Dear Diary June 2014

It’s time for a new diary post. At the Eurobrats the football/soccer fever is raging again due to the Worldcup in Brazil. We have fun betting and having banters and all happens in a peaceul and very relaxed way. We had our last Friday night party with the Worldcup as the theme of the night and we dressed according to our nations or teams. Today I found a picture of  Amalia Illios dressed up for Germany at deviant art. Amalia was very helpful for me in explaining shadows and other effects when taking pictures inworld. Have a look at her dA account for further pictures of her (see other links or directly

"If you can't beat em" by Amalia Illios

“If you can’t beat em” by Amalia Illios

"Selfie" by ronapotter

“Selfie” by ronapotter

Talking about deviant art. Rona (ronapotter), who i know from The Secret House and from deviantart, my “art connection”, is getting closer and closer to us. And last night we started Rona’s Trial. It is exciting for Jenny and me as we haven’t had a trial for years. So right now we enjoy the time. We love you, Rona.

Rona beginning her trial June 17th, 2014

Rona beginning her trial June 17th, 2014


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