slaves Nina and Gebby released

We have a rule number 1 for our Second Life family that Real Life is always priority number 1. We think that this is quite obvious as there is just one life and SL is part of our life. Of course there are may reasons why one has to stay offline for a while, even months and longer.
We also think that it is a matter of respect and just good behavior to let know those around you and those who care, that you’re not able to get online or will be away for a longer time – and that has nothing to do with bdsm but should be just normal in my honest opinion. It would be enough to send an offine IM or any sign of life every once in a while – or to simply be courageous enough to say that you want to follow other ways or adventures or whatever. But unfortunately Second Life is a place where people come and go, and often they simply stay away or create another account, giving no explanation, no sign of life, simply nothing and leave those behind who cared and who might worry – and unfortunately you have to get used to that in this virtual world.
Jenny and I decided to release Maurerien orja (snina93 Resident), who has obviously left Second Life without any notice to us. We also decided to release sklavin Gebby (gebby Resident), who hasn’t shown up for 10 weeks now without any sign of life.

Thank you for the time with us. We hope that both are doing well and are healthy.

July 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Nina and sklavin Gebby at MD

The last picture I found with sklavin Gebby and slave Nina is from July 10th 2016 showing them with Jenny and me at MD

Personal Journal of toy (formerly known as Karen Emms) – Part 3

Our toy began writing a diary when she was caught. It gives a lot of insight into her feelings and emotions as well as it describes what happened to the Karen, the former housewife and how she became our slave, our toy. I will publish her diary with her consent and I didn’t change anything. I just added some pictures as far as I took the according pictures. Here comes part 3:

Trial Period, still Week Two: I am changing. I kneel before her wanting to please her. I kneel before her gagged with my hips jerking and my nipples driving me insane! I lift my eyes, barely able to move my head with the strict posture collar, and I realize that I want to please her. I realize that I am property. I realize that I am her property. Why…why do I want to please her? She has been cruel to me, taking me against my will, enslaving me, piercing me! Yet, I am learning that because of this dominance over me, that I actually find the need to please her.

Toy riding the pony Bronco

Toy riding the pony Bronco

She is training me for my purpose. I was forced to kneel before the slave Gebby. She spread her legs far apart. I felt my stomach begin to bunch up. I kissed her soft pink petals, tasting a woman for the first time. I was instructed to kiss her harder and lick her mound. She stroked her fingers through my hair. It was humiliating! I would be rewarded if I were able to make her cum. I licked her well. I sucked on her wet folds. I was ordered to swallow all her juices, or there would be consequences. Her taste is in my mouth and on my lips every time I see her now. Her juices cover my face. I was allowed to cum, forced to sit on a large dildo. I came like a whore in front of Miss Diomita. I was then stored away in my cage with my hands painfully bound in a reverse prayer. Can you imagine how I feel, painfully restrained until she returns? I am forced to kneel with my pussy dripping and my legs can’t stop shaking. I am to taste the woman the entire night and feel my desire between my thighs. I am shaking. I am in pain. I will kiss my owner’s feet and thank them when they return.

I realize with fright what I am. Today, Miss Diomita ordered me to clean her boots. I am rarely allowed to use my hands; today was no exception. I leaned down feeling the weight of those terrible bells tug on my tender nipples, while I used my mouth to clean her boots. I licked them well. I could taste the leather. I could taste the dirt she walked on. I felt my stomach turn, but there was this feeling of being owned. She dominates me unlike anything I have ever experienced. I feel weak at her feet. I feel my legs shake when she leashes me like an animal. As I licked her boots, I had this terrible image of me between her thighs. I licked her boots until my tongue and jaw ached, but I never stopped until she was satisfied. Why am I so wet? I am learning. I am a Toy. I am a sexual Toy. I am a sexual Toy that breathes and if I am not pleasing, I will be punished. I saw the whip marks on the other slave. I will beg and plead to pleasure Miss Diomita. She never allows me to use my hands. I am only allowed to use my mouth and tongue. I watch the other slaves bound in extremely tight rubber and I realize with fright how lucky I am to have my elbows pinned together.

