Dio’s 5th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2013

Incredible – I’m 5 years in Second Life! It has become sort of a tradition that I write an anniversary entry to look back and forward. And as always when I begin thinking about what happened during this last year in SL my first thought is that nothing has changed, my second thought is “ok….there have been some changes” and in the end I don’t know where to begin and end this anniversary entry as I notice that so much has happened.

On the first glance nothing has changed in the 5th year. We had the luck that we had not to move again and still live on our “Mount Everst”-Island. The Eurobrats as a family are still there and didn’t change that much. In my 5th year, we collared Angelique Teskat on Feb 21st, 2012. Angel is in several ways still our youngest. She became niece to Jenny and me. As good aunts we care for her living and support her education and we got a lot of love in return. Also in 2012 we released vanessa, who didn’t find the time to attend SL family life. We wish that she’s happy and healthy and that she returns one day. We also released tittia, who had some RL issues to tend to and restarted her SL slowly in autumn without any obligations. Just 2 weeks ago tittia returned to us after several experiences in SL. We locked the collar around her neck again and enslaved her. We took all control and will form her into a perfect slave, toy and servant for us. And we took her back officially – now as our slave “subtittia Maurer”. The Strict Ballet academy however, that is still at Mount Everest, has been closed at least temporarily as we don’t have enough instructors. And in addition we definitively need a larger dungeon *grins.

During the 5th year of “Dio in SL” Danii became a rubber hu-Mare, a very extreme experience for her that she nonetheless did also enjoy. Consequently we had some ponyplay and cart rides.  Dana also was a hu-Mare even before Danii. She wanted to experience SL in another skin in order to get new momentum into her SL. Dana is now a black slave and enjoys her new role and appearance. I feel blessed that Dana and I could celebrate our 2nd anniversary – a special anniversary if you consider that we live in different timezones and do not see eachother that often. Kitty is still Kitty, now sending signs of life when he’s not online for some time and always seeking relaxed fun when he is with us. Thank you, boy:-). I also shared the fun of hunting for the SLBI (Second Life Bureau of Investigation) for several weeks and I intend doing that again. I remember Delilah who had fun blaming me for drinking during the hours. That was a great roleplay and fun.  And Maurer’s It, qt? Still leashed and still nagging about her fate. Yes, I know you will run as fast and as soon as you can, qt. Don’t think we would leave you unattended or unleashed.

Also in 2012 we became closer to our dear neighbour, Sarah Fhang. Sarah makes great pictures from SL and has her own art gallery online. And more important – Sarah loves bondage and restraints and gags. No surprise that we were her victims every once in a while when she was up for it – or that we enjoyed the fun of decorating her patio with several eye-candies. Appropos bondage and restraints: Thanks to the creativity of people in SL we got new toys, ropes, animations, bondage and suspensions racks that added a lot to keep the variety of play and did help enjoying our nights here. Fridays are still a regular fun. We have our party at the beach disco club. Thank you Virgo for the great music and for the reliability spinning the discs every Friday for us. We have so much fun chatting and dancing and listening to good music! And for several months now we get new stuff to read provided by Tyra every Friday night who had this great idea of making interviews and publishing on her blog. And she’s continuing her interview series.

Something very personal also happened. The collar around my neck has been locked again. Locked by my slave, wife and now also owner, Jenny. I do feel arrived now in her collar and we enjoy being owned by eachother. Jenny still holds up the illusion for me that I’d be charge and I am thankful for that. I am thankful as well that I can let go and be not in charge at all when I have a “green light” at her feet. Over the years Jenny became the family head at my side and we would not have the strong family ties within the Eurobrats without her. Thank you, Mrs. Jenny Maurer. She and I are going to be 5 years together very soon. Even in real life that is an amazing lifespan that we lived together in our free time. It is full of memories that we take into our everyday life. Thank you so much, Jenny!

I met new people in my 5th year and learned from them as well as had a lot of fun with them. There is Argi Boa who lives with us with us after I caught her in a roleplay at DaD in November 2012. We had and have really a good time and she fits well to us. Another new closer friend, Zara Latour, is also someone I met at DaD. Again in a roleplay we both were watching a woman fumbling with a gun and it was quite dangerous (of course just in roleplay). Protecting Zara I took her to our home and introduced her to the family. Well I admit I restricted her a bit. She might join us eventually if our online times will fit better some day (they don’t as of right now). And then there is Kim Carson. We had a great kidnapping roleplay with Kim. Jenny and I enjoyed it very much. We finally had our vacation within SL embedded in a roleplay and Kim surprised us really. Thank you Kim for the great time we had together. There was a detailed report in this blog earlier.

