October 24th, 2012 – 4 years married

October, 24th it will be 4 years that Jenny and I had our wedding ceremony. That is a really long time particularly in SL and gives reason to celebrate, to look back and to look forward. We share most of our spare time together und thus this SL relation goes far beyond pixels. Jenny is part of my life, my love for her is real, the memories we share are also part of our RL.

At our wedding ceremony Jenny was my slave and I still call her Ehesklavin. We had a clear role allocation. But we developed, we changed together constantly, little changes step by step. During the last months our bdsm relation changed again a bit. As known I wear Jenny’s collar around my neck, I grant green lights, where she is my domme every once in a while. I admit, that we might have had a different understanding of this mutual ownership and collar. Playing around in SL on my own I had a particular D/s adventure that led to serious discussion between us about it’s meaning. We talked a lot and we got over it and agreed about the meaning of my collar. So far, so good. But again, step by step we changed. I began to understand and to accept. A few weeks ago I submitted to Jenny. I accepted her as my owner without any restrictions. And she locked the collar around my neck making me hers. There is no real date, no real collaring date, it just happened step by step. Thank you, Jenny!  So today we’re not just partners, we also own eachother in the bdsm part of our relation. I wear Jenny’s collar with pride as she wears mine. We submitted to eachother. And we’re stuck together now (well, haven’t we been before? *giggles*).

Today I want to say thank you for the great time with you, Jenny. Thank you for your love, your patience, your devotion and your trust, Jenny. I do look forward with confidence to our further journey together.

We will celebrate within our regular Friday night event at our beach disco, Friday October, 26th at 1 PM SLT / 9 PM GMT. We appreciate if you can join us dancing and having fun together. Theme will be: “Bitches and Witches – Halloween, Chains, ropes, cuffs, latex, leather … just be kinky and creative”.

We hope to see you there!

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  1. jennymaurer
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 19:57:18

    We have also said before that you get more out of a relationship than you put in.
    We are both blessed with our returns. The past four years have flown by and I have known Diomita for longer than a lot of RL relationships. Thank you for everything you have brought into my life. My World.


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