windlight that provides a cloudy sky and very blue water. I tried to use shadows but unfortunately it simply affords to many ressources. Loading all textures until they are sharp takes some time already nonetheless. But it was worth it! Frogmore consists of 4 islands which are all connected. It might be a bit tricky to find the way but you don’t need to swim, there are bridges and connections between the islands.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (1) – views close to the landing point

My visit started on the largest island close to two buildings, one of them I called castle ruins. From here signs lead you to a path down the hill and around it. I got some nice views already here. Frogmore has 3 lighthouses and you can use them for your orientation.

The path leads to a harbour during low tide with quite some boats laying on the ground. Around the harbour are some simple houses and sheds and across the sea you see a village. This is a quite picturesque place and I found many picturesque places at Frogmore as well as innumerous opportunities to sit, to cuddle and to enjoy the environment.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (2) – the harbour at low tide

I went across the harbour to a residential house and garden house on a hill from where I could see the large round building with a dome, which is an Irish pub. There is a trail from here down to the pub.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (3) – Across the harbour, view on the Irish pub

The Irish pub is on a long promenade close to a small river. At the promenade you find a restaurant, an open event area and a water mill.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (4) – the promenade with the Irish pub and the water mill

After a short rest I continued my visit with crossing the river and walking out on the long pier that is off the shore. I called it artist pier as there are several stands from artists who paint the beautiful landscape or scenes from this lovely spot, just like you find them at many tourist attractions. At the artist pier is a very nice ice cream parlour that invited me to take another rest.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (5) – at the artist pier

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (6) – lighthouses and puffins

I walked back and continued my simploring tour at the lighthouse that you can see from the artist pier. At the lighthouse I saw some puffins. They always look great on pictures. I walked over the to next island where you can visit another lighthouse. This island has a nice large beach and at its end you can walk into the ruins of a former large tower. The steep rocks at the beach fit to the picture I have in mind when I think of Cornwall although I’ve never been there.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (7) – at the beach and at the village

Although you can see it on the orientation map this island is connected by a bridge with tne next island, which is occupied by several houses and again offers a lot of detail to discover. Besides several houses, there’s a church and in the center of the viallage is a bar. The village is one of the many places in Frogmore that invite to sit and enjoy and to take pictures. You can look over the the harbour from here too.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (8) – the village

From the village you can walk over a long bridge to the island with the castle. Next to the bridge is another event area on a wooden raft in the water.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (9) – the wooden raft event area and the castle

The castle, which looked like a ruin from far is in fact a residential building with two large rooms inside that are worth to visit. On the outside of the castle are again some places to sit. The best place in on the roof though, that is used as a plce to relex or to celebrate spontaneously. From the roof you can look over to the hill with the castle ruin where I began my round trip.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (10) -inside the castle and on the roof terrace

Frogmore is fully open to the public. It offers occasionally events. And right now, there’s a photo contest running until July 15th. A notecard with the details it being offered upon your landing at Frogmore.

I really enjoyed my visit, taking pictures and writing this post, that saves my memories of this 2 day visit to Frogmore. Thank you Tolla crisp for providing your sim to the public and thank you Dandy Warhlol (Terry Fotherington) for designing this beautiful region. I can only recommend to go and explore Frogmore yourself.

Landmark to Frogmore
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Frogmore’s Cornish twist in Second Life”

Diary 2020 (88) June 17th Getting another step deeper / spontaneous bondage night

