Something inbetween – Sarah’s Entrapment

What does drive someone to lock herself up in an uncomfortable cage? Why does someone enjoy the feeling of helplessness? About a week ago, Mistress Jenny gave me the link to a story. It’s a story about the facination of bondage and about the submission of a young woman to an even younger woman. The story starts slowly and develops steadily. What I do like in particular is that the story is still close enough at reality, hence you can imagine it happening. And everytime Mistress and I see a cage it reminds us to this story. It will take a few hours to read it, but it is worth in my humble opinion. Here’s the link to “Sarah’s Entrapment” –

No post without a picture. I picked one that I took of myself when I explored “Days of O” in February “Simploring 2017 (13) – Days of O” because it fits to the story.

February 23rd: Diomita being naughty while exploring “Days of O”

By the way: That doesn’t me that I see myself as Sarah. And there is also no similarity at all with Sarah Fhang or with anybody of us in Second Life. But you may of course imagine who would fit to which character in this Story. That might be part of the fun.

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  1. Angela Fox
    Jul 07, 2017 @ 03:36:24

    How odd – to come across a blog post about a story I enjoyed so much that … well I continued it. Even better, the link to the story you posted here was the link that includes my “second half” of the story. I am so pleased that you and your partner enjoyed it.

    If you would like to correspond I would be pleased to answer any questions at:



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