Toy cleaning Diomita's boots

Toy cleaning Diomita’s boots


…. to be continued soon …

Maurer’s Sklavin (Gebby) collared

Sklavin Gebby

sklavin Gebby

It’s been a while that we collared a sub or slave. But as of yesterday, August 10th, 2015 we can report that we have a new family member: We collared Gebby (gebby.resident). Gebby is a slave from Germany, so in our timezone or close to our timezone respectively. She was very obedient and patient ever since she knelt at our feet the frist time June 22nd, 2015. Gebby is to be kept bound or leashed. She’s not rebellious nor does she complain, nonetheless she needs to feel the power and supremacy of her superiors constantly to keep her  behaviour perfect. Just recently we dedicated a seperate room for her, well it’s a tiny room, some may call it a cage. It’s not really comfy, but she can stick her head out of it. Well, to be even more precise, her head has to be out as there’s no further space for it in her room and her head is locked sticking out of her room. And we placed a table clothes over her “room” and put a flower on it.

August 10th, 2015: The collaring of Sklavin Gebby

August 10th, 2015: The collaring of sklavin Gebby

Gebby has rules and we keep adding to them although she already has quite a lot to follow. One of her major rules it that she is not allowed to speak unless spoken to. Her full attention has to be focused on us only. She’s our decoration when we go out, we tease and use and abuse her for our pleasure and of course there are other services she has to do to please us. Our pleasure and satisfaction are her reward. To differentiate her from slave Flo, we call her sklavin, which is the German word for slave. Consequently her display name is Maurer’s sklavin. She’s our property now. Welcome to the family, Maurer’s sklavin!

The collaring of sklavin Gebby August 10th, 2015: Maurer's sklavin with her owners Jenny and Diomita Maurer and the collaring witnesses slave Flo and Kitty Maurer

The collaring of sklavin Gebby August 10th, 2015: Maurer’s sklavin with her owners Jenny and Diomita Maurer and the collaring witnesses slave Flo and Kitty Maurer

Maurer's sklavin with her final collar

Maurer’s sklavin with her final collar

Enjoying Bondage July 2015: Home party

Enjoying Bondage July 2015: The home Party starts with Kitty watching slave Flo teasing toy Karen

Enjoying Bondage July 2015: The home party starts with Kitty watching slave Flo teasing toy Karen

I had in mind a “classic” bondage night for July’s entry about enjoying bondage. But sometimes things change spontaneously and thus we had a home party for this month’s post. Jenny was at work and I had to keep the family under control. That’s usually not a difficult job but that night we had quite a full house. It started with one of our newest additions: “toy” Karen (Karen.Emms) who was online. And also our Kitty was online (rare enough during our European prime time) and slave Flo was there too. As I still had to test and stretch “toy” Karen’s limits I ordered slave Flo to tease her. I can tell slave Flo had success *winks*.
Later sklavin Gebby joined the Party …. and then there was Virgo, who was still under our control after a Friday night party. Virgo is not really a short woman, as opposed to she’s really tall even without heels, but she had her plateau heels on and that made her towering the group of bond women. I think, that picture alone is worth a post.

Enjoying bondage July 2015: Virgo towering the scene with Dio and the bound girls sklavin, toy, slave Flo and Kitty

Enjoying bondage July 2015: Virgo towering the scene with Dio and the bound girls sklavin, toy, slave Flo and Kitty

Last but not least a close up from me and sklavin Gebby, toy Karen and slave Flo:

Enjoying bondage July 2015: Dio and the bound girls sklavin Gebby, toy Karen, slave Flo and Kitty

Enjoying bondage July 2015: Dio and the bound girls sklavin Gebby, toy Karen, slave Flo and Kitty

Looking forward to the next bondage night!

sklavin and toy

We would like to make it known that we are claiming the right to own two slaves that have come into our possession.

Gebby (gebby.resident) was roaming free and seemed lost. Since we have taken her under our wing and kept her secure she has responded well and will be an asset to us.
Karen (Karen.Emms) was unfortunate enough to stray too close to us when Diomita was in a particularly forceful frame of mind. We may have taken Karen, the former housewife, against her wishes but she has lost her will to escape.

Both slaves are going to be officially collared by us soon. Should anyone wish to show us that they already own either of these slaves they have to present us with the evidence soon.

slave Flo with her sister slaves to be "toy" Karen and "Sklavin" Gebby

slave Flo with her sister slaves to be “toy” Karen and “Sklavin” Gebby

Dear Diary

It’s about time to write a little bit about our new guests at our homesim. After our family shrunk we were open for new subs and slaves and we went out hunting. So far there is in particular Gebby (gebby.resident), who is already on trial for our collar. So she might be our second slave besides slave Flo. Gebby is a slave who is held leashed and restricted all the time. It’s better for her to know that there’s no way out and it motivates her to obey. To differentiate the two we call her sklavin and Flo is called slave. Be aware that sklavin should only speak when spoken to and we enforce that most of the time.