I met Mistress Jenny in the later morning by accident and as we hadn’t planed seeing each other it was a bonus. We went to Heavy Bondage Club and had Luci and slave Zia with us while we talked and watched, then we both returned to our RL.
In the afternoon we met again and spend almost 2 hours together. Beside slave Luci and slave Zia also slave Flo was with us. This time we went to Mesmerize Dungeon. We talked with the slaves and Mistress and I had a conversation about my submission.
I wear the slave collar for one week now and it does effect me stronger and stronger. For me it is like a one way road that Mistress Jenny leads me through, yet it doesn’t end, it just gets deeper and deeper. I desire Mistress Jenny. Actually Mistress doesn’t do much, she just nurtures my submission, little remarks, little gestures .. she doesn’t order or command, she simply waits and time does the rest.
I welcomed her with a foot kiss instead of a sub-hug, just because it felt right. And when Mistress had to leave that afternoon, she just played a bit with her property, played with my emotions and made sure that I follow her the next step deeper into my submission. This all you can’t see in the pictures I took .. yet knowing this background the pictures become another meaning. On top of that, Mistress wants me to be strict with our slaves and thus my dominant energy will be used up when I see Mistress again. Is it evil? To some extent yes… but then I desire her so badly….

June 17th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Luci, slave Zia, slave Flo and alone at home, at Heavy Bondage Club, at Mesmerize Dungeon and at our loft skybox

Mistress was off at night and I had a spontaneous “Bondage and Orgasm”-night. It began almost perfect. When I got inworld slave Zia was just done with cleaning the house. I tied her up in an armbinder, ankle cuffs and gag and took her to the Stonehaven patio where I added a spreader bar and leashed her in a quite uncomfortable pose at the wall. When I was just done with it, slave Flo came inworld and I placed her next to slave Zia.

June 17th: Diomita with slave Zia and slave Flo tied up at the Stonehaven patio

And when I was done with that slave Luci joined us and was the next to get tied up at the wall – perfect timing! I enjoyed the view for a while and slave Gwendi joined in, brought me a coffee and I drank it watching my work. Time for more fun. I took out the stand with the magic wand and placed it for slave Zia. I love hearing moans and begging.

June 17th: Diomita with slave Luci, slave Zia and slave Flo tied up at the Stonehaven patio and with slave Gwendi

By why should I miss the fun? I rezzed a footstool and enjoyed a licking from slave Gwendi. Next to me slave Zia tried to hold back her orgasm. When I was satisfied I finally allowed slave Zia to cum also. In the meanwhile Melissa had come inworld. She had to leave the night before when she was parked at Psi’s realm and I summoned her over to us. But once again, she had to leave soon after – her loss, poor slave.

So far, slave Luci and slave Flo were left out. I used the stand with the magic wand for both and was rewarded with more moans. Unfortunately, slave Gwendi had a phone call and was absent. She missed out another reward as I had to pee. My pee was spoiled in the toilet.

June 17th: Diomita with slave Luci, slave Zia, slave Flo tied up at the Stonehaven patio and with slave Gwendi and Melissa

It took some time to unlock the slaves, to loosen all the chains and to clean up the patio. Time to wind down and we did playing a greedy. It was a full and enjoyable night.

BackflashJune 2020 – Diary 2018 (101) June 10th – A bit of everything (June 19th, 2018)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
For June 2020 I selected a post from June 2018, just 2 years ago. It is one of several diary posts that I titled with “A bit of everything” – and the day it is referring to, had a bit of everything. It did remind me of our time with the Rubber Rocket dolls and the fun we had with this suit, that was popular 2 years ago. The Rubber dolls locked in these suits can fire rockets and if the rocket doesn’t fail it’s aim, then the Avatar hit by the rocket becomes a Rubber Rocket Doll as well. Have fun reading!

Diary 2018 (101) June 10th – A bit of everything

Sunday, June 10th, had a some highlights on stock for me. When I logged in the morning I met Kitty, who I didn’t saw for a long time. She joined me at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer and we chatted and caught up a bit. Kitty spent some time at Adara’s Silent place and was heavily restricted. She just came out and was very happy about it. I asked Kitty to write a sim report about Adara’s place. Well she might do it, if she gets into a writing mood. But she hasn’t done that for quite a while unfortunately. I like Kitty’s wit and style.
Another idea, I’d like to realize with Kitty, is letting her join the Rubber Rocket Dolls. I hope it works out, although it’s not that easy with the time zone difference between us. And Kitty will get out of the free doll suit easily, as only 10 people need to unlock it to get out of it before the 24h online timer releases the victim.

