Diary 2017 (84) May 24th – in domme mood

Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night, May 24th, I began to settle in being in full control again. I took my property Jenny to the Heavy Bondage Club to expose her. I am going to enjoy her upcoming 9th collaring anniversary to the fullest and I will expose her as my property as often as possible. She’s mine as much as I am hers.
At night I first met cow Kitty who has reached level 60 and is now a “sehr ergiebige Milchkuh” (very yieldingly milk cow). When Jenny came online we took slut cecy to Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island. We cuddled on a sofa and watched her riding a dildo. Her moans but in particular her shouted thanks for being allowed to cum in both world were certainly heard by some visitors of the island. My night ended at home where slave slut cleaned my boots (after cleaning the house) and where I had a nice chit chat with slut cecy and cow Kitty.

Diary 2017 (75) May 10th / 11th – cow Kitty’s progress

Did I ever mention that animals in their human form are not my kink? Well believe it or not, they are not my fetish nor my kink, be it ponies (pony play), puppies, cats, furries or cows. In Second Life there’re are several communities for these kinks and you met people with these kinks very commonly in the bdsm scene. We had and have slaves who love pony play or being a puppy or even being a cow, like Dana. And we’re open to explore and discover and to enjoy the variety that Second Life has to offer for everybody. In addition owning a pony, puppy, cat or a cow can be fun (as long as I’m not an animal myself *winks*). To stay honest, in particular in pony play nice bondages are often part of the play and bondage is one of my favourite kinks. Our Kitty is discovering the cow fetish right now. And she and we’re having fun with it. We just take it not too seriously and the banter and jokes around it as well as the exaggeration are hilarious sometimes.
Today I got a message of Dana, who pulls our Kitty deeper and deeper into being a cow (with a little help from Mistress Jenny and me). We cared that Kitty got a more appropriate shape with large boobs and a fat ass and we selected a nice black and white cow skin for her. In her message Dana told me that she extended Kitty’s small trial of being a cow from 20 levels to over 100 levels now. One level is reached with each milking. As you won’t get over 2 milkings a day …. well, you can make the calculation yourself. Dana included two pictures of cow Kitty and those are the reason for this blog entry. They really conjured a big smile on my face. The first picture shows cow Kitty being washed and the second picture shows cow Kitty being fucked by a really big bull, hilarious. Thank you Dana .. oh, and thank you cow Kitty!

Diary 2017 (74) May 10th – cow Kitty and Psi

We had a varied night on Wednesday, May 10th. Kitty and slave Flo were present and Kitty needed to get milked. We went with slave Flo and cow Kitty to MzTania’s Grim Dairy and watched Kitty getting milked. Again we noticed that her shape is way not “cow-like”. Mistress Jenny went to several sims to find a cow transformation machine but she wasn’t successful. We had a closer look around at the dairy and finally we found a box with tools and shapes for wvs slaves at MzTania’s sim. We selected a fat ass shape for our cow .. et voilà now cow Kitty looks much more like a cow. Of course I took a picture and I took it with the right picture as background.
In the meanwhile slut cecy was present too. She had been released from ~Silenced~. After Kitty and slave Flo left, we took our slut to Psi’s realm. Doll G (Gwendolyn Diesel) was still there I checked her ties and locks and pulled them a bit tighter. Our slut slave cecy is now tied up opposed to Doll G in a similar pose. Our night ended at Club DeLust where Mistress Jenny and I winded down a bit.
P.S.: Kitty now got also the fitting skin to her shape, white with black cow dots. I bet that cow Kitty’s mentor, our former slave Dana, will love this skin.

Diary 2017 (72) May 8th – cow Kitty

I wrote about our ex-slave Dana just recently. Right now she’s a cow again at MzTania’s place. Dana has a particular kink for big breasts looking like an udder. And now she lured our Kitty into becoming a cow. The temptation to try it out was too big for Kitty. So far, cow Kitty didn’t change much. She still looks like before. But she produces milk already and has to be milked regularly. The more cow Kitty is milked, the more milk she will produce and massaging her breasts will enhance milk production. And Kitty won’t be released from being a cow until she reaches 20 milkings in total. So far, Dana refrained from transforming Kitty’s shape and her breasts into a cow, but I’m pretty sure that this will be the next step. Monday, May 8th, I visited cow Kitty at MzTania’s place and supervised her milking. It is fun to watch Kitty and Dana having fun and I get some insight into this particular fetish.

Mistress Jenny’s time online was limited Monday night. We took slave slut cecy, slave Flo and cow Kitty to the Lesbian Society and had a look at the current picture gallery there, which is about submission. I didn’t take a picture there but I took one at home which is quite funny as it looks as if Mistress is using me as a leash holder for the slaves. After Mistress Jenny left, I took slave slut cecy to ~Silenced~ and objectified her as a statue. That’s it for this diary entry.

