Diary 2022 (141) Nov 11th-13th Corsets

For our Friday night party on November 11th I picked a theme fitting to the November outfit of my subs and slaves: corsets.
It’s Friday and we celebrate the start of the weekend: “chest out – shoulders back – breathe in – it’s corset night”. Alternatively come as you are (even naked) and enjoy. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.

The party was quite well attended and we had fun. We even succeeded to get Virgo topless with our tip. It was another great start into the weekend.

November 11th – Friday night party: Diomita, slave Holly, Flo, slave Alessi, Ebony Massey, slave Aya (Ayahnah), Sarah Fhang, Dely (krysbia), Summer Night, Claven Albatros, Virgo Babii (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Rachel Bloodrose, Jayson Dakota, Morgie Darkstone, Baroness Capelo, Kira Skytower, Janina Foxdale, Arabeth (ArabethMora), Virgo Babii (lower row)

Saturday night started slowy. I played a skipee with Flo and slave Mercy (Steelyeye Blinker) came inworld. She watched us playing. After the game I took Flo and slave Mercy to club DeLust. I talked with both, then decided that it was time to humilitat slave Mercy. We went to Carnal Intentions and I made her ride a dildo there in public. In the end she couldn’t refrain from cumming although i hadn’t allowed it.

November 12th: Diomita at club DeLust and at Carnal Intentions with Flo and slave Mercy

The later it became the more gathered around me. slave Aya (Ayahnah) and slave Alessi joined .. and Flo and slave Mercy left

November 12th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Mercy, slave Alessi and slave Aya

Sunday night, November 13th, I had 2 rounds of skipee with Flo before slave Holly came inworld and joined for us another round. While we played we got some spectators. Danii (Danii Szydlowska) came by. I hadn’t seen her for quite some time, maybe 2 years. And while we chatted a bit she read my profile and became aware of Jenny’s passing away. Danii was quite shocked and spent some time at Jenny’s memorial. Ebony cleaned the house and came to the game table when she was done with her work. And slave Aya also came inworld and watched us playing.
By the time we had finished our game we were quite many. But Danii and Ebony left when we headed off to visit club DeLust. I spent the rest of the night at club DeLust with Flo, slave Holly and slave Aya. Baroness Capelo stood next to us and enjoyed the view. At the clubd we had some entertainment as some people really chatted in main chat – very rare!

November 13th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo, slave Holly, slave Aya and Baroness Capelo

Diary 2022 (140) Nov 8th – Nov 10th Everyday SL

Tuesday, November 8th, I spent some time inworld, but often idling and doing other things in RL. Nothing really happened.
My night began with a skipee together with Flo and slave Alessi. Alessi was tired and left after the game. I took Flo with me to Carnal Intentions where we chatted and caught up with mutual news while watching the silent crowd.
When Flo left for bed, slave Aya (Ayahnah) came inworld and replave Flo and later slave Holly joined me at Carnal Intentions. I had a relaxed chatty night.

November 8th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Aya and slave Holly

Wednesday, November 9th, I was alone first at night. I did some sim hopping, then started to play skipee alone. I’m by far not as good as Flo at playing on my own. Luckily after the first round slave Holly came inworld and we started a game together. But soon afterwards Flo came inworld and we restarted the game … and then slave Alessi came inworld we restarted the game again. We played one round as teams. slave Holly and I had the better cards and won the game easily. If you win such a game it is still fun *winks*
Flo and slave Alessi went off to bed after that game. slave Aya (Ayahnah) had joined us in the meanwhile. I took slave Holly and slave Aya to club Delust and the slave had some focus time at the club until it was time to take slave Holly home.
I took slave Aya to the office and had my way with her – for the first time….

November 9th: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Aya / Diomita at home with slave Aya

Thursday, November 10th, I had not much time inworld and I ran late at night. Flo was present and playing skipee. I joined her for one round, then it was already Flo-time and she left. slave Aya came inworld and I took her with me to club DeLust. I used the one-to-one time to implement more rules and to learn more about my latest toy.