June 10th: Diomita and Kitty Maurer

In the afternoon, I had time with Angelique alone. And I used it – we used it! I will not reveal a lot of it in the blog. Angelique and I just enjoyed it a lot. For the diary, I’ll add one picture and we both will remember the whole session looking at them – and that’s what a diary is for.

June 10th: Diomita and Angelique – an afternoon to remember

Sunday night was relaxed. Dani (Dani Sheryffe) came by. She was out of the Rubber Rocket Doll outfit but she was missing it. She tried on a copy, that she made quite early – et voila it still worked perfectly. Now she’s Rubber Rocket Doll dani again. Her suit doesn’t allow as many adjustments as the original suit. Some restrictions do depend on the inflating level of her hood and mittens, but once you know that you can set it correctly. And she can not fire breast torpedos.
Angelique and I took her and Rubber Doll slave Flo to Heavy Bondage Club. I had fun reading profiles and watching slave Flo firing torpedos – none did provide another doll though.

June 10th: Diomita and Rubber Rocket Doll dani at home / Angelique, Diomita, Jenny, Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo at HBC with another stray slave

Most of the time at HBC we had another heavily restricted sub close to us. Obviously she was seeking someone to take control. Her outfit looked really intimidating strict and she collapsed several times in front of us. Jenny came by later and we found time to catch up. When Jenny and the Rubber Dolls had left, I went to club DeLust with Angelique and winded down chatting.

June 10th: Angelique, Diomita, Jenny, Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo at HBC / Diomita and Angelique at club DeLust

Anything else? Yes. I thought we would see slave slut cecy as it was Sunday and she usually joins us Sundays. She had her 7th rezzday on June 9th and we were prepared to deliver her spankings …. but that’s just postponed *winks*

Link to the original post

Art in Second Life 2020 (38) Bouquets and Flowers by Colm Midnight

For Sunday, May 31st, I got an invitation to the opening of “Bouquets and Flowers”, an exhibtion by Colm Midnight at Noir’Wen City Gallery. I couldn’t attend the opening but I went to the exhibtion on Tuesday, June 2nd.

“Bouquets and Flowers” by Colm Midnight at Noir’Wen City Gallery

The Noir’Wen City Gallery is accommodated in an interesting building. Build on poles, the building has an open 1st floor. The gallery itself is on the 2nd and 3rd floor.
The open 1st floor is used as an event area, for example for openings. It has a bar, seating accomodations and a dancefloor. According to the exhibition the 1st floor is decorated with some wild flowers on the floor and with 2 pcitures from the exhibtion.

Event area at Noir’Wen City Gallery 1st floor

The landmark leads directly to the 2nd floor, one of the 2 floors that are fully used for the exhibtion. You’re surrounded by colourful abstract pictures of flowers and flower arrangements. I can only guess, but I think the pictures are created digitally and are not digitalized images of RL art. They are expressive and convince through the composition of colours. I was in particular intrigued by the 2 large pictures between the 3 large windows. For me, they show how colour and art can make a difference for a room.

Impressions of “Bouquets and Flowers” by Colm Midnight at Noir’Wen City Gallery (1)

Colm Midnight (colmmidnight) is an artist, creator, and admirer of all that is beautiful in SL. He is in Second Life for over 3 years. It is the first time that I came across his art. I can imagine that each of the pictures shown at “Bouquets and Flowers” could dominate a room and be an eye catcher. I’m a great fan of colour anyway.

Impressions of “Bouquets and Flowers” by Colm Midnight at Noir’Wen City Gallery (2)

The exhibtion “Bouquets and Flowers” will stay open until August 31st. All pictures are available for purchse. Thank you Colm for your art and thank you Belice Benoir and Nieu (NieuwenHove) for providing the Noir’Wen City Gallery.

