Thoughts about being locked, about locking, about family, about my loyal beloved wife

Those who know me know about my time as a guard at pandora’s box. I have an affinity to prisons. I even built my own prison which we call hotel California.
I just spent a week in one of the cells myself up there. What  happened?

Last week I met Goddess while I was online a few minutes in the morning. And she decided that she wanted to play with me later. So she took me and locked me up in the hotel. As I was about to go 2 days offline into RL that was no big story.
When I came back online on the weekend I realized that I had no inventory and no IM. Jenny was off at work. I could do nothing. I couldn’t sort my inventory nor could I talk to my family.

What do you do in SL when you’re isolated? Just run SL in the background of your pc and work on something else? Not my thing. Just stare at yourself in a cell? Not my thing. I never understood and will never understand why people like isolation in SL. But then, I don’t have to understand it. Everyone has their own kicks and that is the best of SL. But I know for sure – that isolation is definitively not my thing.

When I lock and tie people I really rarely prevent IM’ing as I don’t like that myself. I do it as a means of punishment for a limited time and I try to make sure that my victim is ok. Just a few days before Jenny and I released a girl after a few days as our timezones didn’t fit. I don’t like to do things with my subs and slaves that I don’t like myself, or that I can’t bear myself. Does that makes sense?

Well, anyway…I am who I am.
When Goddess and myself were online again a few days later, she realized my unhappiness and she gave me my inventory back and IM. I was happy and thought that now I could stay in the cell and talk to my family and friends and sort my inventory. The same day later in the evening the rare moment did come finally. Jenny was in my cell in the meanwhile and Goddess came online. Goddess came, opened the door to take us out and to start playing .. but RL caught me and I had to tell Goddess that I had no time. She locked the door of our cell again – and as the door implies some restrictions I lost my inventory and IM again.

What did follow were several days just talking with Jenny. We talked about everthing, we even played virtually in a virtual world (silly, I know). Some of my family came and played in front of the cell to entertain me – and me being in bad mood did not show my thankfulness but treated them bad with my anger. Some of them even entered the cell to give me a hug or to see me naked or to simply company me or us.
After 24 online hours Goddess’ and our timetable finally fitted and she came to us and freed us. No play – that is postponed.

Why do I write this blog? Mostly to send out some messages to those who read this blog:
1. I don’t blame Goddess at all. Plans in SL sometimes are disturbed by our RL and RL comes first. I am an owned girl. I will stay hers. And whatever happens the collar around my neck is welded on me.
2. I blame myself for being rude towards my family and friends. As soon as I realised i contacted them to apologise.
3. I am spoiled. Jenny did spend so much time with me. She even cancelled an RL meeting just to be with me and to hear my anger and to calm me. I love you so much, my wife !
4. I learned about family, about those who care and took time to visit us when we needed it.

Enough messages.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Rayn Halfpint
    Aug 05, 2009 @ 12:58:36

    🙂 We all love you and Jen very much! I wish I could have been there for you too!


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