November 10th: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Aya

Art in Second Life 2022 (91) Greyscale Magic by Melusina Parkin

I got an invitation of Melusina Parkin to see her newest exhibtion “Greyscale Magic” at Artsville.

I am a fan of Melusina Parkin’s art and have seen quite some of her exhibitions. Melu’s style is minimalistic. She takes her pictures in Second Life. The minimalism forces the spectator to focus on details, that might stay unseen when too much distracts the view.
For Greyscale Magic Melu tried out something different again. As the title implies the pictures of this exhibition are monochrome. There’s an accompanying text at a board right where you land when you visit. In the text Melu gives an historic abstract about photography and films in black and white and later in colour. And while films are all produced in colour nowadays, black and white photography is still widely spread in art photography. Thinking of it, one reason is that the spectators have to add the colours in their mind and thus translate the greyscales into colours.

Impressions of “Greyscale Magic” by Melusina Parkin @ Artsville (1)

Processing pictures taken in Second Life into monochrome pictures make them look very real, in particular if the pictures are a bit blurred. As the spectator compares the picture with known patterns, a picture of a “real” situation or view appears. It’s quite facinating. For example cars do look always a bit unnatural in Second Life photography. Maybe we miss the dirt, the traces of usage. In black and white picture we add that in our mind – and they look real!

Impressions of “Greyscale Magic” by Melusina Parkin @ Artsville (2)

The exhibition is shown in one large exhibition room with two smaller rooms. I didn’t count the pictures, it might be roughly 20. And every picture is a piece of art. I was quite intrigued.

Next to the board with the accompanying text you find a table where you can purchase a a photobook about “Greyscale Magic”. Those who are regular visitors to Melusina Parkin’s exhibitions know these books already. Melusina makes one of every exhibition. The book about “Greyscale Magic” is sold at the exhibition, all others are sold under her brand “Melubooks” in a seperate book store: Melubooks shop.

Melusina Parkin is in Second Life since September 2008. She has been a fashion manager, a journalist, a furniture creator, a builder, a decorator and a photographer. Her work as a photographer has been showcased in more than 50 exhibitions – from which I saw just a few. Melusina has a flickr account which counts more than 13,000 (!) photographs. Extensive collections of her photos can be seen also on her blog Virtual Exhibits and on some slideshows on Youtube (links also under this post).
There’s also an online book with her Second Life exhibits 2011-2019 here.
Melusina Parkin has an own gallery at Time Portal, “Melu’s Photo Gallery” and an own store for Art Deco furniture called “Melu Deco“. Melusina also owns a second place (Melu Space) with another gallery (Minimum Gallery), a bookstore and another “Melu Deco” inworld store.

Impressions of “Greyscale Magic” by Melusina Parkin @ Artsville (3)

Artsville was created in collaboration the Art Korner blog, owned and founded by Frank Atisso. Frank is also the curator of exhibitions at Artsville.
Thank you for another great exhibition, Melusina. I enjoyed my visit and seeing again something different from you.

Landmark to Greyscale Magic by Melusina Parkin @ Artsville
Art Korner blog
Melusina Photo Gallery
Landmark to Minimum Gallery
Landmark to Melu Space (Minimum Gallery, Melubooks, Melu Deco)
Landmark to Melusina Parkin’s store for Art Deco furniture “Melu Deco”
Melusina Parker’s flickr
Melusina Parkin’s Virtual Exhibit blog
Melusina Parkin’s youtube channel
On line book Second Life exhibits 2011-2019

Diary 2022 (139) Nov 1st – 7th – The November outfit

Tuesday, November 1st, I was inworld for a short time twise during the day. I the afternoon, Flo was at home, caught be the slime trap and absent. She had selected an outfit for November for herself. I had set the theme to corsets and ballet boots.
When I returned at night Flo had issues with her collar, most probably due to the slime trap. Anyway it took some time to correct it, in the end we had to reset her collar. Then Flo and I played two rounds of skipee.