Landmark to Noir’Wen City Gallery

Enjoying Bondage June 2020 – Maid and Doll

End of May Mistress Jenny wanted to grant a treat for slave Flo and slave Gwendi. They had been very patient and were always focused on us and they continue to please us both every day in Second Life. The treat should be something to do inworld. slave Flo decided inpromptu for getting some time restricted in her gord doll suit. Mistress Jenny can be evil and secretly she ordered me to keep slave Flo tightly restricted for at least three weeks. Well, by the time this post is going to be published the treat will be over, hence I can reveal this order now.
slave Gwendi preferred a treat in RL, which we granted. But as Mistress wanted a treat inworld I decided for slave Gwendi being a slave maid for the time slave Flo is in her gord doll suit and can’t clean the house nor serve us.

This month’s enjoing bondage picture is based on picture that I made on Saturday, June 6th at Mesmerize Dungeon. I had parked slave Flo in her doll suit there and used her as a living leash post for slave maid Gwendi and slave Zia (Ziahon82). slave maid Gwendi was serving drinks and I played with the many toys of her chastity belt, pumped up plug, used the vibrators and the electirc stimulations and played with her cute hard nipples. slave Zia was licking slave maid Gwendi’s inner thighs. Our slave Gwendi had a hard time not to spill all drinks, but in the end she couldn’t avoid spilling them.
Angelique joined us and was watching from a secure distance first. I further added slave Gwendi and slave Flo from a picture taken on June 4th. slave Flo had lost a game of greedy with a sidebet the night before and had to spent time being hogtied and slave Gwendi took care of her sister and gave her a massage and held company. I simple love this scene.

What else? In the background I added a picture taken on June 1st at Lochme. I went there with slave Flo, slave maid Gwendi, slave Zia and Madoka Kawabata who had visited us at home. We went to Lochme to visit and tease our piggy slave slut cecy, who spent time in the voting cage there. Argi (on the left of the backgrund picture) found us there and joined the teasing.

I hope you like the result of my collage – Enjoying Bondage June 2020 – Maid and Doll

Enjoying Bondage June 2020 – Maid and Doll: Angelique, slave Gwendi, slave Flo, slave Flo, Mistress Jenny, slave Gwendi, slave Zia, Diomita (from left to right) and in the background picture Argi, slave Zia, slave Gwendi, Madoka Kawabate, slave Flo, Diomita and slave cecy

Diary 2020 (87) June 15th/16th – Parked at Psi’s realm

On Monday, June 15th, Mistress Jenny was prevented from coming inworld during the day. I went on a simploring tour instead. The place that I visited offered quite some places to sit and pose and I made quite some selfies. I had fun!

June 15th: Diomita posing during a simploring tour

Mistress and I had a very enjoyable and relatively quiet night together. After we had caught up with our mutual news we went to Heavy Bondage Clubd with slave Luci. slave Luci had a new hairstyle that suited her well. Later slave Flo joined us. We chatted, watched and relaxed …. while slave Flo suffered for us isolated in her latex suit – good slave girl.

June 15th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Luci and slave Flo

We went back home and played 2 rounds of greedy with the slaves, then we all went off to bed.

Tuesday, June 16th, I spent some time chatting with a friend at club Domme a Domme. slave Luci came by and was my leash candy. Then I went visiting an art installtion, a quite impressive installation and during my visit I also make a few selfies.

June 16th: Diomita with slave Luci at club Domme a Domme / selfie of Diomita at an art isntallation

Our night became different. Mistress Jenny had plans. We had a quite full house. slave Flo, slave Gwendi, slave Luci and Melissa were playing greedy. We missed slave Zia, who had to leave but had cleaned the house before, good girl. We took the slaves to Psi’s realm and I used slave Flo as a living leash holder for the other slaves. I parked and leashed slave Flo, then Mistress Jenny and I left them and went roaming a bit. We went to Heavy Bondage Club and to Mesmerize Dungeon and chatted amoung us and with others and simply had some time for ourselves. Mistress announced that she plans to do that a bit more often from now on.

