Special celebrations weeks (May 22nd – June 5th) (1)

May 22nd, 2008 was a particular day for me although I didn’t know by that time. It was the day I met Laylady Lay at the the patio on Stonehaven. She had her keys out, which was quite dangerous these days at Stonehaven. That time having your keys out was like an invitation to grab them and to lock down the victim. Laylady Lay was sitting in a lounger next to me and we began to talk.
Later that night, I showed Laylady Lay my place at Stonehaven. I had a little house up in the skies at Stonehaven. It was small and I didn’t had by far as many toys and gear as I have now. But I had a large double door cage which I showed her. Laylady was willing to get locked into it right away but I convinced her to wait a day and not to decide it too quickly. Laylady Lay showed up the next night again and went into the cage….

Laylay Lay starting her trial

Laylay Lay starting her trial

Laylady Lay is the username of Jenny and on May 22nd, 2008 we met the first time. Of course we don’t remember all details anymore and I do remember the date because the calling card I hold from Jenny is dated May 22nd, 2008. But we remember the time Jenny spent in my cage very well. We talked a lot. We made plans. We discussed her and my kinks. And most of all we became close to eachother.
This day is more than 7 years ago now – time flies. I collared Jenny as my slave June 5th, 2008. We have experienced a lot together during these last 7 years – both RL and SL. There’s hardly not a single day we’re not in contact and where we don’t talk with each other. From being my slave first Jenny became my enslaved wife just a few months later on October 24th, 2008 … and up until today we stick together and enjoy our free time together in second life.

We are on a journey together as Jenny expressed it already years ago. And of course we changed, our SL changed over these years. Stonehaven is long gone. Also Yasmin, my longterm owner has left SL as did many other good and loved friends. We became collared to eachother, also already years ago. And we swtich between eachother. During the last 2 years the times, where Jenny is in control became more often and longer and last year she locked a thick collar around my neck the first time. And today it is no longer unlikely that Jenny is the one who is in control of us two. And I feel comfortable under Mistress’ control and it feels right to do as she says although I still struggle a bit to fully accept that during this journey, Jenny is now more often the domme part of us, when we’re not caring about our Subs.

Mistress Jenny, my wife, my Ehesklavin, Mine

Mistress Jenny, my wife, my Ehesklavin, Mine

Thank you for your love and dedication and patience and all you do, Jenny. For celebrating our 7 years together and to remember how it all began, I get a green light and am in full control. I decided to take my Ehesklavin to a different place each night and keep her in different bondages. Thus I can try out all the gear we collected over the years in SL and can expose her as my property … mmmwah. And for this blog we’ll get some nice pictures to remember these celebration weeks.

Thank you so much for being mine, my Ehesklavin, my wife and my Mistress Jenny.

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