Letters from our naughty Kitty

March 23rd: Kitty Maurer (santana.thibedeau)

March 23rd: Kitty Maurer (santana.thibedeau)

Every once in a while we get offline IMs from our Kitty where she shares her experiences and adventures with us, who are on a very different timezone. Most of these IMs conjure a smile on our faces and I thought, it might me a nice addition to add Kitty’s latest report here on the blog. So here it is:

20160323 AquabarbieHello Mistress, Kitty has no access to inventory. Kitty wanted to share a few things from Kitty’s nightly prowl with you: Last night, Kitty spent time at Lochme, chatting with Shae and many others. At some point Shae (shae.thatcher) remarked that she had the Abba song Knowing me Knowing you stuck in her head all day. That gave Kitty the wonderful idea to stick songs into other people’s heads as well… so Kitty started singing a few of them… but the most successful (and likely most annoying one, too) was from Aqua ‘Barbie Girl’….. I’m a barbie girl in a barbie wooo-oorld… c’mon barbie let’s go party … ah ah ah yeah…
Kitty is certain that a lot of them have that one stuck in their heads even now… a day later…
20160323 Final RetreatThe next snippet is about MzT (mztania.vella). MzT is a friend of mine and I visit her place way not often enough being busy woth our Family and all my other interests here in SL. Kitty is often also a link to firneds that we miss seeing or Meeting due to being busy or being in the European timezone. Last time I met Kitty and MzT, they were talking about cows and how fond some are to humans cows in SL (it is not my favourite kink at all, but our Dana has been a cow for quite some time). Kitty insisted that our Island has enough room for cows and that we should start farming at our homesim. You Need to know this background to understand the smile on our faces reading the following:
Diomita and Kitty visiting Cow Slut 6868

2013, Oct 24th: Diomita and Kitty visiting Cow Slut 6868

Today Kitty stopped by at ~The Final Retreat ~ est. 1815 and MzT seemed inworld.. well .., she wasn’t really inworld… only her voicemail was. Here is what happened next…
MzT (mztania.vella): (busy response): You have reached MzT’s answering machine.  zzzz  beeep ~ ‘Currently errmm.. tied up, for want of a better terminology.  (I wish) Please leave IM and I shall respond asap’
Kitty Maurer: Hello MzT
Kitty Maurer : LOL.. funny !
Kitty Maurer: Well, dear MzT’s answering machine, it is wonderful to have a conversation with you… even more so in light of the fact that you won’t talk back, which makes you an excellent listener by the way… Kitty wanted to thank you for committing MzT to volunteer her time for cowboy training lessons at Dio and Jenny’s sim. It so important to get this training as the cows will soon arrive and Kitty has to round them up from time to time (do you go left first and then right or the other way round??). Anyways, Kitty really appreciates MzT’s initiative here. Oh… also, dear MzT answering machine, Kitty would like you to make a suggestion to MzT about someonethat MzT calls her ‘Beast’… a pretty girl with a cat tail… She shared with Kitty that she’s called Beast because it’s the lowest possible title MzT could bestow on anyone… Kitty had a chat with that girl and suggested to her that she can go even lower by being renamed to ‘      ‘ – meaning, nothing… just a blank silent space. The Beast was really fond of that idea… and she also expressed desires to be locked away permanently in a deep dark pit and only be let out for a few minutes of sunshine every couple of weeks. Maybe you can pass this on as Kitty’s suggestion.  Oh and then… well… ok that’s really enough for the first call …  so, have yourself a great day dear answering machine… and give MzT these messages and a hug. Ciao, Bye Bye, Adios…. go on, hang up now… oh.. yes. ehh… this was Kitty speaking… now you got to hang up…
March 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at "The Final Retreat"

March 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at “The Final Retreat”

Kitty Maurer: Hello MzT’s answering machine… this is Kitty again… yes… K-i-t-t-y… got it?? Kitty is calling to leave you the name of that girl currently known as beast and where Kitty is suggesting a name change to ‘         ‘        …. she is also known by the name of Nxla Mxrxxxx (remark: name changed by the Eurobrats censorship association)… there you have it. Now go on and give that message to MzT…
I recommend visiting MzT ~The Final Retreat ~ est. 1815 – “A place for Authorative people and Retreat’s servants to relax … and be used and enjoyed.  Black females always wanted.  Free homes for Dom/mes and wvs.” (quote taken from MzT’s Profile)

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