News from slave Flo

slave in her new corset

slave in her new corset

During April we tried a new corset for our slave. She had to endure a longer training to get used to it as it really shrinks her waist that much that breathing becomes hard. She did well and got used to it. Well and then … then she made a mistake and forgot that she’s obliged to watch her speech and to treat us always with respect. Of course that had to be punished. When it happened first I put her in isolation just for 20 minutes or so, total Isolation of course where she could see everybody but not hear, nor talk nor IM. That was the fair fore warning combined with the announcement that the next punishment will be way harder. Well obviously, slave wanted to know if i’d do what I said and thus she provoked me again. Of course, I had to do as I said.

Slave did write a chapter for this blog about it. As usual, I just revised typos and added the pictures. The text itself isn’t censored by me. Enjoy reading …..

What is law?

To judge is something Flo knew from her education, is based on law and order. If someone breaks the rules, it will end in a judgment. And these judges are professionals and know very well the law. Flo learned the one and only exception. For her fault, to call Mistress Diomita 2 times in her short name like all friends can do, she has been judged to become punished. Not professional judges – no Mistresses herself – not law and order like in civilized countries – her law !!!
Flo started the day after the fault with excuses and was obedient – like her owners have teached her. Both ladies Mistress Diomita and Mistress Jenny waited until Madame Sarah and Angelique where on site and then …..they judged……some whispering and Flo was ordered to strip naked. A very bad sign for her. Instead of covering her nakedness with her hands she was ordered to move over and put her hands on the back of the prepared chair. No whimper, cry or begging …. her Mistresses acted cold. Mistress Diomita prepared a leather belt……

20140423 slave Flo punished by Diomita_006

The spanking of slave (I)

Angelique was ordered to watch the punishment. Same time the black ebony princess Argi came by and as you all know – she is always helping the weak and innocent  ones. But this time she had not the slightest chance to help Flo or  change mind of Mistresses. These would like to get her pleasure in punishing the close innocent little doc Flo. With cold voice Mistress Diomita explained that after each stroke Flo has to count and thank to her Mistress. The poor girl was shivering in fear and begged not to slap hard. Begged maybe to do some more housework but Mistresses had their plan and followed the line. Even the intentions by Argi where ignored by the two as judges with her own law – Mistresses.
Then…. the first hit…. it burned on poor Flo’s ass. She cried out loud and then whispered “one – thank you Mistress Diomita”. The voice of Mistress Diomita followed like a sword of cold ice and she stated – no slave – we start new at Zero. Flo was shocked as that wasn’t correct from her judges. They can’t restart – there must follow the second hit. Without any more word Mistress Diomita swung the belt and hit poor Flo the second time – Flo cried out and … yes she restarted at whispered “one – thank you Mistress Diomita”. Mistress Diomita shakes her head and said – we begin one more time – I will hear your counting loud and clear. Flo could not believe…. turned and faced Mistress Diomita and shout ”that’s no legal tribunal – you’re not legal  judges – and you don’t follow civilian law”. At this time Mistress Jenny answered with a faint whispering – we can change to much harder punishment – even torture you – not by any law – no… only while “we can do”!!!


The spanking of slave (II)

The spanking of slave (II)

Argi was really surprised herself about the strong judgement but she helped poor Flo to turn and hold the back of the chair to endure what no one here can stop. So the punishment started new at zero and the cries became louder and the face of Flo was showing the big tears while she tried to count in best manner. Her ass became burning like the fire in Netherland and each stroke left a red welt on the mangled skin. Flo received in total 13 hard hit and was close to collapse. Weak knees, burning ass and swollen eyes from crying.

The spanking of slave (III)

The spanking of slave (III)

She did not felt when her cruel monsters clicked some cold metal cuffs on her elbows and wrist and restrained her in kneeling position with her elbows over her head and the hands pulled down to the neck. As this wouldn’t be hard enough – they pulled hard on a tight fitting leather hood to cover slave’s lower face. The huge gag was forced to spread her jaws painfully and in addition they stuffed the ears to prevent her from hearing. Mistresses target was to let this slave feel helpless, mute and deaf. No chance for her to react anymore was Flo left in her pain – alone … and hardly punished. The two monster Mistresses left just to have her pleasure in planning a new house while the slave girl struggled on her knees.
Only the lawyer for the weak Argi stayed close and comforted Flo. Her blows onto the burning skin where well noticed even the slave couldn’t show any reaction. Should this poor Flo ever feel love to her tormentors? Unbelievable…. twice misspelled a name and these Mistresses punishes that hard. Flo thinks back and forth…… the result is always the same … they can do… because they own her.

I restart to love you my Mistresses
little doc Flo


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