I took Flo to club DeLust that night. slave Aya (Ayahnah) came iworld and I summoned her to us. After Flo had left for bed I went shopping with slave Aya and we got her a corset at NGW. Back home I put slave Aya into her November outfit. It was a lovely surprise that slave Mercy (Steelyeye Blinker) came online as well. I summoned her to us and she was put into her November outfit as well. I had fun and a relexed night – as it should be.

November 1st: Diomita at club DeLust and at home with Flo, slave Aya and slave Mercy

Wednesday night, November 2nd, I had 2 rounds of skipee with Flo. slave Holly joined us and I took her shopping. She got a corset and a thong. For slave Holly that was a big change as she doesn’t wear her chastity belt anymore now (for right now!). But I kept her in gold/yellow. Then we went to Carnal Intentions, where first slave Aya and then slave Alessi joined us.

November 2nd: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Aya

Later also Argi joined us. She always succeeds to liven up any room. After Flo had left for bed, I took the slaves with me and we went shopping for Alessi. slave Alessi got a slightly different corset and also the thongs. We returned home where slave Alessi changed into her November outfit. All subs and slaves were in their November outfit now … except Kitty. But I intended to change Kitty soon as well.

Novmber 2nd: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Argi, Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Aya / at home with slave Alessi, slave Holly and slave Aya

I was offline due to RL for a couple of days and returned Monday, Novemeber 7th. Cica had opened a new installation “Camels and chameleons” (read here) and I went seeing it as none of the family was present when I came inworld at night. I had just finished my visit when slave Holly came inworld. And soon later slave Alessi joined as well. We played a round of skipee first, just to relax and to chat. Later I visited club DeLust with slave Holly for a few minutes before I went to bed early that night.

November 7th: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly

Art in Second Life 2022 (90) “Camels and chameleons” by Cica Ghost

Sunday, November 6th, Cica Ghost opened a new next installation: “Camels and chameleons“. The thought Cica provides with the landmark description is a quote from Dr. Suess: “Think and wonder, wonder and think..”

As usual with Cica’s installation you shall use shared environment. You will get reminded upon landing. You should also set advanced lighting and activate shadows from sun/moon and projectors. The environment settings are part of Cica’s art. For “Camels and chameleons” she selected an green sky with yellow clouds. It looks hot. The ground is meager, sometimes it shows a chess pattern.

Impressions of “Camels and chameleons” by Cica Ghost (1)

The vegetation is unique – mainly cactuses. Some of them have single blossoms. You also find palm trees and some pot plants. No surprise that the inhabitants are camels and chameleons. I searched the cat, but I didn’t find it. It was late when I visited. Maybe I missed it?
Of course there are places to dance and to sit, as usual in Cica’s installations.

Impressions of “Camels and chameleons” by Cica Ghost (2)

Camels and chameleons” has a store where you can purchase not only camels and chameleons but also the cactuses. As they are really particular and detailed with blossoms and thorns I consider getting one for my homeplace. Cica has arranged a thicket of cactuses at some areas. They look great eve as a forest.

Impressions of “Camels and chameleons” by Cica Ghost (3)

There’s a lot to discover at “Camels and chameleons“. The camels and chameleons radiate calm and serenity, but at the same time they look curios at visitors. I smiled when I saw the pots of the cactuses that Cica had arranged in a seperate court – funny.
A visit to “Camels and chameleons” is a welcomed time-out from everyday life, a short trip to a fantasy world, seen with the curiousity of a child.

Impressions of “Camels and chameleons” by Cica Ghost (4)

Thank you for another great installation, Cica!
As always, don’t wait to long with your visit to “Camels and chameleons” , you never know how long it may stay – it is a temporary world.

