6 Years

6 years ago I was allowed out of the cage I had been kept in during my trial to kneel before Diomita.

I was given the chance to accept and wear her collar or take the last chance for freedom. No Contest.

I wear my collar with pride and the 6 years at the feet of Diomita has flown by. Sure we have grown as a couple and our relationship has changed over this time but Diomita is always the number 1 and will remain so. Even though I am on vacation over 4,000 Miles away I still feel close to Diomita and her presence with me. Ask me again will I accept the collar and I would repeat. No Contest.

Thank you for all the great time we share.

Love Jen


June 5th, 2014: Jenny collared 6 years

June 5th, 2014: Jenny collared 6 years

Today it’s 6 years that I collared Jenny as my slave. We both didn’t forsee how we developed since that day. We partnered and married in SL soon after on Oct 24th, 2008. And we grew as a couple and also our family of subs grew. Jenny became not only “first” slave but soon also domme to our brats. After my release of Yasmin Jenny took more and more control of my submissive side until we became a domme couple collared mutually to eachother. We’re still quite different in our style and in what we enjoy on how we act, Jenny is often more relaxed and playful than I am, while I do think too much and am too considerate sometimes. But together we are awesome.
I can’t be happier or more proud of owning my partner and wife Jenny. Thank you for your love, dedication and endless devotion, Jenny. I look forward to many anniversaries to come.

Love Dio



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