Maurer’s concubine and other updates

The links that we collected and added to this blog need a bit of a revision. Some of the blogs which we refer to aren’t active anymore. So they are more for those who have a tendency of being a bit nostalgic. It’s still fun to read them if it brings back memories but you won’t find any new entry in these blogs anymore. So I devided the link section into “Active blogs” and “Non-active blogs” and other links.

What else? No entry without a picture! And this picture has a story behind it.

Maurer's concubine with her Mistresses Jenny and Diomita

Maurer’s concubine with her Mistresses Jenny and Diomita

Delilah went further down the path of her submission to us. She approached us a couple of weeks ago and told us that she would like to become closer Jenny and to experience Jenny’s dominant and strict side a bit more. So Jenny began by giving her some rules about how she should act when she first met either of us. The rules also helped to nurture her submissive side. We both enjoyed using Delilah more over the past 2 weeks and Delilah began to open up to us more telling us about the things that excite her. Then yesterday we decided to take her to the next step of her submission. She became our concubine, Maurer’s concubine. She’s the woman who pleases us and who fulfills not only our demand to control or to have her tied and locked at feet but also serve our sexual demands. Welcome to your new stage, Delilah.

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