Life is great

This is a post without a particular theme. It is just to give an impression how I enjoy our second life. Our nights and weekends on SL are always enjoyable (at least in my honest opinion); they are rarely planned and never can be planned exactly. The reason is that you never know who’s online and how long, there are interruptions for RL (which always has priority without saying). Of course we have our regular online times and of course we make some appointments. Nonetheless you can’t really plan and in any case we plan only within the inner circle of the family. My only fixed date is the Friday night dancing event with Virgo as the dj at our beach disco (Thank you for the great music you provide for us, Virgo!). In addition my time with Jenny before we go to bed is a sanctum. But everything else is spontaneous.

Delilah, Dio, qt, Jenny, Angel

It might be shopping, or exploring a sim.
It might be playing greedy or yahtzee.
It might be using one of our subs or teasing.
It might me simply chitchatting or going to meet friends elsewhere.
It might be testing new devices and toys or simply watching slide shows.
It might be fencing or fulfilling a side bet resulting from it.
It might be simply enjoying a nice bondage of a sub or of someone else we meet.
It might be having a green or a red light.
It might be standing around at Domme a Domme and read profiles or simply watching.
If I find a few quiet minutes, I spend it  building or sorting inventory or even playing Zyngo alone in our weekly family internal contest. Or improving our home with little items, updating the slide shows, or decorating. And much faster as I expect it another night is over again.
For me the addicting factor is the surprise, is the spontaneity. It is meeting new people and talking (yes about BSDM often). It’s sharing and exchanging experiences. It is a role-play that never can be planned or predicted. Does it repeat like everyday RL does – yes, to some extent but much less and there’s no laundry, no cleaning, no food shopping, no tax declaration, no taxi service, no cooking … and no necessities and a lot variety.

I’m here to enjoy.

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