Diary 2021 (92) July 11th – 13th The slave collar / slave Holly’s reward

Sunday, July 11th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. She was at Heavy Bondage Club and we caught up with our mutual news there. Then Mistress went to the DHB store with me – looking for something she said. I had a look around, then Mistress called me to her and bought lockable heels for me.
We went to our loft skybox, where I unpacked the gift and tried them on. Mistress locked the heels and exchanged my sub collar with the slave collar. To be honest, I hadn’t expected that. Anyway, nothing I can do about it. As Mistress has the attitude that slave may wear no shoes or ballet boots, she got these lockable heels for me. She will accept them.
Back in my slave collar we went to Puerto Esclava for another 30 minutes and had some chats there until Mistress Jenny had to leave to tend to her RL. I myself roamed a bit, then I changed and spent some time at Heavy Bondage Club before I logged off myself.

Our night started with a team skipee. It was not that close as the night before but we had fun and Flo and I won it again. We went to Carnal Intentions after the skipee. It became another quiet night there but we had some RL entertainment as we watch the Football final between England and Italy simultaneously.

July 11th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique with Flo at Carnal Intentions

Monday, July 12th, I was inworld in the afternoon for a bit and roamed. Mistress Jenny was not present during the day. At club Domme a Domme I met Lily Bloodrose, who decorated me until I had to leave again.
I returned before dinner and went visiting a gallery quickly, then I had a chat at Heavy Bondage Club with an acquaintance.

At night I met with Mistress Jenny. slave Holly was inworld and we took her to Carnal Intentions. We caught up with our mutual news, chatted with slave and relaxed. When slave Flo came inworld late, we returned home and played a skipee as teams. slave Holly and I won it. It was already past flot time and as Mistress Jenny had an early start the next day, we called it a night.

July 12th: Diomita with Lily Bloodrose at club Domme a Domme / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions withs slave Holly

On Tuesday, July 13th, Mistress Jenny was not inworld during the day. I was inworld erratically during the day and often absent. Yet I also had some chats, and even a little roleplay (no, nothing happened). I was about to leave for dinner, when slave Holly came inworld. She had cleaned the house already in the morning and she did all of her other chores. Her obedience and dedication pleases Mistress Jenny and me. I decided to reward slave Holly and took her to Psi’s realm where I tied her up completely, gagged and blindfolded her and left her in her arousal .. who may spank her? I couldn’t see the tag that I added “Maurer’s horny slave slut – feel free to slap”

July 13th: Diomita and slave Holly at Psi’s realm

At night Mistress Jenny and I played a skipee with Flo first and caught up with our mutual news while we were playing. After the game we went to Psi’s realm with Flo. It was nicely crowded at Psi’s and there was some mainchat going on too. slave Holly showed up inworld while we were at Psi’s realm and of course we teased her. Gina (Gina Lytham) approached us, praising Flo’s strict suit. She seemed to be eager to swap places with Flo (or slave Holly?) but of course she denied it. Without further ado I took advantage of her accessible open collar and made her a seat for Mistress Jenny, who was happy to sit down after a long day.

July 13th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with Flo and slave Holly

Flo left at flotime and we stayed at Psi’s realm until midnight. We left slave Holly at Psi’s realm….

July 13th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with Flo, slave Holly and Gina (Gina Lytham) as Mistress’ chair

Art in Second Life 2021 (67) Fragments by Melusina Parkin

I got an invitation to “Fragments” by Melusina Parkin, an exhibtion shown on a seperate platform of Milena’s Carbone Gallery @ Serena.

For the exhibtion “Fragments” Melusina Parkin and Milena Carbone have cooperated for the first time. Milena composed the texts, each piece inspired by one of Melusina’s images. Pieces of sentences that, put together, constitute an absurd story, but a coherent whole, like a journey of human life.