Diary 2017 (67) April 30th – Triple win

What is dusting and cleaning in Second Life good for as it’s just a script and pixels? I asked that myself often enough and I try an answer here. We do have chores in real life that occur regularly and that seem to be a Sisyphean labour, dusting and cleaning is one those, most housework is. Once you finished, you can start all over again. In the ancient world slaves did this work and who would be obliged doing it in a bdsm relation nowadays?
It is no physical dust that maids and slaves clean in Second life. It is stupid standing animated in front of a virtual object and after a while the script tells you that the object is clean. You need imagination to make this kind of “work” senseful, like you need imagination in Second Life for everything. Second Life works as we dive into our fantasies and live them out mostly in our head, supported by what we see in Second Life and supported by the interactions with other avatars, other quite real persons. Having that in mind dusting and other stupid work in Second Life begin to make sense, they support our imagination. Mistress Jenny and I are pleased when the slaves do their work, when they show and prove their dedication, when they invest time just for us to see that they have cleaned and cared about the Sisyphean labour. Slaves don’t sit around waiting for their owners to play with them, to turn their attention to them, slaves do their work first.
Sunday afternoon, April 30th, slut cecy was dusting while I went on a simploring tour. Upon my return she had finished her work at the house and just the Shangri-La was left over to clean. Mistress Jenny and I took our slut to a club and had her kneeling between us while we caught up with RL and SL and we gave slut some attention. I instructed slut cecy to finish her work later and that I expect everything cleaned at night.

April 30th at the patio near our Stonehaven wall: Mistress Jenny and Diomita watching slave cecy licking slave Flo. (for those looking for details, I didn‘t find my glasses and took my green spare glasses instead)

Sunday night when I came online, I saw slut cecy being at home. I went window shopping, tried on this and that but didn’t find anything suitable. Upon my return about half an hour later, I went to the Shangri-La and found it dirty. I summoned slut cecy, who had no valid excuse (a valid excuse would be RL for sure, but she simple waited for me to come home and entertain her). Our slut seems to test her limits! I had told her several times that I will punish her for disobedience and the punishment won’t be something she’d like (in SL and RL) and I really don’t like punishing a slave like this but I will if necessary. slut apologized and started to work immediately. And I tend to give a second and a third chance if I see any insight of the slave.
While slut was dusting slave Flo showed up and when slut had finish working, I took the slaves to our patio. Moments later Mistress Jenny joined us. I ordered slut cecy to tell Mistress Jenny about her laziness before, mostly as I wanted to strengthen her insight. Mistress Jenny and I agreed to punish our slut just a bit and be generous a last time. We removed the shield of slave Flo’s chastity belt and ordered slut cecy to lick her sister slave. Mistress Jenny and I watched and relaxed. This way we had the triple win situation that I choose as a title for this post. Why triple win? Well, firstly slut cecy was punished and had to focus on her sister’s pleasure, secondly slave Flo was rewarded for all the cleaning work she does mostly with just little complains (sometimes she complains, we’ll have to work on that) and thirdly Mistress Jenny and I were entertained.

After slave Flo was satisfied, I put the shield of her chastity belt back on of course and I gagged slut cecy tightly so that she can savour her sisters taste for a while. Then I took her to Psi’s realm where I left her exposed to everyone as a small foretaste of what she has to expect if she continues being disobedient and lazy. I really hope she doesn’t dare to challenge me.
Something else to report for the diary? Yes! I visited our former slave Dana who is a cow at MzTania’s sim at the moment. Dana is still in regular contact to our Kitty (their timezones match better) and we do see Dana every once in a while. Being a cow was and still is one of Dana’s favourite kinks. I admit, she really looks like a human cow like this and not too weired (I don’t like it too weired).

Letters from our naughty Kitty

March 23rd: Kitty Maurer (santana.thibedeau)

March 23rd: Kitty Maurer (santana.thibedeau)

Every once in a while we get offline IMs from our Kitty where she shares her experiences and adventures with us, who are on a very different timezone. Most of these IMs conjure a smile on our faces and I thought, it might me a nice addition to add Kitty’s latest report here on the blog. So here it is:

