1st Double 1st collaring anniversary

Today we celebrate slave Florence first collaring anniversary. We met Flo still being a doctor at the Secret House, one of our favourite clubs to chill. She had and has a (not anymore) secret wearing restraints, particularly her chastity belt but hid that kink when at work or in public. She thought, she could not handle it when it became public (what was her secret fantasy). We took her chastity belt key, locked it securely and brought her home. Yes, it was sort of a kidnapping. At home, we chained and restricted her and ensured that she couldn’t escape. Although she couldn’t hide her excitement, she complained and tried her best to get away – of course she couldn’t. Even when she was wanted as a missing person we kept her safely hidden and finally enslaved her. She lost her job and began to settle in into her new everyday life. And she settled in well. Slave Flo is a sensitive woman, always embracing new ways of bondage. As many of us, she longs for hard and strict bondage as long as she’s not tied and restricted. Once she is, she wants to get out again. She struggles, complains but secretly enjoys her misery. Flo is dedicated to us, she is patient, very polite, well educated in the meanwhile and sometimes horny when she hasn’t had any sex within a couple of months. But then, when she’s not tied up she is giving hints that she longs for it by provoking us with little mistakes – and she knows she’s making them. I also need to mention that Flo is working hard for us. She’s the one keeping our house clean and she dusts every day (except Sundays). That’s what a slave is for, isn’t it? Thank you Flo for your dedication and for the fun and joy you added to our family. We look forward to new adventures, new “News from Flo”- reports and to your next year with us. Happy 1st collaring anniversary, slave Flo from us both!

Diomita with Luna and slave Flo at October's bondage night

Diomita with Luna and slave Flo at October’s bondage night

Today is also Fae’s 1st collaring anniversary. Fae became our niece one year ago. We do know her and her kinks quite a while now. Recently she discoverd the life of a fairy and changed her name to reflect her new fairy life into Luna Dewglitter. Luna is cute, a midget. Luna miniaturized her bondage gear and is the first tied up fairy who we know. All I know is that it is an adult elven/fairy land and according to Luna bondage plays a role even for fairy – well maybe for Luna in particular. As our niece Luna enjoys a lot of leeway and we hope she enjoys her fairy life and hopefully we’ll get a report about it sometime for our blog to share. Happy 1st collaring anniversary, Luna!

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