Art in Second Life 2020 (46) Plaza Art Gallery

I got an invitation from Violet Boa to attend an opening at Plaza Art Gallery for Friday, July 17th. As I couldn’t attend the opening and had some time, I went there the day before the opening.

The Plaza Art Gallery is close to a shopping mall. I forgot to check who is running the gallery and the shopping mall, but for sure Violet Boa is involved. The Plaza Art Gallery is a 2 story building next to the shopping mall. On the ground level the work of Kody Meyers (kodymeyers) and of Etamae is showcased. The invitation I got was for these two artists. On the second floor is an exhibtion of the work of Tay (tayana1) and I also visited this exhibition.

The Plaza Art Gallery building

Kody Meyers (kodymeyers) likes to capture the wonderful ambiance and environments created by so many talented landscapers in Second Life, it is his way to relax and explore his imagination: “Each picture depicts a story or is a reminder of an experience one can reflect upon when admiring it. As a perfectionist, I take the time necessary to capture the picture, experimenting with different angles, framings and windlights, until the perfect shot is created — the one that comes alive.
Kody further processes his pictures and at least I couldn’t see that the raw picture was taken in Secons Life. Knowing this background I can imagine that it takes some time to get the results that we can see in his part of the the current exhibtion at Plaza Art Gallery.

Kody Meyers (kodymeyers) at Plaza Art Gallery

I came across Etamae already a few times. I saw “Dominance and Submission” at Elevate Femdom (see here), I saw her work at La Maison D’aneli in April 2020 (see here), I visited her gallery “Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery” (see my blogpost here) and I visited her Extempore Gallery and Lounge (read here).
Etamae is from the UK and began transforming her pictures from the things she has seen and loved in Second Life into something else, in digital art in 2018. Etamae is not defined by just one style or area of art, she plays with different patterns and tries herself out in a broader spectrum of art. I wouldn’t have recognized her as the artist behind the pictures showcased at Plaza Art Gallery, nor would I recognize that the raw picture is taken in Second Life. Well, done!

Etamae at Plaza Art Gallery

On the second floor is the exhibtion of Tay (tayana1). Tay is in Second Life for almost 8 years. Tay says about herself that she’s a dreamer, she loves Life, nature, animals and in particular the ocean. As artist she mostly paints with watercolors. All but one picture featured at Plaza Art Gallery are watercolour art, just one is acrilic. Tay’s art work expresses her dreams well, the pictures radiate peace and a melancholic happiness.

Tay (tayana1) at Plaza Art Gallery

I enjoyed my short visit to the Plaza Art Gallery, thank you for the invitation, Violet Boa. And thank you Kody, Etamae and Tay for you art.

Landmark to Plaza Art Gallery
Kody Meyers (kodymeyers)’s Flickr
Etamae’s Flickr

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  1. Violet Boa-Pr
    Aug 02, 2020 @ 18:05:29

    Thank you very much Diomita, for one nice overview about Art, Artist & Plaza Art Gallery!


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