20160323 AquabarbieHello Mistress, Kitty has no access to inventory. Kitty wanted to share a few things from Kitty’s nightly prowl with you: Last night, Kitty spent time at Lochme, chatting with Shae and many others. At some point Shae (shae.thatcher) remarked that she had the Abba song Knowing me Knowing you stuck in her head all day. That gave Kitty the wonderful idea to stick songs into other people’s heads as well… so Kitty started singing a few of them… but the most successful (and likely most annoying one, too) was from Aqua ‘Barbie Girl’….. I’m a barbie girl in a barbie wooo-oorld… c’mon barbie let’s go party … ah ah ah yeah…
Kitty is certain that a lot of them have that one stuck in their heads even now… a day later…
20160323 Final RetreatThe next snippet is about MzT (mztania.vella). MzT is a friend of mine and I visit her place way not often enough being busy woth our Family and all my other interests here in SL. Kitty is often also a link to firneds that we miss seeing or Meeting due to being busy or being in the European timezone. Last time I met Kitty and MzT, they were talking about cows and how fond some are to humans cows in SL (it is not my favourite kink at all, but our Dana has been a cow for quite some time). Kitty insisted that our Island has enough room for cows and that we should start farming at our homesim. You Need to know this background to understand the smile on our faces reading the following:
Diomita and Kitty visiting Cow Slut 6868

2013, Oct 24th: Diomita and Kitty visiting Cow Slut 6868

Today Kitty stopped by at ~The Final Retreat ~ est. 1815 and MzT seemed inworld.. well .., she wasn’t really inworld… only her voicemail was. Here is what happened next…
MzT (mztania.vella): (busy response): You have reached MzT’s answering machine.  zzzz  beeep ~ ‘Currently errmm.. tied up, for want of a better terminology.  (I wish) Please leave IM and I shall respond asap’
Kitty Maurer: Hello MzT
Kitty Maurer : LOL.. funny !
Kitty Maurer: Well, dear MzT’s answering machine, it is wonderful to have a conversation with you… even more so in light of the fact that you won’t talk back, which makes you an excellent listener by the way… Kitty wanted to thank you for committing MzT to volunteer her time for cowboy training lessons at Dio and Jenny’s sim. It so important to get this training as the cows will soon arrive and Kitty has to round them up from time to time (do you go left first and then right or the other way round??). Anyways, Kitty really appreciates MzT’s initiative here. Oh… also, dear MzT answering machine, Kitty would like you to make a suggestion to MzT about someonethat MzT calls her ‘Beast’… a pretty girl with a cat tail… She shared with Kitty that she’s called Beast because it’s the lowest possible title MzT could bestow on anyone… Kitty had a chat with that girl and suggested to her that she can go even lower by being renamed to ‘      ‘ – meaning, nothing… just a blank silent space. The Beast was really fond of that idea… and she also expressed desires to be locked away permanently in a deep dark pit and only be let out for a few minutes of sunshine every couple of weeks. Maybe you can pass this on as Kitty’s suggestion.  Oh and then… well… ok that’s really enough for the first call …  so, have yourself a great day dear answering machine… and give MzT these messages and a hug. Ciao, Bye Bye, Adios…. go on, hang up now… oh.. yes. ehh… this was Kitty speaking… now you got to hang up…
March 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at "The Final Retreat"

March 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at “The Final Retreat”

Kitty Maurer: Hello MzT’s answering machine… this is Kitty again… yes… K-i-t-t-y… got it?? Kitty is calling to leave you the name of that girl currently known as beast and where Kitty is suggesting a name change to ‘         ‘        …. she is also known by the name of Nxla Mxrxxxx (remark: name changed by the Eurobrats censorship association)… there you have it. Now go on and give that message to MzT…
I recommend visiting MzT ~The Final Retreat ~ est. 1815 – “A place for Authorative people and Retreat’s servants to relax … and be used and enjoyed.  Black females always wanted.  Free homes for Dom/mes and wvs.” (quote taken from MzT’s Profile)

Dear diary

Sarah, Angelique, Argi, Mii and Dio chitchatting Sept 4th, 2014

Sarah, Angelique, Argi, Mii and Dio chitchatting Sept 4th, 2014

The first week of September was comparably quiet, no bondage night at least. But we had fun and were busy nonetheless. We prepared a particular event but haven’t fixed a date yet nor will I reveal anything here right now, but there will be an entry announcing it here soon. Slave flo was on vacation and rona cared about the dusting during her absence.

Dusting the stairs by ronapotter

Dusting the stairs by ronapotter

Apropos slave – we host another slave. Her name is W-190 formerly known as joselyn Lavender. She came wandering around  and exploring to us the week before. It turns out that she was recently enslaved as “woman voluntarily serving (wvs)” by MzTania. I know Tania’s sim and her wvs as Dana is a parttime wvs (or at least she was) and thus i got contact to Tania. Sometimes I use “The Retreat” at Tania’s sim to …. retreat (surprise, surprise). I contacted Tania and we agreed that slave jo, as we call her, will serve us now until further notice. Slave jo is a patient, submissive being. We will guide and accompany her path slowly and see where it leads to. The slaves flo and jo began to know eachother already as documented in the picture below.

slave flo "examining" slave jo

slave flo “examining” slave jo

Did anything else happen? Oh yes, I updated the “Family overview” on the Family&Friends page of this blog. And Jenny and I had some relaxing and recovering moments – but not everything needs to be documented here in detail *grins

Love from Dio