Together with the invitation I got a bunch of information. I have visited quite some exhibtions of both artists.
Melusina Parkin’s photos tend towards minimalism, which is Melu’s main inclination: simple details from daily life or usual landscapes are the subject of mostly empty scenes, stressing voids, space, geometries, lights; this reveals hidden meanings or pushes the observer to give them her/his own one. Her favorite subjects are wide landscapes, city views, industrial environments, popular lifestyles and daily objects.

“Fragments” by Melusina Parkin @ The Carbone Gallery

Melusina wrote:
The image belongs to the observer. I agree with this statement made by the recent semiology and art critics. The reasons that an artist takes a photograph or paints a picture – or is compelled to do that – aren’t the same as those that open the observers’ way to find a meaning in them. Images are just incentives to seek unconsciously in our mind a memory, a meaning, a feeling we saved into the cells of our brain, codified by a mysterious chemical language. More ambiguous images are deeper and can evoke more complex thoughts or feelings.

My photos try to offer these “links” to the observers’ minds by representing simplified, “incomplete” images. Lonely places, empty rooms, absences, silent, still, small details that we usually neglect, when shown in a large size photo can have that power. Fragments of the outer world we live in take to fragments of our inner one.

Examples of “Fragments” by Melusina Parkin with texts from Milena Carbone (1)

When Milena proposed that I show my photos at her new gallery, paired with her written reflections on them, I was curious to know what kind of thoughts they would stimulate. The result of her careful observation has been stunning: her texts reveal even the most private sides of her soul, starting from pictures that don’t belong to her past life, but are linked to her own mind’s archive by multiple hooks : so she tells her stories about an object or a landscape, or even about a color, or a light, and those stories compose a portrait showing something placed between memory, reality, imagination, dream and abstract thought.
I wish that my images could have the same effect on visitors’ souls. No other aim would be more enticing for a photographer.

Examples of “Fragments” by Melusina Parkin with texts from Milena Carbone (2)

The exhibtion consists of two parts – outside and inside. The provided landmark leads to the outside area. Melusina Parker’s pictures are featured on big single boards under the open sky. Chairs are placed in front of the boards so that you can sit down and look at the single pictures. A paved walkway leads you to a center screen, which shows the pictures one after the other in a slideshow – together with the texts, that Milena Carbone wrote.

As you walk along the paved walkway, you can read another accompanying text on the paving stones:
My life is straight as a road through the desert, and this road never stops, it goes straight in circles, it ticks off the numer that never ends. If this desert were alive, my road would be twisty, facetious, chaotic and unexpected. But wem the human species, have sterilized and flattened the earth to satisfy our appetite for perfection, geometry, purity. And all of this, now, is boring like a gray day at the office. Boring and tiring. I am sitting on the bench, exhausted and sad. Here, a circle will never be perfect, Everything we see from the outside is a story. Your life, my life, our life are fragments of stories, nothing is true, nothing is holy.

Examples of “Fragments” by Melusina Parkin with texts from Milena Carbone (3)

Milena Carbone’s texts are created using automatic writing, a surrealist technique. They are initially extracted from independent stories, sometimes autobiographical, often imaginary. Subsequently, they are reworked so that each text is linked to one or more other texts by common images, symbols or sensations.

The inside area contains what might be the other half of the pictures in a traditional gallery. In the center of the inside area you find a bookstore. Those who are regular visitors to Melusina Parkin’s exhibitions know these books already:
Melusina All-in-One Exhibits allow you to keep at home the whole exhibit you visited and loved. It’s an alternative kind of the exhibit catalogue – you can hang the object on your home’s walls and enjoy the changing images.
They come in four versions, that you can choose according to your home style: plain or framed, changing image by touch or in random loop. The objects are set as modifiable, so you can adapt them to your walls.

