June 5th, 2008

2008 06 05 Jenny Maurer (Laylady Lay)I can’t believe it is five years since my trial was over and I knelt before Mistress Diomita and asked her to lock her collar around my neck. Through out our blog you have learnt about the things we have done and how we developed as a couple and family within SL. So this year I will focus on a couple of major things that has happened recently and the slight change in direction that we have taken on our journey together.
Birthdays and anniversaries are always difficult times when it comes to looking for the right gift. This is year is becomes even harder as we have bought most things that XTC have designed, our Dungeon is full of equipment and we have everything we need in the way of accessories. So when I started to get the usual questions asking “what would I like to have?” I thought hard and could only think of one thing. ‘The Vixen Cuff set’ have extra animations and controls in them that appeal to me and I held off from getting them so we had something that could be given to me on my 5 year ‘Collared’ celebration.

Things have taken another twist though: With the recent changes in SL I began to get lag problems and script errors on the odd occasion or if I visited very busy Sims. I have tried everything to solve this problem and here is what I found. Some of the older scripts do not work as well as they did and one of those was the nose rings that Diomita and I both wore. With Argi and some others now wearing nose rings, I asked Diomita if she would mind that we both took ours off. We do not need them to show our devotion to each other and they had served us well over the years that we had used them.
It was around this time that Diomita surprised me and suggested a better idea to mark my 5 years owned. I was asked if I would like to take my old collar off and to get a new one similar to hers.  This symbolises a big change as my old collar was chosen because it was bought for a slave. We progressed to Mistress and married slave, to partners sharing our family with Mistress owning me, to Diomita wearing my collar as a sign of mutual ownership and now this……
It still means that I am the slave of Mistress Diomita first and foremost, but now we share the family in a more equal way. My Domme side has been unleashed as the new collar will appear as jewellery with my Domme clothes. To our family they will notice no difference but when I look back to how we were and compare it to where we are now, we have travelled on a very long journey together and matured very nicely.

I thank you Mistress Diomita for everything you have given me since I became your property. You are a most wonderful Mistress and I look forward to sharing the journey ahead.

Jenny Maurer,  June 5th, 2013

20130605 Jenny and Diomita

Jenny and Diomita Maurer

20080528 Laylady Lay at trial 2On June 5th, 2008, I collared Laylady Lay, now known as Jenny Maurer. Thank you for your devotedness, for your unconditional love, for your submission and for just being with me all these years, Jenny.

So much has happened in our RL’s and in our SL during these years yet our relation was like a rock, the base our SL is build upon. And you’re with me everyday also in RL. We developed together and yes we also changed over the years. And although Jenny is still my slave first, my Ehesklavin, she became much more for me and I became much more than the mistress for her. She became more and more dominant with the  knowledge that the rock of our relation would last every storm and fight. And I accompanied her on this way.

With regard to our SL we’re a domme couple today. We’re not a copy of eachother, we complete eachother. She’s the stricter one of us. She talks less than me yet her words hit precisely and permit no objection. She uses her power consequently and can be harsh. I tend to be more sensitive. I talk more and am more forgiving. Together we’re an awesome team.

Of course Jenny is still at my feet and serves me well when I demand it. That’s my priviledge as her owner and someone has to take care of her submissive and kinky side. But it is no secret that she also fulfills my needs as a submissive and just recently she took final control of this part of me. But that’s another story and may give reason to another anniversary entry some day. Last but not least and most important Jenny is my best friend, we stay in touch nearly every day and our luck here influences my RL in a positive way.

So today Jenny is collared 5 years. Congratulations and thank you Jenny. I do love you to bits.

Diomita Maurer, June 5th, 2013

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