Little doctor slave Flo … continuation

Remember the little doctor who was the bondage model for September?
If not, please read that first:

Flo’s (florence.riddler) story did not end that day, it was more the beginning and I kindly (*grins*) asked her to share her story here. So considering the first entry being chapter 1 here comes Chapter 2&3 written by our little doctor slave and published uncensored and unabridged. Enjoy reading

Chapter 2: psycho and teasing

Now it’s close 3 weeks since Miss Diomita met me at the club – and leaded me home to her place. First I thought it might be a nice game play when she asked for those keys to my kinky outfit. But….. she call all that a deal. Miss Diomita showed me to her family members – such as Argi – she is very kind to me and told me to educate me. Angelique, the niece of Mistress, was at the beginning very upset about me – I didn’t know that Miss Diomita is punishing her to wear plastic panties. Poor Angel has to stay in while soaking them.

I learned that Miss Diomita is very clever, using all her power to dominate with huge knowledge of psychology. She played very nicely with the remote control of my CB – making vibrations teasing my temple. I was that much aroused and she stopped 3 times until she let me have an earth breaking orgasm. And cruel as she seems to be, she announced the next orgasm in some weeks or months – and that I will beg for….. I can’t tell about here it’s too humiliating. She ….. will keep me horny and in her power until I would beg for her concubines worn panties.
I fear about infection by such games. Do I really need to accept be humiliated this way – or might that end in a kind of game someone like to play? What started as a lovely game with a small key and my kink to wear a CB is going to become my fate. And imagine – a doc with the kink of fetish and bondage – unbelievable – no one would ever trust me in future.

Miss Diomita knows very well about treating a kinky one like me – it’s like she can read my thoughts – and same time show me that I’m lost – she say I have to accept my fate – there wouldn’t be any way back. Now my mind is racing – like a schizophrenic – one side inside me, the kinky part is glad in the situation – the other side, the realist, tries resisting very hard to see that there is no way of hope until I accept my fate. Should I become that weak to beg for Deli’s worn panties?

Chapter 3: the hope and fear – protected

Miss Diomita showed her kind side during the last days – she removed my straight jacket and the face covering hood. As Argi came by she embraced me – the first embrace since weeks.
Argi teased me and I responded her soft touches, caressed her lovely black body with my hands. She has wonderful boobs and she pushed her belly pretty hard against my CB so I felt the steel sliding over my labia’s. But….. not any more touch … just the big frustration for me.
Miss Diomita whispered, you will beg – little doc slave. Little doc slave she calls me! She forces me to spell the word slave S L A V E … several times – it sounded like thunder in my ears – created more fear. And always she says „ accept your fate“ – start loving it and loving „Me“ – Love my tormentor? The one who keeps me away from my job as surgeon? Her answer is – she only protect me from being detected – else I would have my career ruined. This evening Miss Diomita embraced me the first time and I felt like a in heaven – the warm caressing embrace against the unbreakable restraints and her soft voice saying „ you will beg“

Next morning Miss Diomita came from shopping in the city and …… showed me what she found at the white board outside the hospital. They placed an ad! Wanted surgeon Florence Riddler! They fear about me. Miss Diomita pinned the ad at the wall of her summerhouse to show anyone about my real live.

20130915 Wanted surgeon Florence Riddler

But how they would find me? I can’t shout for help as I’m kept on an island whose name I never saw. I can’t run away the way I’m restricted, my arms in a kind of leather sheet encasing my arms and make the use of them impossible and my shoulders aching as hell. I don’t know anymore how my future is going on. From the point of my fetish, I’m safe. The fear to be forced by orgasm denial will soon let me go weak and maybe let me accept my fate. But from view of my profession to be a helpful surgeon I am very far away. I fight with myself…. do I only have that chance to accept my fate or should I try to flee – but how? I’m pulled from one side to the other.

As the niece of Miss Diomita, Angel passed by and saw the ad, she grinned and asked innocently „that’s you“? I nodded and explained my story. Angel quick started to combine the situation and told me she would call for help. Call the hospital – the chief surgeon, to get me back to my place in hospital. I realized that if someone came by, see me that way… my career will be ruined, so I begged her to wait until Miss Diomita has a well prepared plan to end my fate. She wouldn’t stop even when I begged her to do whatever she likes. With a wicked smile she stopped, looked at me in my bondage and then used her mobile phone and dialed the number. Same time Miss Diomita came by and realized that Angel had caused really big trouble.
I was in fear also for Miss Diomita when Angel promised that in a few hours the governor and some police will show up to take me home. In that situation they also would catch Miss Diomita …. and I had fear for her… and same time realized… I felt some ….. love…. love my tormentor….. !

Miss Diomita had a safe but very pity solution for me. I should be placed in the cellar in a soundproofed room – and then I recognized, it was a cell. Better then be compromised in front of those police men and governed people who know me very well – I accepted to be locked or let’s say protected, in that cell.

20130917 Diomita hides Flo in a secure cell_001

The light went off and I heard Miss Diomita slamming the door and then was lost in darkness and silence. Hours I sat in the corner, feared to move, not to make any noise until the sound of rough boots could be heard on the upper floor. I stopped breathing – listened to the voices and heard the faint voice of Miss Diomita who explained to have the ad placed to help searching the doc. She did that with a coolness of a poker player – I admire her…??? admire? my tormentor….  she has become my „protector“ !
I try to wipe the thoughts away to fall in love with the one who caught my freedom – who psychological guide me to accept my fate – to become her …. slave …. S L A V E, to beg for humiliation… for accepting worn panties in my mouth…? That can’t be true… it’s a dream… a nightmare…. or? The steps faded and the silence took place in the house – they have gone – my chance to regain the former life as surgeon – the humiliation to be detected either – all gone.

20130917 Diomita hides Flo in a secure cell_002

The only thing left….. me – my fate to become a slave – to beg for…… I drowned into a deep and restless sleep. I dreamed be on my knees – in front of a wonderful woman who showed me a kind of cloth – swung them on her fingers and softly ordered me to open my mouth wide. I wasn’t resisting and my mouth was filled with those used panties – tasting pretty unknown in scent of a strangers pussy – but it was too late to argue. With a large stripe of duct tape my lips where sealed and …… I couldn’t believe … I didn’t struggle – I smiled and mumbled something like thank you.
I woke up as Miss Diomita knocked at the cell door and waked me. My face was reddened and I bite my lips ….. she doesn’t need to know about my dream.

I’m quite convinced that there will be another continuation……

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