“Fragments” by Melusina Parkin @ The Carbone Gallery – inside area with bookstore

Milena Carbone (mylena1992) is a French artist and is in Second Life since mid 2019. She discovered its artistic potential and since then has devoted all her free time to creation, associating, as in real life, images and texts: “Milena Carbone is a fiction in which, as in any artistic work, biographical and imaginary elements are mixed.” Her creative process is iterative: some of her images inspire her stories and these stories modify the development of the image, which itself transforms the story.
Milena Carbone currently curates three own galleries: The Carbone Gallery, The Carbone Gallery @ Noir’Wen City, and The Carbone Gallery @ Serena. You can follow her on flickr and you can read some of her texts on Medium.

Melusina Parkin is in Second Life since September 2008. She has been a fashion manager, a journalist, a furniture creator, a builder, a decorator and a photographer. Her work as a photographer has been showcased in more than 50 exhibitions – from which I saw just a few. Melusina has an own gallery, an own store for Art Deco furniture “Melu Deco“, Melusina has a flickr account which counts more than 13,000 (!) photographs. Extensive collections of her photos can be seen also on her blog Virtual Exhibits and on some slideshows on Youtube (links under this post).

Thank you both, Milena Carbone and Melusina Parkin for a this cooperative work, for a perfect combination of images and texts. My visit to “Fragments” was touching and inspiring – a great exhibition!

Landmark to Fragments by Melusina Parkin
The Carbone Gallery
The Carbone Gallery @ Noir’Wen City
The Carbone Gallery @ Serena
Milena Carbone’s flickr
Milena Carbone’s texts
Landmark to Melusina Photo Gallery
Landmark to Melusina Parkin’s store for Art Deco furniture “Melu Deco”
Melusina Parker’s flickr
Melusina Parkin’s Virtual Exhibit blog
On line book Second Life exhibits 2011-2019
Melusina Parkin’s youtube channel

Diary 2021 (91) July 9th/10th Diomita’s penance

When I went inworld Friday morning, July 9th, Mistress Jenny was just about leaving. But we could at least catch up quickly and hug each other. After Mistress had left, I went to Puerto Esclava, stayed there for a while and chatted in IM with our Kitty. Kitty is doing well and has fun. So all is fine with her. slave Holly came inworld right in time as I had to pee. So her day began with getting some of my particularly spicy morning pee *winks*.
After this little scene I left SL again and tended to my RL. I returned after lunch and was lucky once again, as Mistress Jenny came inworld soon after me. We went to Heavy Bondage Club and stayed there for about an hour. Mistress Jenny had a longer chat with slave N (naahdia) who was seeking getting under our wings again. Nothing else happened during this hour and Mistress Jenny had to leave again – and I once again tended to my RL as well.
I returned about one hour later and actually met slave N at Puerto Esclava by accident. She was naked and her body covered with whip marks. And she begged to get under my control. I had mercy with her, took her home and took control of her. slave N told me that she had to leave for RL and hence I decided to lock her away in a glass cage at home in order to continue after her return. Then all of a sudden for me, she complained that I wouldn’t listen to her, she would have conditions for being enslaved like being dressed as a maid and she complained that I’d locked her naked. Long story short, I released control, opened her cage and left. her complains in IM continued and I was really close to shut her up, but I didn’t. Enough ranted, that was spoiled time.
I returned inworld once again in the later afternoon and had a nice little session with a nun, who forced me to confess my sins and who assigned a penance of 15 lashes on my behind with her whip. That was a fun roleplay.

July 9th: Diomita and slave Holly at home / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club / Diomita’s penance

At night we had our regular party again. Mistress Jenny and I had fixed a theme the day before: “The flowers are blooming, the bees are busy, let us celebrate another Friday and wear something in black and yellow, or come just as you are ..or naked.. and let’s enjoy music, chat and banter. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes.”

It was a great night, a party to remember, although we had a comparably small turn-out. Everybody wore something bee-ish in yellow and black. Claire came naked, Jayson wore particular see through briefs *coughs*, Elena wore a bee gown, Angelique created another great outfit, Baroness wore black but yellow glasses. And Virgo rezzed a ridable bee in the center of the dancefloor – and Ebony accepted the challenge of a ride. We had quite some main chat and a lot of fun. Thank you Virgo for the great music again!

