Goodbye to an old friend

This week week we said goodbye to an old friend. Not a person but our first home together in Stonehaven. True Mistress Diomita owned it before I met her but it quickly became the centre of our life together and it holds a great deal of memories unfortunately the lag in Stonehaven became prohibitive and made even the simplest of scenes painful.

It was about this time that we exchanged vows and partnered. Our present from Goddess was to lock us up in a sky home in Rivers Rock. It was kitted out as a honeymoon suite and we both had such a good time there that we decided to rent it and the land it is on and the rest is history. As our family grew and developed our memories began to form in our new home and slowly the cobwebs began to form in our old home.

We kept the house in Stonehaven for 8 months after we moved out. Not wanting to say goodbye and cherrishing the memories we had. Until Dirk and the Lindens decided it was time to update and move the old homes. This was time now to cut our ties as we would not have any memories in the new place nor have reason to use it. So we cleared our belongings and said our goodbyes.

We have a lot of slide shows and pictures to remind us of our time there and to keep a place in our hearts for the old place. Anybody who knows us will be in a slide show somewhere and we have hundreds of pictures every one of them special.

The old place at stonehaven was just like a real friend for us both. It was there when we needed it, It gave us a place to go when we wanted and it did not complain if we had other things to do. Diomita and I have said to each other often that we have all the time in the world. We are comfortable with our relationship and know that if we do not have time for something today we will fit it in next time we meet.  We are both happy to be with the other or comfortable on our own and our partnership is based on friendship and not just the BDSM time we share.

A sign of true friendship is how comfortable you are when it goes quiet. How long does it take before you feel compelled to break the silence or are you happy to be a part of the scene around you even if your part is in the background. Just like the house in Stonehaven, a good friend will be there when you need them and I have the best.

Thank you Diomita.

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  1. Diomita Maurer
    Jul 01, 2009 @ 20:46:53

    What a wonderful addition the the Stonehaven text I wrote on hte occsaion of Jenny’s one year collaring! Thank you, Jenny.
    SH will remain a place to return and our house in the sky will remain in our memories.


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