Busy times

We have a rule that might be valid for most people who are in Second Life: Real Life has always priority. Unfortunately this priority applies for me and for some of the Euro Brats right now. Thus our cummunity has shrunk lately.

  • Kitty’s (Santana.thibedeau) online times rarely matched with ours due to her time zone (PST), but her RL kicked in now in addition again. Luckily we still stay in contact and manage to see eachother online every once in a while for catching up at least. Kitty still has fun, when she’s online and hopefully will continue writing her sim reports.
  • qt’s (queen.takacs) account has been hacked and she’s still trying to get it restored. Otherwise she has to come back on a new account. Right now we just hope that she will return soon and won’t turn her back to SL.
  • Our niece Angelique has a lot of work in RL right now and she’s not at all as present as she used to be and if she manages to go online her online times don’t match with ours.
  • Our Rona (ronapotter.resident) is missing since December 17th, 2014. We don’t know what happened with her and have to wait for any sign of life. But we hope, that she’s doing well.

So right now it is often Jenny, slave Flo and myself – and my RL has become a bit busy too. Nonetheless or in particular because of my busy RL I enjoy the time, that I can spend in SL. We often just hang around chatting at “our” clubs (The Secret House or Domme a Domme) or go a little bit exploring somewhere else or play dice. I enjoy just to relax. And as my second offical collaring day is getting closer, Jenny began to prepare me for this event in her way *winks.

No post without picture: Yesterday Sarah took advantage of me and had a short play enjoying that I couldn’t talk back.

Dio prevented from talking back by Sarah - Jenny watching

Dio prevented from talking back by Sarah – Jenny watching

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