Celebrating my 6(!)th wedding anniversary

Today marks my 6th wedding anniversary with Jenny. None of us could imagine that we would stay together such a long time and that we’re still eager for more. In these 6 years we spend our free time together and we talked more to eachother than most couples in RL might do. Jenny became my world, my slave, my slut sometimes too, she became my wife, my partner, and my domme. Most of all she’s my best friend and we share not only SL but also our everday life to some extent. There’s hardly a day we’re not in contact in one or the other way. I’ve written already a lot about us not only on the occasion of wedding and collaring days and it is not easy to come up with anything not written down here already. So for this anniversary I will just collect some excerpts from my previous anniversary blog entries together with some pictures.

24.10.2008 The wedding

“The third basic event was meeting Jenny. Right now I say it was “the” basic event. What began as a playfull session led quickly to cage her like I was caged by Goddess. She became my sub June 8th, 2008. She’s my slave, my sub, my best friend, my fucktoy, my slut, my pet. We developed a close relation and I am the most spoiled person in SL that I got her total devotion. Consequently we first partnered and then we married Oct, 24th 2008. The happiest and most important day so far in SL for me. Those knowing us know what we mean for eachother. More or less we’re one. Jenny, my wife, I love you to bits !!”
(excerpt from “Dio’s 1st year in Second Life Feb 11th 2009” – the very 1st entry into this blog – https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/dios-1st-year-in-second-life/)

Dancing together at our wedding October, 24th, 2008

Dancing together at our wedding October, 24th, 2008

24.10.2009 1st Wedding anniversary

“One year with Jenny, my Ehesklavin, my partner, my wife, my fucktoy, my slut.
Can you imagine such an all-in-one person? I can because she’s mine.
Jenny – she’s a quiet and patient sub, she’s obedient, she’s following my rules, she accepted to be controlled and I do control her.
Jenny – she’s demanding, she’s mean, she’s makes evil plans, she’s adventurous.
Jenny – she’s my partner, my wife, my friend, the one at my side.
Jenny – she’s my slut, my fucktoy, my horny slave.
I look forward to every night that I can spent with you, my Ehesklavin.
I look forward to our second year as a couple in SL, my love.
I look forward to all the adventures we will expierence togehter.
Thank you for this year, Mrs. Jenny Maurer. I love you.”
(excerpt from “One year wedding anniversary” – https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2009/10/23/one-year-wedding-anniversary/)

Dio's Ehesklavin

Dio’s Ehesklavin

24.10.2010 2nd Wedding anniversary

“Particularly the last months of our partnership were coined of a deep mutual understanding, we’re aware of our strengths and weaknesses. We’re very sure about eachother. Jenny is devoted to me more than ever – and I am devoted to her in another way. We’re enjoying eachother and we still explore eachother as well as we explore SL together. Lately we also spend nights just relaxing playing games like Greedy or BondZee. We often go to Venustus, a lesbian dancing club. We met quite a lot new people there and made new friendships.
Second Life is simple good to us – and makes us happier and more content in our RL’s. Just as it should be. Thank you, Mrs. Jenny Maurer, for the last two years.”
(excerpt from “Mrs. Jenny Maurer – Ehesklavin” – https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2010/10/24/mrs-jenny-maurer-ehesklavin/)

Jenny Maurer, Ehesklavin October, 2010

Jenny Maurer, Ehesklavin October, 2010

24.10.2011 3rd Wedding anniversary

“I am blessed and spoiled that I have her at my side. And it is even better knowing that the feelings are mutual. We’re both far from being perfect but we accept our weaknesses and the mistakes we make. What else can I say but
Thank you for your devotion and dedication
Thank you for your obedience
Thank you for the time we had
Thank you for all the fun we shared
Thank you for holding me tightly when I need a shoulder to cry
Thank you for lending your ear when I need someone to listen
Most of all – Thank you for you love.
I look forward confidently into our future.

You own my heart, Mrs. Jenny Maurer. I love you!”

(excerpt from “October 24th, 2011 Third Wedding Anniversary” – https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/october-24th-2011-third-wedding-anniversary/)

My Ehesklavin Jenny Maurer, 2011

My Ehesklavin Jenny Maurer, 2011

24.10.2012 4th Wedding anniversary

“We share most of our spare time together und thus this SL relation goes far beyond pixels. Jenny is part of my life, my love for her is real, the memories we share are also part of our RL.

A few weeks ago I submitted to Jenny. I accepted her as my owner without any restrictions. And she locked the collar around my neck making me hers. There is no real date, no real collaring date, it just happened step by step. Thank you, Jenny!  So today we’re not just partners, we also own eachother in the bdsm part of our relation. I wear Jenny’s collar with pride as she wears mine. We submitted to eachother. And we’re stuck together now (well, haven’t we been before? *giggles*).”

(excerpt from “October 24th, 2012 – 4 years married” – https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/october-24th-2012-4-years-married/)

Dio and Jenny, October 2012

Dio and Jenny, October 2012

24.10.2013 5th Wedding anniversary

“And today? We developed together on our journey in SL. Jenny brought out her dominant side and I began to submit to her first occasionally then more and more regularly. After my release of Yasmin’s collar it was just a matter of time and of consequence that I got collared by Jenny vice versa. So today we’re a domme couple enjoying our family and friends. We have developed rules and signs for the moment we submit to the other. And it is the mutual trust that allows us to let go fully and to enjoy from both sides of the leash. Thank you, my Ehesklavin, my wife, my slave and my owner for 5 wonderful years of married bliss.”
(excerpt from “Diomita and Jenny Maurer – 5th wedding anniversary” – https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/diomita-and-jenny-maurer-5th-wedding-anniversary/)

20131024 5th anniversary blog entry picture

Dio and Jenny, October 2013

24.10.2014 6th Wedding anniversary TODAY

This picture is a gift from rona. She made it from two pictures that I published recently on this blog. I really do like it a lot. It expresses a lot and you can build your own story about it. Mine is how often I think of my wife, even when I’m out exploring other sims. Thank you for the gift, rona.

Anniversary by rona potter, October 2014

Anniversary by rona potter, October 2014

I have nothing to add to all what I’ve written in the years before – just: “Happy wedding anniversary, Jenny. I love you!”

Diomita Maurer
October,24th 2014

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