Landmark to “Camels and chameleons” by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s shop on the marketplace
Cica Ghost’s flickr:

Diary 2022 (138) Oct 29th – 31st Quiet Days

Saturday, October 29th, I had some time for SL and visited 2 exhibitions. That was a nice distraction. At night I played skipee, first with Flo and Sarah Fhang, then with Flo, Sarah, slave Holly and slave Alessi. After the game we went to club DeLust and we stayed there all night.
Sunday, October 30th, I was inworld early in the morning. I chatted with Kitty, who is doing well. And before I had to leave to tend to my RL I met Kitty at Psi’s realm.

October 29th/30th: Diomita at club DeLust with Sarah Fhang, Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi / Diomita and Kitty at Psi’s realm

My night was enjoyable and chatty. First I played 2 rounds of skipee with Flo, then one with Flo and slave Holly. We went to Psi’s realm afterwards. slave Aya (Ayahnah) and slave Alessi came inworld and joined us there. As often Psi’s was entertaining. nesides that I chatted with the slaves, there was main chat going on with some banter and fun. I played a bit with the slaves restraints and had my fun.

October 30th: Diomita at Psi’s realm with Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Aya

After Flo had left we moved to DeLust. slave Mercy (Steelyeye Blinker) was there. Due to our non-fitting timezones we hadn’t seen eachother for weeks. I admit, that slave Mercy fits in well. I had more fun at DeLust until I had to take the slaves back home as it was bedtime.

October 30th: Diomita at club DeLust and at home with slave Holly, slave Alessi, slave Aya and slave Mercy

Monday, October 31st, I met slave Holly at night. We played 2 rounds of skipee, then slave Aya joined us. I took the slaves to club DeLust. I played around with the restrictions of the slaves and made them focus on me. We chatted amoung us … and that’s it.

October 31st: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Aya

Art in Second Life 2022 (89) Eunoia by Zia Branner

I got an invitation from Zia Sophia (Zia Branner) to attend the opening of her latest exhibition named “Eunonia” at the Third Eye. I had no time to attend the opening but went there soon before.

Third Eye is Jaz (jessamine2108)’s home and gallery – a place that is designed to showcase art, particles, inspire stories, and offer a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate. Jaz says: “It is the culmination of my many dreams – to create a place that nurtures and helps the growth of all types of creative endeavors – be it words, pictures, or particles.
Jaz shares the land with Harry Cover (impossibleisnotfrench), who runs his shop “L’Artisan” on the sim. Both are artists and I have reported about them before.

The Third Eye gallery is in a skybox. It is a classic gallery, in the form of a “L”. Zia’s pictures are arranged at the walls, in the center is a plave to dance and to celebrate events.

Impressions of “Eunoia” by Zia Branner @ Third Eye (1)

Zia explains the word Eunoia in the notecard that came with the invitation:
Eunoia comes from the Greek word eúnoia. The meaning of this word is: beautiful thinking, a well mind. It indicates a mind in balance, benevolence, goodwill and kindness. 
In all lives from time to time it isn’t easy to have a mind in balance. We have our downs, we have our challenges. There is cold, there is warmth. Our strength then lays in our goodwill, in our kindness and with this the balance in our mind and our well being goes up again.
For me Eunoia is represented by the main colors blue and red. Of course you can assign to it the colors that are most applicable to you.

Zia’s pictures are mostly abstract, yet the human brain tends to sort the impressions and to compare with known patterns. Some of them clearly look like labdscapes, like a beach or like a waterfall. Others are completely abstract, colourful and with multiple forms so that you can see objects like stones, teeth,  hands, or even persons or faces. And often the main colour is blue or red.

