About my collar

Those who are close to me in SL might have noticed that I wear a new piece of jewelery for a few weeks. In fact after my release from Yasmin I missed the animations that were hidden in my collar. So I bought a new collar and hid it in my body so that I could use the scripts. Knowing my wife, there couldn’t be any other owner of this collar than her, and she got her wish fulfilled. I began to wear the collar visible around my neck during a green light phase. I never made a secret about my sub side. It is there, not as strong as my Domme side but also not to be neglected. I personally think it gives me the opportunity to recharge when I sub. And I learn from own experiences. The collar around a sub’s neck is a strong symbol. At least that’s how I see it and my subs do know that too well. It is a sign of being owned and devoted. It is a sign of being controlled and no longer self determined. That is how I saw the collar of Yasmin around my neck. That is how I see the collar around Jenny’s neck and around the necks  of my subs. So when I’m wearing a collar myself now again, what does it symbolize for me but being owned and not self determined? In fact it does exactly mean that I’m owned and not totally self determined. Owned by my wife and Ehesklavin Jenny. Not self determined as she has a say in all family affairs and does co-own my subs. Owned in particular when I grant a green light and give control to her. But then it is also different as I determine the duration of a green light, it is different as Jenny will always be my slave first, it is different as the family hierarchie isn’t changed at all (despite green lights).    Wearing the collar in public now reflects my deep trust in my wife and that our subs  do understand the little difference between the collar around my neck and around theirs. Wearing it in public does also mean that I am proud of it, proud not to hide my sub side and proud about who does own this side of me first.

The picture above is a collage from my recent trip to NYC. I want to thank Jenny for her patience with me regarding my collar.

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  1. jennymaurer
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 18:40:50

    Diomita you have given me the most wonderful gift ever and I promise I will never mis-use this gift nor destroy it by breaking your trust.
    I knelt at your feet while you published this as a symbol that I will always be your slave first and you will always be the head of our family.
    However I am feeling not just pride but a real sense of owning your submissive side. I hope though that we will continue as we have been and that our journey together remains this enjoyable to us both for a very long time to come.
    I love you very very much MISTRESS Diomita


  2. Danii
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 11:53:05

    Congratulations Mistress & Jenny too!
    I must admit I haven’t noticed but that’s probably because I was to overwhelmed by the end of my mare challenge and so..
    Anyway, I understand fully the meaning of it and you know why.
    Kisses, Danii


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