vanessa Rendelstein collared 3 years

There years.. time really flies. Today it is 3 years since I collared Vanessa. I met her at Pandora’s prison soon after I joined SL. She asked to see me after her release and I granted that. Vanessa came to me to Stonehaven. At that time I had another applicant to become my slave, Nicola. And as Vanessa seemed to be so lost I also took her on trial to become mine together with Nicola. I still remember van and Nicola together in the cage at my house in SH. From the beginning she had problems with technical issues but she always tries hard to overcome them. And today? Today vanessa is our oldest sub now. She submitted to Jenny as well later. Vanessa is a lovely girl who has kept some of her innocence and shyness over all the years we own her. She feels uncomfy when stripped or tied in public. And her shyness is reason for fun and it pleases us a lot. Just lately she became one of our first students at the Strict Ballet Academy. Her way of play and her innocence combined with the ability to picture herself in reality and to dive-in mentally very deep into the play in SL make her a really amazing student to play with.

vanessa Rendelstein

Vanessa is also one of the most dedicated and truly submitting girl I ever met. Therefore she’s our Joy. In addition Vanessa is also our Night Owl as she’s always coming online late at night often when we’re just about to go to bed. That’s the reason why we gave her another nickname “Night Owl”. It is meant in a teasing way to remind her to get on earlier in order to have some more family fun – and because we miss her.
Whoever has a chance to get in touch with her more will see a true, loving, amazing and funny girl with a great sense of humor. Always willing to please and she never has a bad word to say about anybody.
Thank you for all the years being with us, Vanessa. We look forward owning you for years and years to come, and no matter what we say, please don’t change one bit.

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  1. jennymaurer
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 21:37:39

    What more can I add except congratualtions Sis’. You have helped to make our SL very enjoyable and made us both smile many times. I hope you have many more to follow.


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