Rubber Mare Danii’s reflections

“If you want to know what a huMare looks like, you can look at the pictures on the Maurer’s Blog, or you can come visit Stones’n’Rubber, where you can find some Rubber Mares most of the time.  What you can’t see from the outside however, is how it looks and feels from the inside.”

“My up key is going to be totally worn out after this adventure ….. I will have to be careful not to push it too far. Should I try to tape the key so I don’t have to push it myself? But then you hear 2 claps of the whip, meaning stop… “

These are just two little quotes of Rubber Mare. Since Feb 20th, 2012, Danii is a Rubber Mare. Although she was eager for this experience, she also was scared about it.  She will be a Rubber Mare either for 4 weeks or at least as long as it takes her to do 4,000 laps around the training court. Most probably the later will define her time as a Rubber Mare. Danii has her own blog (see also under links) and she agreed to write about her time and experiences there.
I strongly recommend to have a look at her blog. She describes lively how it feels to be a Rubber Mare. Enjoy reading and support her. We are very proud of you, Danii!

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  1. Danii
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 18:46:15



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