July 9th – Friday night party: Ebony Massey riding the bee, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, Elenaslv serenity, Flo, Ebony Massey (upper row), Starbright Wingtips, Sara (SaraRandall), Firefly (MissMachine Dakota), Della Randt, Jayson Dakota, Claire (maddh4tt3r), Baroness Capelo, Virgo Babii (lower row)

Saturday, July 10th, I spent a lot of time inworld. I logged in in the later morning to go on a short simploring art tour. It turned out to become more like a project. I had seen what might be about 20% of the place after almost one hour. Mistress Jenny came inworld and I stopped simploring. We went to Puerto Esclava and caught up with our mutual news there. Mistress Jenny intends to have a weekend seeking trouble, so she locked my cuffs with keys out and was wearing her police collar. Yet nothing happened while we were at Puerto Esclava and I had to leave after half an hour to tend to my RL.
I returned after lunch and continued my art simploring. It took me another 2 hours, then I had at least seen the most of the place. I had fun and took tons of pictures. Shortly after I had returned home, Mistress Jenny came inworld again and once again we went to Puerto Esclava. It was full there and what happens really rarely – there was a discussion ongoing. The subject was old, how to force a sub or slave to stay in RLV. For Mistress Jenny and myself it is pretty simple and clear: you can’t hold back people who want to leave. And leaving RLV without an owner’s permission is cheating yourself, spoiling your own fun. But nonetheless it was entertaining to follow the discussion.
There were two other women at Puerto Esclava with who I had played (as a sub) before. Mistress Jenny had fun teasing me and I shared with her what was going on. Mistress Jenny always knows, when, what and with who I play. After one hour Mistress left to tend to her RL and she left me at Puerto Esclava. I thought I could leave myself but one of my contacts decided to have a session with me. That kept me busy until I had to leave for dinner. What a day inworld! (No, i won’t disclose who it was and what happened)

July 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava

Our night was relaxed. We played a skipee with Angelique and Flo first. It was a very close game, hence one that was fun. Afterwards we went to Carnal Intentions with Angelique and Flo. It was quiet there as anywhere, not unusal for a Saturday night. Hence we were mostly amoung us.

July 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Angelique and FLo and at Dark Butterfly and club Domme a Domme

After Flo and Angelique had left Mistress Jenny and I went to Puerot Esclava, to Dark Butterfly and to club Domme a Domme seeking some trouble that we didn’t find.

Art in Second Life 2021 (66) Manet 3D by Red Bikcin

I saw Red Bikcin’s art before, the last time in 2020 at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). Actually one of her pictures is at our home. So far what I saw from Red Bikcin were animated geometric forms or fractals, always colourful, always something to watch for longer as it changes regularly.

Redi (Red Bikcin) sent me an invitation to her latest exhibtion “Manet 3D” and the poster did not fit at all to what I saw so far from Redi. Hence I had a look on Monday July 12th.
Manet 3D” is exactly what the name implies. Pictures from Manet in three dimensions. That is of course hard to capture in 2D pictures. Each of the 9 pictures of Redi is in a box with the main object in the front and one or more layers behind. If you look at them frontal, it is a 2D picture, if you look from aside you see the different layers and the picture changes.

Impressions of “Manet 3D” by Red Bikcin (1)

Redi added a third dimension to Manet’s paintings. She worked with the orignal pictures and cutted out some parts to get the 3D effect (NO, of course she worked with digital copies or photographs of the orginals *winks*).

Impressions of “Manet 3D” by Red Bikcin (2)

Red Bikcin is from Spain and in Second Life for more than 14 years. She has her own gallery, the R&D Art Gallery Diotima.

