Kitty’s back to SL

Kitty is back home after more than 4 months hiatusSunday, April 15th, our Kitty returned to SL after more than 3 months being missed. Just the night before Jenny and I had talked about our slaveboy aka. Kitty and that we’re going to remove him as our owned sub. We didn’t hear anything from him during his absence and every attempt to get a sign of life failed. By strange coincidence Kitty returned just a few hours later. Kitty has been very occupied by her RL and needed to protect herself from the addiction that SL provides to us, as a permanent temptation to escape from our real life problems. I always say and confirm that RL has priority for all of us in SL. And Kitty’s RL took all of her attention as she told us. We do really understand that.
But I personally also believe that it is a question of respect, to let those who care for you, know what is going on. I can’t accept that there’s no time within weeks and months to send a short email or to go online 5 minutes to send an offline IM. Thus a return like Kitty’s causes ambivalent feelings for me. There’s the joy and happiness that a good friend and submissive is back, the relief that he’s healthy and there’s also the feeling of abuse and of disrespect. I feel abused as being someone not important enough to inform but good enough to be here in SL to have fun when my sub decides to contact me again: “Hello, I’m back, let’s have fun together”. And I know that I sound harsh and hurt – and I am. Anyway this blog is our diary for SL and in this sense this entry had to be written. Kitty is not the first who left us without a word then returned and no doubt she won’t be the last. But Kitty/Santana is the first who has been so close over years that I really need time to get over this experience and to decide how to go on with her.

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