Dana 1st collaring day Dec, 18th, 2011

One year ago during the season Dana did her trial for us. Dana’s timezone is 6 hours apart from us and thus our online time together is very limited, mostly restricted to weekends and sometimes weekends are taken for our RL obligations. In addition to the timezone restriction Dana is partnered in SL and thus has a second family from her partners side. Considering these circumstance, we weren’t sure if it would work for both of us. Dana did her trial at the pool in Yasminia. Somehow it was a “classic” trial (in our family) as she spent time in a tiny tube cell, naked and gaged. Thus all of us knew where to find her and were able to met her. As far as I remember Dana stayed one week until I opened the door and locked the collar around her neck. During the year she wears my collar now Dana managed to stay in contact, to fulfill her assignments, to see us once in a while and to show her dedication and submission. Thank you, Dana!

Dana is very adventurous. She has been a guard at RR prison, a hostess at RR prison, a doll and lately she turned to be a human pony. She had her own subs (not now anymore). After a few months she introduced Asfor Cooperstone to us and asked to collar her what was granted happily. Her relation to Asfor is very special and living in the same timezone she meets her more often than us. By now they switched and Asfor is co-owning Dana now. Thus Dana can enjoy her subside from different points of view. As a pony Dana worked hard to become a thoroughbred (a pony fulfilling testified minimum standards). I tried one of her tasks and I can tell you it is really not easy. Just a few weeks ago my sister Jill F., who was a pony trainer before in her SL, did become herself a thoroughbred. So we do have an experienced witness how hard it was for Dana. I sit here and smile proudly while I’m writing this. Being such a varied personality and at the same time such a kinky and open woman, Dana is a beloved member of our family who I don’t want to miss at all – and if it is only once in a while that we see her.

Pony Dana pregnant

Before I forget – Dana is enjoying the RP of being a pregnant human pony. Look at her lovely belly .. and it is going to become larger.

Congratulation, Dana … my sub, my doll, my slut, my pony. We look forward to your 2nd year.
Love from Dio and Jenny and the whole family

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