My Ehesklavin and Mistress Jenny is going to celebrate her 7th SL anniversary soon

Jenny’s 7th rezzday anniversary in SL will be on March 19th. It was my intention to make something special for her, a present to remember nothing material. Thus my present is this blog entry for her and that I focussed on her the last days before her anniversary and gave her all the attention she deserves…..
Jenny has been on a short vacation 8 days ago. It’s not the first time that I locked her before she left for vacation. And Jenny likes doing that with me before I leave as well. So it is kind of a tradition. It feels good when you leave and good when you return. This way the vacation is a bit embedded into our SL. But this time it had to be something special and unusal, as Jenny asked me to be strict and to choose something submissive for her to wear. Now, what is a submissive dress?  It can be something very slutty or something humiliating or …. pink! Jenny’s collection of pink isn’t that large. There’s one pink latex catsuit, but that would have been too easy. So I took her shopping and we bought a pink latex catsuit and a pink latex hood with a latex ponytail. Then I added the vixen cuffs, a leather harness, a harness gag and a chastity belt. Now she looked like my little tied-up pink doll and was helpless. My poor mistress, domme and owner was pushed back into her life as my slave, my slut and Ehesklavin. Seeing her like this brought my domme side to flourish and it pushed her into subspace even more. Back to the roots, to the days we met close to 7 years ago.

Dio with slave Flo and pink Ehesklavin Jenny at DaD

Dio with slave Flo and pink Ehesklavin Jenny at DaD

I did not hide her. As opposed to we went to clubs. I admit that I enjoyed having my Ehesklavin tied up like this kneeling helplessly at my side. And she became more and more submissive as she realized that I’m not going to unlock her before she returns from her vacation. The only signs of her locked away domme side were hidden in her profile and in the text written on the gag panel “Mistress”.

Me and my pink Ehesklavin Jenny

Me and my pink Ehesklavin Jenny

There are so many choices where to store your property in SL, be it a club like “Domme a Domme”, be it a cell at home, be it leashed in our bedroom – or …. at a slave storage like Gwen’s storage room. And the latter was my decision for my Ehesklavin to spend her time during vacation. So at the end of this night 8 days ago, I locked her into a cell at Gwen’s. And I even got an instant message from an old acquaintance who saw her there, when I had already left her there, and who complimented me for the good job I made locking and tieing her up.
Now Jenny might have thought that I’d release her from her pink predicament upon her return after her short vacation but I didn’t. In fact I began to get used to the fun having her deep and deeper in subspace.

Me and my Ehesklavin at Gwen's storage

Me and my Ehesklavin at Gwen’s storage

20150312 Jenny in distress (with SueEllen)_001The day after Jenny’s return we had a very quiet time as none of the family was around. That really doesn’t happen often at all. I took Jenny with me visiting SueEllen (sueellen.decuir) a domme who I met at the secret house. Jenny behaved very well and like a good slave. One of the things she learned when I collared her long ago was “speak-when-spoken-to”. My Ehesklavin did fall back in old routines, she obeyed, she spoke when she was adressed and she stayed silent at my side when I talked to my domme acquaintance. And I could literally sense and smell her excitement.

Me and Ehesklavin visiting SueEllen

Me and Ehesklavin visiting SueEllen

20150313 Jenny in distress_005Last Friday we had our party as we do have it every Friday. Virgo picked bikers as the theme “Come fast, ride your bike, wear your leathers”. Thus I jumped into my Harley leather pants and jacket and asked my Ehesklavin to find something fitting. She selected a leather vest, short skirt and an according pantyhose plus a top that revealed and exposed her breasts. We had a lovely night with Virgo’s music and chatting with our friends. For sure Jenny thought that I would release her of her predicament after the party  – instead I removed the thick leather collar and replaced it with her slave collar, the collar, which I locked around her neck shortly after we met years ago. Thus I pushed her into a red light as we call it today. Here are some pictures of our last weekend.

Dio and her Ehesklavin enjoying the weekend

Dio and her Ehesklavin enjoying the Weekend

March 15th, 2015: Diomita and her Ehesklavin

March 15th, 2015: Diomita and her Ehesklavin

Yesterday night we had fun exploring a sim …. but that is another story and Kitty will report about this sim (watch this space). At the end of last night I unlocked the slave collar around my Ehesklavin’s neck and replaced it with the jewelery collar that we both wear usually. Thus I gave my beloved wife time to relax and recover from subspace so that she can fully enjoy her rezzday.

Dio cuddling with Jenny at the end of a fun night

Dio cuddling with Jenny at the end of a fun night

At the end of a red light: "Thank you, Jenny!"

At the end of a red light: “Thank you, Jenny!”

Happy upcoming rezzday, my wife, my slave and also Mistress Jenny
I love you with all of my heart

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. little doc Flo
    Mar 17, 2015 @ 19:58:13

    I’m sure you both enjoyed. pink is a wonderful color and suits my Mistress Jenny in a wonderful way


  2. jennymaurer
    Mar 18, 2015 @ 23:46:54

    Thank you Mrs Maurer my wonderful wife for those kind words. SL would not be the same without you and I doubt I would still be here. Our journey together has been fantastic and I am looking forwards to the next stage whatever it brings.

    Flo ,, thanks for your words too however I will keep my pink days rationed thanks.


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