Impressions of “Eunoia” by Zia Branner @ Third Eye (2)

Zia Branner had many drawing and painting art lessons at official institutes RL. She is also autodidact on things that did not come along in class. To her making art is a way of life. Often experimenting with techniques as a learning process …. The most important thing to her is that it makes her happy to see others enjoy her art as much as she loves creating it.
Zia is in Second Life since 2008. She uploaded her RL paintings into SL. Zia owns an art gallery/shop “Elven Falls Art Collective“. Zia also has other permanent exhibitions at The Galleries, Emergent and at Carmel Art Community.

Zia Sophia (Zia Branner)’s motto is : “The Earth without ‘art’ is just ‘eh'”

Thank you Jaz (jessamine2108) and Harry Cover (impossibleisnotfrench) for providing the space for the arts and for enabling this exhibition by Zia. Thank you Zia for your artwork. I enjoyed my visit.

P.S.: Don’t forget to grab the two gifts in the center of the exhibition space. One gift is a 3D object created by Harry, the other is a painting from Zia.

Landmark to Third Eye and to “Eunoia” by Zia Sophia (Zia Branner)
Zia Branner’s art gallery/shop “Elven Falls Art Collective”
Zia Branner at “The Galleries”
Zia Branner at “Emergent”
Zia Branner at “Carmel Art Community”

Art in Second Life 2022 (88) Africa by Milena Carbone @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Today, Monday, October 31st, the exhibition “Africa” by Milena Carbone (mylena1992) will be opened. It is the November exhibition at the Nitroglobus Roof gallery, owned and curated by Dido Haas.
The opening party will start at 1 PM SLT (9 PM CET) with a dance performance created by Milena, where visitors can join in. DJ Fleming with provide the tunes and the particles will be contributed by Venus Adored.

“Africa” is the second part of the 5th season, a triology by Milena Carbone that deals with the causes and consequences of climate change. The first part, named “Blind” was exhibited at La Maison d’Aneli in June (read here).

Milena wrote about “Africa”:
“Africa” takes a look at the African continent, both amazed and crude.
Amazed, because Africa is a fertile paradise of biodiversity and beauty and the cradle of humanity, born in the rift, the vagina of the earth.
Crude, because Africa is a continent raped, slaughtered, poisoned, looted with impunity by empires, in cynical disdain of its inhabitants. Africa is what started it all by the grace of evolution, and will end by the rapacity of man.

“Africa” consists of 13 pictures:
The story of Grace, in seven paintings, an Ethiopian orphan who, at age 33, inherits the home of her father whom she never knew. As she explores this strange house, she more or less follows the biblical journey from creation to paradise and God’s doubt one Sunday night (“Oh my God, I think I’ve screwed up so damn bad”). In this part, Milena Carbone clears God of predestination and gives keys to understand that, if he is at the origin of the Creation, he has created the conditions of free will.
The Twilight of Humans is the story of Abel, an African man whom Grace meets in her house. In six tableaux, he travels through the destruction of the African continent, ends up being the last man in the world and makes his own burial ground in the rainforest.

Impressions of “Africa” by Milena Carbone @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (1)

As always the pictures can develop their strengths with the mirroring floor at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery. The story of Abel is in one wing and the story of Grace in the other wing of the exhibition space. Between the pictures of Grace is a video wall playing the short film “Living Picture 4 Africa” which is also available on youtube here.

There are some 3D statues of African animals in the center of the gallery space. Once you get closer, the statues vanish and texts appear instead. As always in Milena’s exhibitions, texts and pictures build one unit. While in “Grace’s wing” the texts deal with God, the texts in “Abel’s wing” deal with the plagues that mankind has caused on earth: climate change, extinction of species and forced migration.

Impressions of “Africa” by Milena Carbone @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (2)

Milena mentioned in the accompanying notecard that her writing style for the texts featured at the exhibition “Africa” is “more syncopated than usual, cutting the story with several levels of interpretation with inserts of scientific facts, memories or questionings of herself. I readily admit to having been amazed and inspired by the American author Jenny Offill.

