Dark Desires (DD)

A couple of months ago i got contact to Fae Howlett again. Fae was a sister of mine during my time wearing Yasmin’s collar. And she also lived in our family as my subsister quite a while. Fae was looking where to tend her SL to and she revealed her desire submitting to a dominant couple. We promised to keep our eyes and ears open.
Some weeks later we discoverd Dark Desires on one of our simploring tours. The sim had all you’d expect from a bdsm sim. At that time it had a large patio to sit, chill and chat, a house with different themed rooms from rubber to clinic settings, another house for dolls and a Shibari area for bondage fans. During our visit we met Ally Skyward (allycat foxtrot), who became a friend of mine and ours and who kindly invited me to the Dark Desire group. We also met her dom partner Reggie Skyward. Somehow the conversation turned to subs and slaves and i remembered Fae and she got permission to introduce herself. It seems that we found a perfect fit as Fae was collared by Ally and Reggie soon after.

What followed were a few mutual visits and I learned that Ally has a shop for plants and landscaping and that she designs individually customized sims. She took me to her private homesim and I confess that I was very impressed about it. With Ally’s permission I visited her homesim already a few times and one night I showed the possibilities of landscaping to Sarah.

20130605 Visiting Ally's home with Sarah_001

Visiting Ally’s home with Sarah and enjoying the view

A few days ago I got a group message from DD that the sim has been rebuilt. We visited and explored it the last two nights. DD has now a bit of the beauty of Ally’s private homesim. You can feel her personal style and design. Around a cosy lounge (for chilling and chatting) surrounded by nature there’s just one chateau now with different themed rooms. Next to that is a lighthouse which contains a small but effective dungeon and a scenic view platform. If you like games there’s also a game area nearby. We played greedy there last night and had a bet which ended with Jenny and Delilah leashed and cuffed by Argi and me at the DD lounge. And there we met Natalia Kessel (nataliakessel). As I know now she’s one of the owners of DD. And she gave me the hint to have a look at the blog about Dark Desires.
I began reading the blog today and it is entertaining and contains a lot of information. As I recommend reading it you’ll find the link to it in the active blogs section here.  Keep up the great work!

Dark Desires

Dark Desires

When you visit Dark Desires don’t miss the lovely teleport pads. They animate your avatar to dance beside that you can teleport with them of course. And there’s more to discover like the sky lounge and the sky dungeon.
Have fun reading the DD blog and exploring Dark Desires inworld. You might get hooked.

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