Personal Journal of toy (formerly known as Karen Emms) – Part 3

Our toy began writing a diary when she was caught. It gives a lot of insight into her feelings and emotions as well as it describes what happened to the Karen, the former housewife and how she became our slave, our toy. I will publish her diary with her consent and I didn’t change anything. I just added some pictures as far as I took the according pictures. Here comes part 3:

Trial Period, still Week Two: I am changing. I kneel before her wanting to please her. I kneel before her gagged with my hips jerking and my nipples driving me insane! I lift my eyes, barely able to move my head with the strict posture collar, and I realize that I want to please her. I realize that I am property. I realize that I am her property. Why…why do I want to please her? She has been cruel to me, taking me against my will, enslaving me, piercing me! Yet, I am learning that because of this dominance over me, that I actually find the need to please her.

Toy riding the pony Bronco

Toy riding the pony Bronco

She is training me for my purpose. I was forced to kneel before the slave Gebby. She spread her legs far apart. I felt my stomach begin to bunch up. I kissed her soft pink petals, tasting a woman for the first time. I was instructed to kiss her harder and lick her mound. She stroked her fingers through my hair. It was humiliating! I would be rewarded if I were able to make her cum. I licked her well. I sucked on her wet folds. I was ordered to swallow all her juices, or there would be consequences. Her taste is in my mouth and on my lips every time I see her now. Her juices cover my face. I was allowed to cum, forced to sit on a large dildo. I came like a whore in front of Miss Diomita. I was then stored away in my cage with my hands painfully bound in a reverse prayer. Can you imagine how I feel, painfully restrained until she returns? I am forced to kneel with my pussy dripping and my legs can’t stop shaking. I am to taste the woman the entire night and feel my desire between my thighs. I am shaking. I am in pain. I will kiss my owner’s feet and thank them when they return.

I realize with fright what I am. Today, Miss Diomita ordered me to clean her boots. I am rarely allowed to use my hands; today was no exception. I leaned down feeling the weight of those terrible bells tug on my tender nipples, while I used my mouth to clean her boots. I licked them well. I could taste the leather. I could taste the dirt she walked on. I felt my stomach turn, but there was this feeling of being owned. She dominates me unlike anything I have ever experienced. I feel weak at her feet. I feel my legs shake when she leashes me like an animal. As I licked her boots, I had this terrible image of me between her thighs. I licked her boots until my tongue and jaw ached, but I never stopped until she was satisfied. Why am I so wet? I am learning. I am a Toy. I am a sexual Toy. I am a sexual Toy that breathes and if I am not pleasing, I will be punished. I saw the whip marks on the other slave. I will beg and plead to pleasure Miss Diomita. She never allows me to use my hands. I am only allowed to use my mouth and tongue. I watch the other slaves bound in extremely tight rubber and I realize with fright how lucky I am to have my elbows pinned together.

Toy cleaning Diomita's boots

Toy cleaning Diomita’s boots


…. to be continued soon …

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