Diomita and sklavin Gebby at The Secret House

Diomita and sklavin Gebby at The Secret House

slave Flo, Jenny, Diomita and Sklavin Gebby at Persian Lesbian Palace

slave Flo, Jenny, Diomita and sklavin Gebby at Persian Lesbian Palace

In addition we “hired” a maid, if hiring is the right word. Her name is Spohie (justacow.resident), but the name doesn’t really mind, she’s simply the maid. The maid caught our attention by her profile text about maids that I’ll share here: “A good maid must be almost invisible. As a maid you are a useful addition but not family or a friend. You are something they need, not someone they want around. You are noticed either when you demand attention, which means you are violating the privacy of your betters, or because you don’t do your job properly, which makes you a useless burden. Serving properly as a maid is a very demanding job. All of your senses must be focused on your service, obedience must be outstanding. At the same time it can be very lonely. Even in social events, or especially during them, you will be nothing more than animated furniture. And you will do your best to be the most useful piece of furniture. You are no more than a piece of the backdrop. And how good it is depends on how you perform your duties.” We will of course help the maid to live up to her attitudes.

The maid Sophie

The maid Sophie

What else? I caught a housewife. Yes, really! I met her at HBC and she is seriously roleplaying a housewide, with husband and two kids, who got into trouble and who’s way more horny than you would suppose. Her name is Karen (karen.emms). Slave Flo calls her “mum Karen”, I tend to call her by her future position “slave”. We’ll certainly find a fitting nickname for her later, maybe “toy”. So far, we explore and test what she’s good for. And I can tell, she forgets the world around her, once she’s excited *winks*

Diomita inspecting

Diomita inspecting “housewife” Karen. What might slave Flo smell?

20150718 wasteofspace_002Last but not least we gave home to a slave that was abandoned by her owner. Slaves should be sold and not simply left alone. Anyway, we wrote to her owner that she can pick her up from us, otherwise we’ll claim her. This slave, her slave name is still Cocoo (wastofspace00.resident), is held by us in a tiny head cage. Although she’s a bit more talkative than qt was, she kind of reminds us of qt. Cocoo is our new bondage toy, kept bound and restricted permanently. So if you see the tiny head cage in front of the slideshow filled…the one inside is slave Cocoo. If we claim her, we’ll select a nicer name for her and of course we will avoid wasting too much space for her.

Diomita with Cocoo (wasteofspace00) locked into her tiny cage

Diomita with Cocoo (wasteofspace00) locked into her tiny cage

That’s about the news to be saved here in our diary blog.

A bit of everything

This post will be a bit of everything. Let’s start that I was exploring SL again. This time I visited Crestwick. Crestwick Island is a small working class town situated on an island in the middle of a beautiful bay. The streets are lined faux businesses and shops as well as parks, marsh land and other surprises including a giant hill that supports an observatory. I enjoyed a walk through the Little town. It is well done and the textures are selected with love for details. A scenic place for photographers. I walked a bit out of town and found a nice place to chill and to have a glas of wine. Here is the LM to the little town:

Dio relaxing with a glas of wine after a walk through Crestwick

Dio relaxing with a glas of wine after a walk through Crestwick

After having Jenny at my feet for more than one month, I still can’t get enough of it. Jenny lost a sidebet playing ludo (Mensch ärgere dich nicht) and I had her to wear her new transperent plastic little nothing and took her to the Persian Lesbian Palace. We visited this Club a few times during the last days. It is a bit like The Secret House, but the audience is different. Jenny just looks adorable (or should I say lickable) in this dress. I confess, I love winning sidebets.

Dio and Jenny at Persian Lesbian Palace

Dio and Jenny at Persian Lesbian Palace

We have some new faces at our home, potential subs and slaves. We think that it makes sense to have some time exploring eachother and eachother’s kinks before collaring a slave or sub permanently. I know that’s a bit weired in particular for slaves who have no say anyway. But his is how we handle it. So if you see us inworld don’t be surprised seeing someone new at our feet. One of these potentials is Gebby, who we picked up at The Secret House.

Diomita with slave Gebby at TSH

Diomita with slave Gebby at TSH

Still having fun at SL 🙂