It’s a bit spooky – for sure…

But it is a lot more than that: If you like well-done sims, this one is a must.
Voltek’s haunted house is a packed with all the right details to give it a highly realistic feel.

As you walk up through the main gate towards the heavy entrance door, you can almost sense the moist odor of moss growing on the walkway’s cobble stones and along the heavy, hand-hewn blocks of basalt that form the house’s outside walls. Once inside, your seem to hear the floor boards creak and your nose picks up that distinct smell which you can only find in buildings that are very old. But it is not appauling. Rather, it seems inviting, making you feel very comfortable, offering a sense of deep-rootedness and of being at home. Maybe it is for this reason that the house has some permanent, very old and very spooky guests. But you got to hurry if you still want to see all this.

It is a pitty but word has it that Voltek will soon take the house down (let’s face it: Halloween is over…). If you have the chance, go pay this place a visit while it’s still there.. “…muuahahahaa!”

This report was written again by our slaveboy Santana. Voltek gave permission to publish this report and the landmark. Thank you, hun!
You’ll find the Halloween installation of Voltek Atansoff hopefully until November 20th with the following URL
PS.: Please set your environment to midnight and turn the music on to get the full expierence

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