Dear Diary

After celebrating our 7 years together for a couple of weeks we returned to our “everyday life” in Second Life. And of course we had fun.

20150614 Kitty green gecko_004There was this Sunday (June 14th, 2015) when I found Kitty (Santana.thibedeau)  tied up at MzT’s sim transformed into a green gecko. It really was fun teasing her! I tried to wash the green colour off her Skin but that didn’t work. Even scrubbing didn’t help. Well a gecko is something really new to keep as a sub, isn’t it?

June, 14th: Dio trying to wash off the green from our gecko Kitty

June, 14th: Dio trying to wash off the green from our gecko Kitty

Twin Tours

Twin Tours

Still on that very same day, we grabbed one of the promo Latex suits at Latex Station and went on “Twin Tours”. It was fun to run around in the same outfit which looked great on both of us. And when Kitty showed up again, we used all of our magic power and transformed her back into our Kitty.  It was quite obvious to get her the same outfit and we did. The result was this particular photo shot “Maurers”


Maurers: Dio, Kitty, Jenny

Jenny and I also went hunting again in order to get some help and relief for our slave Flo. With Kitty being busy in her OL (Other Life) and in a bad timezone, Angelique still busy in her RL (but slowly getting a bit more time for SL again), and qt and Rona having left SL, all of our teasing, meaningness and sometimes sadism is either to be satisfied among Jenny and me or is turning to slave Flo. And she has all the cleaning in the house with no help from another slave.
As it is easy to grab and claim slaves, you rarely find real individuals. It’s either their timezone not fitting or they are simply running away when they notice that we’re possessive and are going to enslave longterm and not just for a night. We strongly believe that for a D/s relation you don’t need just restraints and restrictions but also trust and obedience and dedication for the life as a slave. And it needs time to get known to eachother and of course it is also kind of hard work for the slave as we tend not to allow topping from the buttom. To make a long story short, we had some disppointments but we’re going on hunting :-). So don’t be surprised seeing new faces and new slaves being locked and leashed at home. I’m sure we’ll find good help for slave Flo.

June 16th: Diomita and Jenny Relaxing at Salt Water

June 16th: Diomita and Jenny Relaxing at Salt Water

When not hunting Jenny and I are teasing eachother and Jenny recovered from our celebration weeks. So we switched back and forth but I had a Little advantage as I’m still in a quite dommish mood. I even extended the celebration weeks and took Jenny to a fetish clothes shop where I got a nice transparent plastic outfit for her. It reveals a lot more than it hides and is more a “little nothing”, but it looks really great. And I made some nice pictures of her in this little nothing. Oh …. well .. I had fun with my property later this night *winks*

June 21st: Diomita and Ehesklavin at MD Dungeon

June 21st: Diomita and Ehesklavin at MD Dungeon

That’s it so far as an update for the diary. Let’s see if there’s anything to report and to keep for our diary from our hunting efforts soon….

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