Landmark to Manet 3D by Red Bikcin
Red Bikcin’s R&D Art Gallery Diotima

Diary 2021 (90) July 6th-8th Three quiet and relaxed days

Tuesday, July 6th, Mistress Jenny and I spent a quite eventless hour in the afternoon together. We were at club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage club, reading profiles and enjoying just being together. Nothing notable happened. Shortly before we hat to leave Lily Bloodrose came to us and knelt at our feet to decorate us. But that’s all.

July 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage Club with Lily Bloodrose

We had an entertaining night. First we played a skipee with Flo, then we went to Carnal Intentions with Flo and met Elena there. later slave Holly joined us. It was one ot the rare night where we had main chat, just chit chat and teasing all subs/slaves. And finally we also watched football in the background and added that in the chat and slave Holly’s butt was used to count the penalties. Just silly fun.

July 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Elena, Flo and slave Holly

Wednesday, July 7th, Mistress and I spent our time together in the afternoon roaming. We stayed at Puerot Esclav, club Domme a Domme and Heavy Bondage Club. Again we just enjoyed being together and as it pleases Mistress Jenny, I knelt for her at Heavy Bondage Club.

July 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto esclava, club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage Club

We had another comparably quiet night. Mistress Jenny and I went to Carnal Intentions as none of our family was present when we got inworld. We summoned slave Holly and Flo to us when they came online. We just chatted and watched and caught up with Flo and Holly. In the background Mistress and I watched football, the English team was playing that night. After a while we decided to return home and to play a skipee as team with Flo and slave Holly. This time slave Holly and I won it.

July 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo and slave Holly

Thursday, July 8th, I met Mistress unplanned in the morning and we spent almost an hour together at various places. I was inworld a lot during the day, doing chores in RL, reading and watching TV while I was inworld. I hopped between the clubs and places, stayed here and there and had a few, unfortunately harmless, roleplays. Mistress was busy during the day and didn’t show up again. Hence nothing to report in here.

At night I played a skipee with Flo, Angelique joined us later and we went to Carnal Intentions. When slave Holly came inworld I summoned her to us. And later, Angelique had already left for bed, Mistress Jenny joined us.

July 8th: Mistress jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Angeliuqe, Flo and slave Holly

Art in Second Life 2021 (65) Summer day by Cica Ghost

Once again Cica opened a new installation. It’s called Summer day. As always Cica provided a thought along with her installation in the landmark description: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

Summer day by Cica Ghost is a bit different from what I saw so far from her. The main animals are white horses. In total there’re 10 different horses spread over the sim. The selected windlight is a bit hzay, in a blueish green, yet it still provides warmth, as it should be on a Summer day. The ground is mainly covered with grass, high gras and flowers. but there’re also green meadows and quite some trees. Not far from the landing point is a larger pond.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (1) – around the landing point

A man is fishing in the pond and a swan is circling quietly around. At the landing point are several boards, one contains a notecard with a bit more information about Cica, one brings you to Cica’s store, another to her store on the marketplace, one is a tipjar and one brings you to the horse store where you can purchase all of the 10 different horses used in the installion.

This time the store is not integrated into the installation but on a seperate platform in the sky. I met Cica at the landing point and we had a short chat.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (2) – the house on the hill / Cica’s cat

The horses are huge, nothing that surprised me. In Cica’s worlds adults are small, they watch the world through the eyes of children. What is striking about the horses is that they are not cica-ish, they are tall yes, but the proportions fit and they don’t have big eyes or big mouthes. They are just beautiful animals. And that is what I meant when I wrote, that Summer day by Cica Ghost is a bit different from her other installations.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (3)

Up on a hill is a house and a girl sits in front of it with a goose on her lap. She seems to enjoy the Summer day. Close by is a white stork watching the world from a rock. And when you walk down the stairs, that lead to the house you may find a bench to sit down and one of Cica’s cats. Cica told me that she added a cat as I was missing a cat in some of her recent installations and I complained at her as it is kind of a trademark of Cica. Well at Summer day there’s a cat again. Thank you, Cica!

