Dear Diary

It’s time for another diary post about what’s going on with the Eurobrats besides the collaring of sklavin (gebby.resident) last week.
There’s still the new maid Sophie (justacow) who had been rarely online latest. But she showed up again yesterday and cleaned the house. Thus she helped slave Flo at least a bit as slave Flo has to do at least the dusting as long as we have no regular maid. We will see if the maid can serve more often.

Dio and maid sophie

Dio and maid Sophie

Then there’s also our “housewife” karen (karen.emms), the “toy”, who we kidnapped weeks ago. We decided to demand a ransom for her – and will either take the money or keep her. That might take a bit time though, so we will have to see what will happen. We’re going to publish the diary of toy that we found in her room (I know some would call it a cell).
(Remark: We will have to wait if RL and timezone issues can be resolved)

Toy aka Karen, the housewife (karen.emms)

Toy aka Karen, the housewife (karen.emms)

Last week we began to change our homeplace Mount Everst. We’re planning just moderate changes. So far we moved our dungeon from a skybox to an hidden cave on our island. We plan to have all family activities on our island itself and to have the skyboxes just as a retreat for Jenny and me. That kept us busy during the last week and will take several additional weeks as we don’t want to rush and want to have enough time left for playing and for ourselfs. When we’re done, there will be a post and some pictures.
When we were not building last week we relaxed in the clubs. One night slave Flo was a bit bigheaded again which provided a nice reason to discipline her with a tight hood and a chastity belt. We decided that slaves should show solidarity and thus sklavin was also hooded. Don’t they look just perfect like this?

Jenny and Dio with slave Flo and sklavin at the club "The Secret House"

Jenny and Dio with slave Flo and sklavin at the club “The Secret House”

Well, that’s it for right now…..

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