Latex Station & Friends Designer Hunt 2015

This week, besides preparing and celebrating Jenny’s 7th rezzday anniversary, we were hunting. No, we didn’t hunt for subs or new slaves but for eggs, particularly for easter eggs. Latex Station arranges an easter egg hunt from March 10th to April 10th. So there is still enough time to attend it. Several designer stores take part in the hunt as ..
– fierce Designs
– Edelfabrik
– Viktoria Brandenburg VvB
– Sassy!
– 1 hundred
– Virtual Artworks VAW
– Restrained Freedom
– Naughty N Nice
– and Lisa Lowe Designs

Here is the content of the starting notecard that you’ll get when you click the board announcing the hunt at the entrance of Latex Station (

20150320 Designer Hunt

Welcome to the 2015 Latex Station Designers Hunt… On this hunt you will be looking for smaller versions of me.. yes small eggs… For those new to the Gridwide hunt game here is how it works for those who have done these before the starting hint is below.

Inside of each egg you find there will be a prize and a notecard and a landmark.  The notecard contains the hint to the next location the Landmark is the next store. You go to the store then follow the hint to find the next prize then you continue on until you reach the end of the hunt. You are welcome to join the Latex Station Customer Service group to ask for help.

If you cant figure out a hint or find an object we thank those who are willing to help others however we do ask that you do not give exact locations in chat please IM the person needing help and help them that way. This is so that it doesnt spoil the hunt for those who have not finished the hunt or gotten to that number yet. Also the prefered method of helping is giving a second clue and not exact locations.

Ok I have bored you enough off to the hunt!
Hint 1: Glass can be seen through and your nipples will peek out with this Glassy Outfit.

Jenny and I and temporarily also slave Flo and Kitty had lots of fun searching the eggs. We found them all …. 49 eggs. The last 11 eggs will be added towards the end of the hunt. So we do have a bit of fun ahead. Although I don’t know yet, if the prizes are really worth looking at, hunting and searching itself was lots of fun. And we visited stores that we didn’t know before and got an overview of their offers (the main reason for the hunt from a store owner’s perspective). But I think there will be lovely content in some eggs. We’ll see at Easter.

Happy hunting!

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