What else? You should look close at the trees around the pond. On one of the trees you may find a box dangling from a branch. Click on it to get a gift. It’s a balloon and you can use it for exploring Summer day from above.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (4) – the balloon gift (upper right), the horse shop (lower left)

Summer day by Cica Ghost is an installation where you can enjoy the moment, enjoy the views, enjoy the beauty of the majestic white horses and relax as time flows by slowly, but inexorable. Enjoy viewing the world with the eyes of a kid, curious and always positive. This way, Cica presents us with a smile again and we leave Summer day happily and with a positive mindset.

Landmark to Summer day by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A

Diary 2021 (89) July 4th/5th Two days in control

Sunday, July 4th, I met with Jenny in the afternoon for 1 1/2 hours. She was still wearing her full vixen cuff set and I gagged her first thing, then I took her to club Domme a Domme to expose her at my feet while we caught up with our mutual news.
The day before I had the opportunity to see the basement of a loos friend of mine, with who I had played years before once. During that visit we had another play or more precisely she had her way with me *winks*. Anyway, she allowed me to use her basement in case of her absence, an opportunity to take Jenny to an unknow place. I made sure that she can’t see locations and took her to the basement. And I used the torture rack I was fixed on the day before – yet this time not as the victim. And torture and the unlimited power can be satisfying!

July 4th: Diomita and Jenny and club Domme a Domme and in “the basement”

I had fun teasing my property and I even forced her to accept a slight change of the rules that she had set for me. I won’t adress her properly anymore during my green lights but will call her as I see fit, as mine, as my Eheslut, as Jenny…. Well, I did neglect the adressing rule before already before sometimes during my green lights, but now it is no transgressing anymore. A little bit of torture can cause wonders *winks*.

July 4th: Diomita and Jenny in “the basement” and at club Domme a Domme

Of course I did not only torture Jenny, I also had my way with her twice. And time flies when you’re having fun. When I was done with my Eheslut, I returned with her to club Domme a Domme just for a few minutes, then our time was up and we both had to tend to our RL again.

At night I noticed that I had to pee. As slave Holly was already inworld, I went to our house, unlocked her cell where she stays overnight, I gagged her with a ringgag, added a blindfold and took her to the bathroom where I fixed her in the toilet box. Jenny cam inworld just when I had fixed slave Holly. I left her helplessly and blidfolded at the bathroom and siad hello to Jenny first. Then I returned to relieve my bladder. It is good to have a toilet slave *winks*.
We started our night with a skipee as teams. It was the first team game for slave Holyl who played with me. Jenny and Flo won, but slave Holly did well for her first team play.
We spent the rest of the night at Carnal Intentions with Flo and slave Holly. Elena, Faye and argi joined us there. Argi is always entertaining and hence we had a good time.

July 4th: Diomita and slave Holly at home / Diomita and Jenny at Carnal Intentions with Flo, Faye, Elena, Argi and slave Holly

Monday, July 5th, Jenny and I met in the afternoon. I took my property to club Domme a Domme and to club DeLust to expose her as mine while we talked, caught up with our news, watched people and read profiles.

July 5th: Diomita and Jenny at club Domme a Domme and at club DeLust

After one hour we went to our loft skybox. I wanted to take advantage of my green light. I rezzed a horse, a toy that I saw at an other place. The sub’s face vanishes in the saddle and the rider gets the plasure. Unfortunately the animation is not really perfect and it looked more as if Jenny’s head was cut off be the saddle. Hence I stopped my ride – it was fun to try it out nonetheless.
Instead I went to the wall and had Jenny lick me. And she did not only well – she knows very well how to tease and arouse me -, she provided 2 hard orgasms to me. Good girl!

