slaves Nina and Gebby released

We have a rule number 1 for our Second Life family that Real Life is always priority number 1. We think that this is quite obvious as there is just one life and SL is part of our life. Of course there are may reasons why one has to stay offline for a while, even months and longer.
We also think that it is a matter of respect and just good behavior to let know those around you and those who care, that you’re not able to get online or will be away for a longer time – and that has nothing to do with bdsm but should be just normal in my honest opinion. It would be enough to send an offine IM or any sign of life every once in a while – or to simply be courageous enough to say that you want to follow other ways or adventures or whatever. But unfortunately Second Life is a place where people come and go, and often they simply stay away or create another account, giving no explanation, no sign of life, simply nothing and leave those behind who cared and who might worry – and unfortunately you have to get used to that in this virtual world.
Jenny and I decided to release Maurerien orja (snina93 Resident), who has obviously left Second Life without any notice to us. We also decided to release sklavin Gebby (gebby Resident), who hasn’t shown up for 10 weeks now without any sign of life.

Thank you for the time with us. We hope that both are doing well and are healthy.

July 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Nina and sklavin Gebby at MD

The last picture I found with sklavin Gebby and slave Nina is from July 10th 2016 showing them with Jenny and me at MD

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