June 16th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at Mesmerize Dungeon

When we returned to Psi’s realm, Melissa had logged off. We teased the slaves a bit, then took them home at flotime. Mistress and I retreated to our skybox and had some intimate time … and yes, I got my fix *winks*

June 16th; Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Luci at Psi’s realm / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home

Art in Second Life (37) Parapina by Theda Tammas and Iono Allen

On Wednesday, June 24th, the installation “Parapina” by Theda Tammas and Iono Allen was opened at La Maison d’Aneli. I visited a bit ahead of the opening on Sunday, June 21st.

Before you enter the installation itself it is important to set you viewer preferences to Advanded Lighting Model (Graphics), the sky to “Phototools – No Light” and to enable auto-play for media. The correct settings are also explained at the entrance. From here you have to walk behind the board explaining the settings to get to the installation itself.

Impressions of Parapina by Theda Tammas and Iono Allen (1)

It is hard to describe with words what you see but I’ll try. In the far background you see a grey, blue and red wall with many red stripes remembering of blood. The wall is illuminated by a spotlight. In front of the wall, that looks like a stage, several figures are dancing to the music – honestly I don’t know how this style of music is called, very rhythmic, with some instruments and voices, definitively fitting to the dancing figures.

Impressions of Parapina by Theda Tammas and Iono Allen (2)

What you also notice is a big hole in the wall amd through it you see figures dancing. While the figures in front ot the wall are coloured in blue those you see through the hole are shiny black and white and the light causes shadows on the dancing figures in front of the wall. When you get closer you notice that you don’t look through the hole to a scene behind, no you see a video.

You can see more figures when further exploring the installation. The floor is kept in blue but it is not totally plain and there are more holes … I saw two of them and through these holes you also watch dancing figure, yet in other colours. These other colours stand out admist of all the dark blue and black.

Impressions of Parapina by Theda Tammas and Iono Allen (3)

A bit aside of the wall and stage you find a round room, opened to the stage, and inside a couple is dancing to the music. The whole scenery has a strange mystical atmosphere, a bit scary at first, a bit religious. The black and white dancer that you see through the hole have scary faces, like the other figures but in the blue light it is not that noticable. Some of the dancing figures stay always apart from the larger group in front of the wall.

Impressions of Parapina by Theda Tammas and Iono Allen (4)

What does it all express? I have no idea and you get no hint – also not from me. I tried to find out the meaning of “Parapina” but I failed.
I have come across Theday Tammas art already several times, latest visiting “Lalawood”, the centerpiece of the holiday exhibition 2019/2020 at La Maison d’Aneli (read here)

Theda Tammas is in SL for more than 12 years. She has had already some exhibtions of her work. I couldn’t find out a lot more about her. If I interpreted it right, then she’s from Brasil (I might be wrong though). Theda has an own website where you can see a lot of her former installations. In the accompanying notecard you also find a teaser video of “Parapina”


Iono Allen is also almost 13 years in SL and from his profile I conclude that his passion is making films, so called machimas. Iono provides the link to his vimeo channel in the accompanying notecard. I suspect that like in former installations by Theda Tammas and Iono Allen, Theda made the figures and background, Iono made the machimas. In Iono Allen’s vimeo channel I found another teaser for “Parapina”


La Maison d’Aneli is owned by Aneli Abeyante. Through her gallery she brings together all forms of creativity in RL and SL and the featured artists come from around the globe. Aneli’s intention is to “put her gallery in the service of artists, so that the world can be better, exchanges and meetings probably contribute even though it seems to be particles.

Parapina by Theda Tammas and Iono Allen will be available for a visit throughout the Summer, at least until End of August. Thank you Theda and Iono for the art and the experience, thank you Aneli for enabling the installation.

Landmark to La Masion d’Anelie and “Parapina” by Theda Tammas and Iono Allen
Theda Tammas website
Theda’s video teaser
Iono Allen’s vimeo channel
Iono Allen’s video teaser

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