Dana and Danii

Two new adventures started recently.
Our brat cutie aka. Daeneriis (danii.szydlowska) struggled a bit where to turn her SL to next. She asked for being restricted tightly to get time to mediate, think and to enjoy herself while being nonetheless involved to some extent with the scenery around her and with the family. Her restriction has started last week and will get tighter and tighter with time. We intent to share her and will give her leash also to Argi (argi.boa). So if you see a girl around us, nicely bound, maybe even blindfolded and with earmuffs – that’s cutie.  Here are some first impressions.

20130913 Diomita and Danii

Lately Dana hanged around a lot at D-Zone. D-Zone is a sim with deals a lot with transformations of any kind. One of the transformations is cows, or more precisely cow sluts. And Dana watched the cows often and Long, Finally she asked for permission to become a cow. We agreed for a limitied time. The cows are held in a biological laboratory. Each one has a sepreate box and their boobs are connected to the milking machinery. Of course the amount of milk is measured. The room itself is quite noisey with all the cows mooing. The sound even can be heared outside where we visited already a few times to watch. I’m curious to learn what new experiences Dana will make being reduced to a cow – just giving milk. Good luck, Cow Slut 6868.

20130913 Dana becoming a cow - blog pic

We hope that both, Danii and Dana, will enjoy their time in their own world. We love you both!

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