Delilah Maurer – collared 2 years

Today is Delilah Maurer’s 2nd collaring anniversary and Jenny and I wrote both an congratulation note for her:

Diomita’s toughts:
Delilah recently became our concubine. our personal sub, patiently waiting to serve her owners, or to please them just by her presence.
I remember that her patience impressed me when she came to us. She stayed on our new island, with her thumbs cuffed together at her back. She was not restricted to teleport out, yet she stayed as I told her. What began at the former domme a domme site as an erotic testing of eachone’s power, with me kneeling at her once as we met there, led surprisingly to this stay at our home and consquently it led to her collaring 2 years ago. Delilah had a lot of fun with our Strict ballet academy and she was (and certainly is) an excellent teacher of this art. When she had a student there she fully focussed on the lesson and her passion filled the room. Unfortunately we had to close the academy due to it’s rare use but we keep it in our memories. Delilah faith, her dedication first to me, now to us both is a particular gift. She shows the same passion that we sensed in the SBA now as passion to serve us. We’re blessed having her and will go on accompaning her way submitting to us. We love you. Happy collaring anniversary, Delilah!

Delilah giving a ballet lesson (student's face not shown intentionally)

Delilah giving a ballet lesson (student’s face not shown intentionally)

Jenny’s thoughts:
We met Delilah at Domme a Domme a long time ago when Dommes actually went there. We were playing with our new RLV arm mounted crossbows and trying to capture people there to play with. Well we caught Delilah that night and right from the onset we knew we had already got our money’s worth from our toys.
Delilah is not your usual pretend Domme looking for somebody to break her, she was quite surprised at how events progressed and for months afterwards we called her our Huntress and she gave lessons in the SBA and in all fairness she was very good at it.
Just recently Delilah approached us and told us that she would like to get closer to us. It transpires that our Huntress is better suited to serving us at a more personal level and we have brought her closer to ourselves as a couple. Delilah is now our personal concubine and we will expect her to work hard in her new position.
Thank you Delilah. When we first caught you we knew we had a prize in our hands but just how special that prize is becomes more apparent each day.

Delilah - Maurer's concubine

Delilah – Maurer’s concubine

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Delilah Maurer
    Jul 20, 2013 @ 20:23:43

    Thank you so much my Mistresses — for those words and for everything else.


  2. Argi
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 11:39:39

    Oh cousin, huntress, sweet horny Deli, with all my head and hearth, my congratulations and best wishes in this day. Light in the darkness, always calm, star of serenity… and warm as a little imp.

    Today is simple a milestone in your path, but even if is the long way that counts, some steps have a special taste. Thank you for share them with us. With all my love.


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