For the pictures Milena continued further expanding and broadening her style. She used the AI Midjourney again to create the backgrounds of her pictures. Milena had an exhibition of pictures created with Artifical Intelligence just recently: “Metamorphoses” (read here). The characters were added from Second Life.

Impressions of “Africa” by Milena Carbone @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (3)

Milena Carbone (mylena1992) is a French artist and is in Second Life since mid 2019. She discovered its artistic potential and since then has devoted all her free time to creation, associating, as in real life, images and texts: “Milena Carbone is a fiction in which, as in any artistic work, biographical and imaginary elements are mixed.” Her creative process is iterative: some of her images inspire her stories and these stories modify the development of the image, which itself transforms the story.
Milena has an own gallery, the Carbone Studio and she has a bookstore @ Noir’Wen City.
Milena has an own website, you can also find her on flickr here and you can read her texts here.

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery is owned and curated by Dido Haas. Thank you, Dido for providing the space for the art and for enabling the exhibition “Africa” by Milena Carbone. The exhibition poster of “Africa” was created by David Silence based on an image of Milena.

And thank you Milena for another great exhibition. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and “Africa” by Milena Carbone
Dido Haas’ blog
Landmark to The Carbone Studio
Landmark to The Carbone Bookstore @ Noir’Wen City
Milena’s website
Milena Carbone’s flickr
Milena Carbone’s writing

Diary 2022 (137) October 26th – 28th Early Halloween party

Wednesday, Ocotber 26th, Flo and I played again a longer round of skipee, that I won by one card. When we had finished slave Holly and slave Alessi came inworld and we played another round as teams – Flo and slave Holly against slave Alessi and me.
After the game Flo left for bed and I took slave Holly and slave Alesse to Carnal Intentions. Aya (ayahnah) joined us again. She had bought the AnAVision HUD. We stayed a while at Carnal, then we returned home as slave Holly had to leave for bed early. I helped Aya to make the necessary adjustments in the setting of the AaVision HUD, then we went to club DeLust for a while. I had fun demonstrating the power of the AnAVision HUD to Aya.

October 26th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions and at club DeLust with slave Holly, slave Alessi and Aya (ayahnah)

Thursday, October 27th, I played one round of skipee with Flo and one round with Flo and slave Holly. Flo left us after the games, slave Alessi and slave Aya (ayahnah) joined us. I took the slaves to Carnal Intentions for the rest of the night. We chatted amoung us and I had fun teasing the slaves and restrictig them. Vani (Vanilla Meili) joined the hogtied slaves for a few minutes. It was a short but enjoyable night.

October 27th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Aya

I also sent out a “save the date” group message for the Halloween party the next day:
Tomorrow will be Friday and Halloween is coming. We will celebrate our Halloween party this Friday. Of course you can come as you are (even naked) – but we will have a contest for the best Halloween outfit. Some Lindens are in stock for the best outfit. DJ Virgo will spin the tunes for us.
Save the date: Tomorrow 1 PM SLT / 10 PM CET

The Halloween party on Friday, October 28th, was great fun once again. Jenny would have loved it! We could admire some great outfits and the contest was another highlight. Baroness Capelo won it – congratulations! I missed taking pictures of Aya (Ayahnah) and of slave Holly – sorry.

October 28th – Halloween Friday night party: Diomita, Sarah Fhang, Ebony Massey, Claven Albatros, Laura (laura00175), Kira Skytower, Morgie Darkstone, Janina Foxdale, Jeanette Darkstone (arandomjeanette), Baroness Capelo (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Mo Deezul, Bastet Starchild, Jayson Dakota, Domina Ansar, Cherry (Elenaslv Serenity), sapphire (littleshy97), Virgo Babii (lower row)

Art in Second Life 2022 (87) Bamboo Barnes: Personal Aspect

Bamboo Barnes is going to open a new exhibition, Personal Aspect at the Akipelago, at Akiniwa. Akiniwa is owned by Akiko Kinoshi (a.kiko).
The exhibition is a restrospective with pictures and small picture installations of Bamboo Barnes, featuring her artwork of almost 10 years.