Five years and tons of memories and some of them are revealed sometimes in a nice way. Yasmin rebuilt parts of good old Stonehaven in her homesim. Walking through the castle or sitting on the patio with these extraordinary colorful tiles brought back nice memories and conjured a big smile on my face. Thank you for this idea, Yas.
It became a good tradition that I document my style, my avatar here in the blog. So here am I how I look turning 5 years old in SL.

20130112 Dio in central park

Dear Jenny, dear family, dear friends, let me heartfully thank you all for your love and support. I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be “Dio” without you. I couldn’t relax and enjoy SL without you. Thank you all for a great 5th year in Second Life. Many thanks!

Eurobrats update – some changes

Jenny and I have been looking at our SL and in particular at our family. We mostly make time for our subs and try to get the most for us and for them. But frankly spoken it needs some regular online time to keep a D/s relation alive. And in addition when online times do get too rarely, most of the time left over is used for catching up and this time is lost for all of us. Some of the decisions we have made have been hard but we felt they had to be made. They make officially what is somehow reality already for quite a long time.
Today I updated our family chart as well as my profile.

I have released Vanessa Rendelstein after close to 4 years wearing my and our collar on August 22nd. Vanessa was and is a joy to own particularly because of her loyalty and dedication. Unfortunately her online presence became less and less over the last years and she got the title “Night Owl” as when she logged in it was just when we were ready to log off. We came to the decision that she might enjoy her SL better alone and without having any obligations and hopefully she’ll get new excitement out of her SL. Vanessa will always be our close friend and stay close – nothing will change that. We all love you, Vanessa!

I have released tittia (mistress.cutitta) after close to 1 1/2 year wearing my and our collar on August 16th. Tittia is  only having a very time online for one year now because of her RL and there’s no chance that this will change soon. Upon her return online she will have no obligations and can start seeking new adventures and excitement. Nonetheless tittia will stay a very close friend of ours and hopefully we’ll see her around with us often. First of all we wish all the best for her and that she can make time for SL later again. You’re always welcome to us, tittia.
We love you, tittia!

We  have decided to close the Strict Ballet Academy for the public and will keep parts of it for private play only. We had fun with it and will have fun with it again. But we got many applications that we couldn’t fulfill as we lack intructors and the time to run it properly; plus Delilah can’t run it on her own. Thus there will be ballet lessons but just for selected few and who knows, maybe there will be a time when we or tittia will reopen it officially.

We understand the RL always comes first, this will always be our first rule and we don’t judge anyone for having less time.

Love Diomita and Jenny

Just something inbetween

Right now I can’t login. Apparently SL has gone down unexpectedly. No SL, no SL homepage, no marketplace. Time to write a little bit about the ongoings within the Eurobrat family.
– I wrote already about Kitty’s return. I decided that Kitty may have another start and I hope that she will never again vanish without warning.
– tittia’s RL is keeping her from going online. RL is always priority but of course we miss her. We get applications for the Strict Ballet Academy every once in a while but without instructors the academy remains closed.
– Puppe (Dana) is transformed to a puppy. We do enjoy the rare times we see her due to the time difference. She had some issues with the gear that prevents her friends to chat with her via IM. Luckily she found a workaround and I still hope that we can get a feedback of the builder of the gear why it is not working as it should. Well you can always say, voila it works as puppies can’t chat.
– vanessa is vanessa. She comes online at midnight every once in a while when we’re just on our way to bed. Nonetheless her devotion is amazing. And every time she sees a new face being with us she asks “A new sister?”
– qt, Maurer’s it, is still nicely locked down and dreams of escape. She never gets tired to warn those who come close to us but most people simply don’t take her warning to run as fast as they can seriously. Well, we can always say they have been warned.
– Delilah had to reduce her online presence a bit due to her RL. That prevents her from instructing at the ballet academy. Right now she’s assigned to keep our house clean being our first maid. We simply like the idea of bound maids that work for us. It is not our idea and the place “bound maids” is down since quite a while and the new place for the maids isn’t working yet. With the help of Danii we installed some objects which attract the dust in the house and which need dusting every once in a while. Of course this work can only be done with a dustergag.
– That leads to Danii who worked on her scripts after being released from her humare life. And she helped to develop the dusting system for the house.
– Our youngest family member, Angel, is the most active of all of us right now. She brought some new kinks and new roleplay to our SL and we, her aunts, enjoy teasing and humiliating her as much as she enjoys the other side of the leash.