July 5th: Diomita and Jenny at our loft skybox

Our night started a bit surprising. None of the family was present and I roamed with Jenny throught the clubs, starting at Puerto Esclava, then Heavy Bondage Club and finally club Domme a Domme.

July 5th: Diomita and Jenny at Puerto Esclava, Heavy Bondage Club and club Domme a Domme

When slave Holly came inworld we summoned her to us and teased her. The club was qutie well filled and offerend something to look and read while we chatted. I had to pee once again and hence we returned home so that I could use slave Holly. And as it was comparably late already again, I retreated with Jenny to take advantage of being in control a last time. Well this time is was quite fitting to the end of my green light, as I licked my Mistress wife to get my fix, quite a transition back inot my position *winks* – yet enjoyable!

July 5th: Diomita and Jenny with slave Holly at club Domme a Domme and at home

Art in Second Life 2010 (64) Milena Carbone – The Scale of Love

Milena Carbone invited me to see her newest exhibtion at her Carbone Gallery – The Scale of Love.
The Scale of Love” is a new installation of the former “Nine Levels Of Love” exhibition showed at Noir Wen City during autumn 2020 (read here).

Milena write on her website: “The exhibition presents nine states of love as expressed in ancient Greek, from fusional love “pothos” to universal love “agape”. Love is a life force that connects us to spirituality. This is why the paintings are installed in a setting evoking antique temples, Christian cathedrals or Buddhist symbols. This is a permanent exhibition at The Carbone Gallery.”

Milena Carbone – The Scale of Love – Impressions (1)

As Milena wrote she installed kind of a cathedral for “The Scale of Love“. With the environment set to “midnight” the room has a contemplative atmosphere. The 9 pictures are quite large and almost each picture is presented in a seperate room, giving it enough room to develop. You can sit down and look at it.

I was not familiar with any scale of love. Milena listed them on her website:
Pothos – possessive love
Mania – passion love
Eros – flesh love
Philia – friendship love
Storgè -tender love
Harmonia – harmonious love
Eunoïa – compassionate love
Charis – unreserved love
Agape – universal love
Pornaia – bestial love (not included in the exhibition)

Each picture of the exhibtion expresses one of the state.

Milena Carbone – The Scale of Love – Impressions (2)

Milena always has accompanying texts in her exhibitions. There’s the “speech of Aristophane” that ends with the lines: “Our species can only be happy under one condition, and tat is to fulfill its love desire, for every to meet their other half, and this to return to their original nature.

And there’s the “Scale of Love”….: “When we love, from the moment we are born until perhaps the instant we die, we participate in the ballet of the eintire universe towards the eternal return of the one. I see in this neither good nor evil, the two being linked like everything else, but as a river, or clock, or wave

Milena Carbone – The Scale of Love – Impressions (3)

Milena Carbone (mylena1992) is a French artist and is in Second Life since mid 2019. She discovered its artistic potential and since then has devoted all her free time to creation, associating, as in real life, images and texts: “Milena Carbone is a fiction in which, as in any artistic work, biographical and imaginary elements are mixed.” Her creative process is iterative: some of her images inspire her stories and these stories modify the development of the image, which itself transforms the story.
Thank you for another great exhibition, Milena!

Website about the exhibition “The Scale of Love”
Landmark to The Carbone gallery – exhibition “The Scale of Love”
Landmark to The Carbone Gallery @ Serena
Landmark to The Carbone Gallery @ Noir’Wen City
Milena Carbone’s Flickr page
Landmark to The Carbone Gallery @ Serena

Diary 2021 (88) July 2nd/3rd – Back in control

Friday, July 2nd, Mistress Jenny and I had again a nice and relaxing hour together in the afternoon. We went to club Domme a Domme and to Heavy Bondage Club. Mistress had me at her leash and I knelt by her feet. We caught up with our RL and SL news, we chatted and read profiles. We also fixed a theme for our party later that day: “It’s Friday once again, it’s party time and this weekend it’s Independence Day in the US. Let us celebrate in Stars or Stripes – or come as you are to just celebrate that it is Friday again. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes.”