Exibibition poster and impressions of “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa (1)

The exhibition is huge. Bamboo’s pictures are shown at 4 large exhibition buildings. In 3 of 4 corners between the buildings Bamboo made small 3D installations with her pictures. The 4th corner will present 3D art by Kerupa Flow and was not yet built at the time of my visit.
The center square will be used for the opening event today, Friday, October 28th, 12 PM SLT. At the opening even Carelyna will provide the music.

When I think of Bamboo Barnes, I immediately think of colours, of colourful pictures, of a feast of colours. All exhibitions that I saw from her were colourful – and of course a retrospective exhibition must consist of colourful pictures too.

Impressions of “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa (2) – the 4 exhibition buildings

The amount of pictures is overwhelming. I estimate that Bambo selected about 100 pictures from her pool of artwork. The three 3D picture installations int he corner were new for me. Bamboo arrange her pictures together with 3D objects, giving the pictures a new environment instead of displaying them at walls. Some of her pictures in these corner installations change permanently. I suspect that these installations look even better with an environment set to midnight. Unfortunately I forgot to change my environment and used “Midday” for my pictures.

Impressions of “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa (3) – corner art installations

In front of one of the exhibition buildings you can grab a free chair, designed with Bamboo’s art.

Bamboo is in Second Life for over 15 years already, painting software & photoshop are her best friends. Bamboo had many exhibtions and appearances in the Second Life art scene and in 2018 she had her first exhibition in real life: “I create what I see but maybe you won’t, they are about people’s reality and  mind.
Bamboo’s art is a mixture of abstract forms, of people and photographs. Most pictures are colourful and it is in the eye of the beholder what we see in her pictures.
I myself saw her work the first time at La Maison d’Aneli during the Holiday season 2019/2020 (read here). I also saw her exhibition “Marginal Mannerism” at DixMixGallery in April 2021 (read here), the exhibition “Meant to be” at Itakos Art Gallery last year (read here), I saw “Conjure” at FOCUS Magazine F.A.I.R Gallery in August 2021 (read here), “Mindstorm” at IMAGO Land (read here) and “Drawer” at Hannington Arts Foundation (read here). Last December I saw her exhibition “The path” at Art care gallery (read here) and this year “Metaphysics” at the Kondar Art Center, (read here), Colores Primarios (read here) and New Day (read here) – wow, quite a list in the meanwhile!
Look also at Bamboo’s flickr page.

As mentioned above there are about 100 pictures! Just to give you a better impression of what to expect when you visit yourself I picked a few pictures for a collage.

Impressions of “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa (4)

I visited again shortly before the opening so have a look at the 4th corner with the 3D art of Kerupa Flow. Kerupa wrote about it: “Without collaboration with you, my work is invisible. How you interact with the piece, what it makes you tink; the feelings it invokes is what uncovers it’s soul. Take your time, immerse yourself in the display: be aware.
You can walk into one of the installation: heads, geometric objects, squares, texts … and everything changes permanently. Now it is at the visitor which feelings the installation seeds.

Impressions of “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa (5) – Kerupa Flow’s corner installation

Kerupa Flow is a 2D&3D artist from Japan and in Second Life since 2007: “After all, there live the same person both SL and outside SL, so even if the tools changed, you can have the same scent.“.
Kerupa has a permanet place “Kerupa’s World” at Akimori. For more information and current exhibitions look up Kerupa’s profile or grab a notecard.

I enjoyed my visits. Don’t miss this exhibition with Bamboo’s colourful artwork.
Thank you Akiko Kinoshi (A Kiko) for providing the space for this exhibition.

Landmark to “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa.
Bamboo Barnes’ flickr page
Kerupa Flow’s World at Akimori

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