And Jenny and I? We still enjoy ourselves, our togetherness, we make plans and laugh a lot and have fun. Friday nights are still a highlight of our everyday life in SL and RL. So overall everything is just fine although RL is preventing some of us to get online as much as before right now.

Dio’s 4th year in Second Life Feb 11th 2012

Tomorrow i’m going to start my 5th year in second life. Again time to look back and to have a look foward. Writing this post i read my 3 year anniversary text several times. This year in SL has been extraordinary eventful. One of my most biggest wishes for my 4th year hasn’t been fulfilled. One base, one cornerstone of my SL changed: I’m no longer owned by Yasmin. For me it was a hard step to take. Yas’s collar was locked well over 3 years around my neck. What I expierenced is that the remaining cornerstones were stable enough to support me and they became stronger than before. First of all my partner, my Ehesklavin stood by my side and knelt at my feet. But also my subs, my sisters in Yas’ family and all my neighbors and friends supported me, lend me their ear and confirmed that my neck does not need any collar anymore. Thus my base in SL has changed but still is solid as a rock.

One year and there’s more to report and to write into this diary. Looking at more than 50 posts in this 4th year you can tell that this year has been eventful. My family, the Eurobrats, changed. Tittia and Delilah were collared – welcome to us, we love you. Danii returned collared as “fostersub” as her Mistress and wife reduced her online time drastically. Those who left us or who we assume being not in the most inner circle anymore did all stay close friends. We celebrated several anniversaries and being aware how quick life changes in RL and SL I am very thankful for the anniversaries:
June 5th – 3-year collaring of Jenny
October 5th – 3-year collaring of vanessa
October 24th – 3-year wedding anniversary with Jenny
November 22nd – 3-year collaring of Kitty Maurer (Santana)
December 18th – 1- year collaring of Dana
Jan 1st 1-year enslavement of Maurer’s It

In June last year we lost our 2nd home in SL, “Dragon Cove”, due to the dweeb that took over the sim. This experience led to ownership of an homestead, “Mount Everst”, where we build the new Eurobrats Headquarter with lots of space and a beach disco for our Friday night parties. Part of the sim is owned by Virgo and Tyra our longtime neighbors. Also Claven had a part of it for her private prison. But the performance of an homestaed wasn’t high enough for running it. Now Sarah Fhang became an addtional owner. We’re very  pleased to have neighbors like you are!

Just recently, my hairdresser recomended a new cut for me. And as I use these anniversary entries also to document my style changes I’ll add a picture of me with the new haircut.

Regarding our activities not that much has changed. We like to play dice games, to dance (join us at our beach disco every Friday night), to explore other sims, to shop (of course!), to roleplay and to express our kinky side. With tittia we reerected her “Strict Ballet Academy” at Mount Everest. Playing there is a nice variation. We also spend time at DaD (Domme a Domme), more or less a meeting place for those who are into similar kinks as we are. This last year in SL I met tittia and Delilah at DaD, who have been collared later. I also had a few short trips to Gorean roleplay. My friend Cruella is living on Gor and she brought this kind of play nearer to me. I can understand it’s facination but there will be just episodes for me on Gor.
There’s a lot more that happened in my 4th year. We met great people and made new friends. I assume that the variety of people, the different kinks and the different ways to enjoy second life as an escape from everyday life, as an place to live our fantasies and dreams is what makes most of SL’s facination. I’m not tired of it and look forward full of confidence and curiousity.

Dear Jenny, dear family, dear friends, let me heartfully thank you all for your love and support. I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be “Dio” without you. I couldn’t relax and enjoy SL without you. Thank you all for a great 4th year in 2nd life. Many thanks!

vanessa Rendelstein collared 3 years

There years.. time really flies. Today it is 3 years since I collared Vanessa. I met her at Pandora’s prison soon after I joined SL. She asked to see me after her release and I granted that. Vanessa came to me to Stonehaven. At that time I had another applicant to become my slave, Nicola. And as Vanessa seemed to be so lost I also took her on trial to become mine together with Nicola. I still remember van and Nicola together in the cage at my house in SH. From the beginning she had problems with technical issues but she always tries hard to overcome them. And today? Today vanessa is our oldest sub now. She submitted to Jenny as well later. Vanessa is a lovely girl who has kept some of her innocence and shyness over all the years we own her. She feels uncomfy when stripped or tied in public. And her shyness is reason for fun and it pleases us a lot. Just lately she became one of our first students at the Strict Ballet Academy. Her way of play and her innocence combined with the ability to picture herself in reality and to dive-in mentally very deep into the play in SL make her a really amazing student to play with.

vanessa Rendelstein

Vanessa is also one of the most dedicated and truly submitting girl I ever met. Therefore she’s our Joy. In addition Vanessa is also our Night Owl as she’s always coming online late at night often when we’re just about to go to bed. That’s the reason why we gave her another nickname “Night Owl”. It is meant in a teasing way to remind her to get on earlier in order to have some more family fun – and because we miss her.
Whoever has a chance to get in touch with her more will see a true, loving, amazing and funny girl with a great sense of humor. Always willing to please and she never has a bad word to say about anybody.
Thank you for all the years being with us, Vanessa. We look forward owning you for years and years to come, and no matter what we say, please don’t change one bit.