July 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage Club

When we returned home, Mistress Jenny changed into her outfit for the party, she would run a bit late. I myself looked for a fitting outfit and when I had selected (something new) it, I went off myself.

Our Firday night party was great as always, although we weren’t that many. But we had fun and good music and time to chat – what else do you need to enjoy? Yes, a good glass of wine. Mistress Jenny and I had one *winks*

July 2nd – Friday night party: Angelique, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Ebony Massey, Flo, Elena (Elenaslv Serenity), Baroness Capelo, Claven Albatros (upper row), Jayson Dakota, Scheherazade Enchantment, MissMachine Dakota, Starbright Wingtips, Della Randt, Claire (maddh4tt3r), Virgo Babii (lower row)

Mistress Jenny and I met again Saturday, July 3rd, in the afternoon for an hour. And again I spent this hour leashed at Mistress feet. We both enjoyed our time together, chatting and catching up. Before Mistress Jenny left into her RL she had a surprise on stock for me. She unlocked my slave collar and exchanged it with the sub collar. And she announced a green light for me. Something to look forward to!

July 3rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy bondage Club, at club Domme a Domme and at our loft skybox after changing my collar

At night Mistress and I had a game of skipee with Flo and Angelique as teams first. Mistress and Angelique won it easily. We went to Carnel Intentions and stayed there for qutie some time. Lily (Lily Bloodrose) joined us there. It was quiet, no floor show, no main chat, a typical Saturday night. Or did everybody watch the English quarter final against Ukraine simultaneously like we did? We moved on to Heavy Bondage Club. Not that there was more going on, there were just more people, more profiles to check. After some more time we decided to play another round of skipee.

July 3rd: Mistress Jenny, Angelique and Diomita at Carnal Intentions and Heavy Bondage Club with Flo and Lily Bloodrose

Our game ended far after flotime, Mistress and Angelique won it again. Mistress Jenny and I retreated to our skybox. I waited for Mistress Jenny in the annex and she came to me and knelt for me, good girl. As Jenny had smacked my bum before, I thought it was the right reward for her to lick it. That felt good. And when Jenny asked to lick me, I couldn’t resist and enjoyed her tongue for a lovely orgasm. Good girl, Jenny. I should get that every night before bed *winks*

July 3rd: Diomita and Jenny at home

Simploring 2021 (28) Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu

For my simploring tour on Thursday, June 24th, I picked “Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu” from scoop.it SL Destinations.

Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu: overview and orientation map / at the landing point

Luane’s World is a full adult region and consists of several sims: Le Monde Perdu is on the ground and in the skies you can find stores, the Magical World and 4 residential sims. Le Monde Perdu is the main sim: “a beautiful, romantic island far away from everything. A place where you can find inner peace, enjoy and relax.”

Impressions of Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu (1)

Luane’s world is owned by LuaneMeo and has been designed by and LuaneMeo and Gorba McMahon.
I visited Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu

Impressions of Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu (2)

Le Monde Perdu is an island in the form of a horseshoe. In the center you find a lot of waterfalls. You can walk around the island along the shore and beaches – and you can walk up on the mountains from where you have beautiful views on the island.

Impressions of Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu (3)

There’s not that much to write about Le Monde Perdu. It offers countless beautiful spots to sit and enjoy. It has a few houses with different characters, all of them are furnished. I walked around the whole island and tried out at least some of the spots to sit. For photographers like me, the sim offers great backgrounds. There are quite some animals at Le Monde Perdu, mainly birds, but I also saw some deers.

Impressions of Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu (4)

I took a lot of pictures – instead of writing a lot. You have to see it yourself *winks*

Impressions of Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu (5)

Le Monde Perdu is a sim just to enjoy – and I did enjoy my visit!

Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu
Luane’s World – Le Monde Perdu flickr

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