4 years 19th March 2012

Has it been four years already?

I want to do something a little different for my 4th year since my rez day celebrations.

Anybody reading this blog regularly can predict what I would normally say so I will keep that short and later on.

What makes SL the place to spend a lot of our waking moments?

Of course you have to say the people and the escape from RL, but to make it work there has to be something that keeps it fresh, different and even new.

I have spoken before about how a lot of places have disappeared in the past and for a time it felt that SL was shrinking especially in the BDSM world. So it came as a big surprise when I found a gateway to new worlds. I found it with one of my hobbies which is looking through profiles. Some are very entertaining. An example of this is one person I came across just recently at Domme a Domme. Her avatar was 24 days old, she had no payment info and was a member of the group which costs to join. Her words in her profile? “ Stop asking me if I am an ALT”.,,,, If you don’t want to be asked then stop making it obvious. ( Smiles)

Anyway, I was looking through random picks and found a place I have not visited before. I didn’t expect much but I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Here is the LM


There may be a landing point so I took a picture to help describe what you will find there.

Inside the store to my right is a shop. You will see glass doorways. If you are wearing a relay one of the doors will take you to a very good demonstration of how RLV works. There are some example traps on short timers and it will explain how RLV can make SL very exciting for those who like traps or transformations.

You will need an #RLV folder so if you need help with that then Marine Kelley describes it in her blog ( Marine is one of the main developers of RLV and her restraints are by far the best)


Once you are familiar with RLV, and wear a relay then to my left is garden that is filled with the same glass doors. They are gateways to many sims that use RLV to enhance the experience and for me a lot of new places to visit in the future.

But SL can be a lonely place on your own, especially with traps about. The life we live here is enhanced a 1,000 fold when you share it with good friends.

I have the best friend I could ever wish for in my Mistress, owner and partner Diomita. Together we have a varied collection of family and friends who we enjoy to the full and they make our life in SL very rich. They have helped to keep SL fresh and exciting as we can hardly plan the night ahead let alone the week.  However we have some things we would like to plan and one of those is a short SL break together on a personal adventure. If we are off map or not in contact then be assured it is something we have wished for, for a long time.

Before I finish this entry I have something else to share. I have finally found something that has given me a special power. The outfit I wear in the first picture is from XTC. I have found that when I wear it my hands suddenly become full with keys, (winks). So you may see me wearing it a lot, but not too much to wear it out.

Yes even after 4 years I still find SL has everything to keep me here for a long time to come.

Love to you all

Jenny Maurer.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. diomitamaurer
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 17:01:41

    I know it is hard to write anything new about yourself and us. You managed it again 🙂
    Happy Rezzday, my love! I can’t imagine my SL without you and luckily I don’t have to. I am blessed having you at my side and at my feet and I look forward with confidence into our SL.
    With all my love


  2. Danii
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 22:27:32

    Happy rezday Jennysis!


  3. Angelique Maurer
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 23:29:15

    Auntie Jenny,

    In a very short time you became a very special and dear Auntie to me.
    besides incredibly sexually attractive, you are a warm and kind personality, someone you can count on, even in bad times.
    I love you lots, and wish you a incredible wonderful rezzday.

    With love,
    Angelique Maurer xoxox


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