Talking about …… Vanessa Rendelstein

We thought it is about time to dedicate an entry to every sub of ours. We will post them one after the other during the next weeks. Let’s begin with vanessa:

Diomita met Vanessa when she was an inmate at Pandora’s prison in May 2008 and Dio was a Mistress there. Vanessa was eager to submit and Dio allowed her to make contact after she was released. And she really did. Van met us both and we slowly became friends. Slowly mostly because Vanessa does not spend a lot of time in SL like most of us but she appears later on and only during the week. But nonetheless her endurance convinced Dio to finally collar her October 4th, 2008.
Later she became sub to both of us …

Vanessa is not the most technically minded member of the family. It took her a very long time to get RLV running and even longer to get her tattoo. In this relation she can be a challenge if something doesn’t work in SL.

Our sub vanessa Rendelstein - Maurers' Joy

Van has a kind and sweet nature that has an innocence to it that everybody likes. When we playfully lock her cuffs in her front and send her roaming she’s scared to be seen like this. Maybe we’re already that weired in SL that we think it’s just normal to run around with locked cuffs? But van is also a very hot and sometimes slutty girl. When she’s used she will forget anything around her and fully give in to her arousal. Most of all, van is a role model regarding her devotion to us and her loyality. Her short time online is coined by us and she never complained. She’s ours. Since she often conjures a smile on both of our faces saying something funny we renamed her and gave her the tag that she deserves: Maurer’s joy.

We both love you Vanessa.
Diomita & Jenny


Update: I have released Vanessa Rendelstein after close to 4 years wearing my and our collar on August 22nd, 2012. Vanessa was and is a joy to own particularly because of her loyalty and dedication. Unfortunately her online presence became less and less over the last years and she got the title “Night Owl” as when she logged in it was just when we were ready to log off. We came to the decision that she might enjoy her SL better alone and without having any obligations and hopefully she’ll get new excitement out of her SL. Vanessa will always be our close friend and stay close – nothing will change that. We all love you, Vanessa!

Dio’s 2nd year in Second Life Feb 11th 2010

My second year in SL is over today and I’ll start my third. It seems to me like yesterday when I remember my first days in SL. And it also seems like yesterday reading what I wrote in my letter to my family and friends on the occasion of my 1st rezz day. And now the 2nd year is already over.
I am happy that I can say that the base of my SL hasn’t changed in this 2nd year:

– I am still owned by Goddess Yasmin Heartsdale
– I am still spoiled by the love and devotion of my partner and Ehesklavin Jenny
– I am still part of a lovely large family
– I am still running my own family branch
– I am still exploring SL and myself
– I am still happy to be here

Now let’s have a look back to this 2nd year – just a short one. What did happen beside having fun together? What are the events that I want to remember when I’ll read these lines again after my third year.
There have been some changes in my family branch of Yasmin’s brat pack.

– My sister Fae vanished suddently and didn’t return a long while. She had been in hospital being seriously ill but she returned after several months. She left again very quickly as she fell in love in RL. That is a happy reason to leave and we’re glad for her. She’ll be back and explore herself on her own now. Well, at least I hope that she will be back as she told us.

– My sister Claire who is living in the Euro Brat timezone became closer to me and with permission of Goddess she submitted to me like Fae did before. Claire is a lovely sweet girl as her permanent tag expresses “Goddess’ sweet girl”. She is always smiling and I feel spoiled by her. Her happiness and mostly good mood is infectious.

– Pike and her wife Danii were my subs for about 3 months and they are still close friends of us. Unfortunately our focus in SL and some play preferences didn’t fit and Pike and Danii left us again consensually and friendly. And we see eachother from time to time. I still love you both and will not stop feeling close to both of you .

– During this 2nd year Goddess collared rabea – a new sister for me. Rabea is from Germany. We had a bad start as sisters and some arguments but later we became close as sisters and very close friends. And rabea is now a permanent part of my family branch. Jenny and myself are often together with rab and we enjoying playing together, shopping or sometimes just talking.

– rabea suddently left and we didn’t know what happened to her. Siobhan, her sub, spent a lot of time with Jenny and me and became part of my little family. Finally and without knowing about rabea’s return I collared Siobhan October 4th 2009. On rabea’s return – she has had a serious accident and spent several months in hospital – we didn’t turn time back and Sio stayed mine. Welcome to me and welcome to us, Sio. We love you.

– vanessa companied us during my 2nd year in SL. She is a very loyal sub and always a reason to smile. We don’t see her often enough unfortunately. But when she’s online her ways, her devotion and her constant demand for love and play is a very special expierience. Thank you, vanessa … Maurer’s Joy!

– Recently Goddess approved that Allana Mikadze may join our family. End of November 2009 Jenny and me found Alla helplessly at “Love hurts” and took control of her. Allana is a slave, owned and forced. Now she’s also officially our sub. Welcome to the Eurobrat family, Alla (who is from the US btw.). Welcome to Yasmin’s Brat Pack as a grandbrat.

– Last but as everyone know definitively not least, Jenny. Jenny was with me all the time in this 2nd year. No day where we didn’t talk or had contact per other media. I can’t imagine my SL without her and there’s no reason to imagine that. Thank you so much my dear wife and Ehesklavin.
So my part family did grow a little bit. It was one major part of my SL in this 2nd year and has become very important for me.

There have been some changes to Goddess’ family which I call my greater family. Besides rabea, who is from Germany, I got 2 other new sisters. Anna form the US and Valerie from Germany. Valerie was Goddess’ slave before. She was the observant of the decking in Yasminia and she grew until Goddess collared her has her brat. It is still simply great to be part of such a great family. Thank you, Goddess. I do love you and I would submit to you immediately again if I weren’t owned already.

Goddess and her brats

Some of my friendships have cooled down a little bit unfortunately, some became more intensive and I made some new friends. Any list might not be complete so I better don’t mention you all by name here.

What else is new and related to this 2nd year in SL? Maybe it is my life in two home sims. There is our beach house and our retreat Chez Maurer in Rivers Rock. And there is Yasmina. My sister Yar gave that sim to Goddess who establish our family sim there. I was permitted to build Hotel California in Yasminia. The hotel has provided some nice hours for play and we go there regularly for playing or visiting guests or introducing guests.

I could fulfill my intention to get back to Pandora’s box. Over several weeks I was there again quite often but then I couldn’t anymore …. and now I’ll intend take a next try.
Jenny and me got very close in this 2nd year. We had some nice adventures together. Particulary we love to do quests.

Jenny knows me very well and she now gets green lights. During a green light I switch and submit to her. She has always a new treat in stock for me. And together with rab or any other sister or friend …. well, it can be hard but also very exciting once I’m fully caught by roleplaying and switching to the sub role. As a sub Jenny brought me over some limits that I had before. Thank you, my love. Nonetheless once the green light is off Jenny is again my beloved slave.

I continued to collect pictures and my slideshows have quite a lot pictures in the meanwhile, several hundred and sometimes when it is quiet in SL.. well it is rarely… then I am content just to sit and watch the sildeshow. With the date and a short text displayed with each picture, that is really a journey into nice memories.
Friday nights are your Club nights. We spent them at the Bratz Club in RR. Virgo, a former sis and close friend, makes a perfect party of it each time.
Dancing leads me to intan. I replaced all dances that we had on the roof of “Chez Maurer” with on intan controller and now we can dance everywhere on our plot and choose the dance from the controller. A great invention !

During my 2nd year in SL I could celebrate a lot of anniversaries beginning with my 1st collaring day with Goddess, my one year collaring of Jenny and vanessa and my 1st wedding anniversary.

I am curious of my third year. Before all I wish that my little family stays together and I wish that I can celebrate 2nd anniversaries with my owner Goddess Yasmin, with my Ehesklavin, with vanessa and some 1st anniversaries. I am looking forward to further explore SL, to meet new friends, to intensify old friendships, to having exciting play sessions, to adventures, to enhance my bdsm expierence, to nice talks. There will be changes as life goes on in RL and SL. I just hope that I can avoid any drama as far as possible – let us always remember that we are here to enjoy and to live beyond the possibilities of our RL and that we are humans with emotions. I just hope that the base of my SL will stay like a solid rock.

Dear Jenny, Dear Goddess, dear family, dear friends, let me heartfully thank you all for your love and support. I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be “Dio” without you. I couldn’t relax and enjoy SL without you. Thank you all for a great 2nd year in 2nd life. Many thanks!