Art in Second Life 2021 (70) The Borderless Project – Part I: Delain Canucci’s scenes

Friday, July 9th, I got a private message from Akiko Kinoshi (Akiko Kiyori). She told me about “The Borderless Project” that she and others had put together. And she sent me a notecard about it together with a landmark.

The Borderless Project is a multi-level, interactive digital art exhibition wherein we play with light: reflections, structures, movement, creation and evolution. With sounds and music to match the emotions brought to life by the multi-talented team of artists and scripters. The Borderless Project derives much of its inspiration from teamLAB founded in Japan in 2001 by Toshiyuki Inoko, and now a series of multinational installations throughout the world. For more on teamLab please visit:

The Borderless Project, in Second Life, explores what we can do within this world where gravity is unimportant, physics is negotiable, and magic is possible! The Borderless Team of Magicians are: Betty Tureaud, Gem Preiz, Delain Canucci, Djehuti-Anpu (Thoth Jantzen), Mitsuko Kytori, Blaise Timtam and Akiko Kinoshi (Akiko Kiyori).

I went there on Saturday, July 10th, and I was overwhelmed by the many different installations. Each of them would easily be enough and worth an extra visit and a seperate blog entry!

The provided landmark leads you to the installation of Akiko Kinoshi (Akiko Kiyori). You land in a circle with 8 boards. Each of the 8 boards brings you to another level and another installation. It is recommended to accept experiences – then just walking into one of the boards will teleport you. In addition in some of the installations you get teleported at destinct spots. For all installations of “The Borderless Project” you are asked to use Shared Environment, Advanced lighting model, High to Ultra Graphics, particles set to maximum (8192) and to activate the Media button and switch it on and off frequently. Turn on in-sim music. If you aren’t familiar with that, there are instructions at the entrances of some of the installations.
At each installation you land in exact the same circle of boards, from there you can continue your visit to the next installation.

I split my report into several parts so that I can publish a bit more pictures and give the artists some room.

The Borderless Project – Part I: Delain Canucci’s scenes (this post)
The Borderless Project – Part II: Gem Preiz’ installations
The Borderless Project – Part III: Betty Tureaud’s cubes and Djehuti-Anpu’s installation
The Borderless Project – Part IV (final): Akiko Kinoshi garden and Japanese village / Mitsuko Kytori art park

Landmark to Borderless

The Borderless Project – Part I: Delain Canucci’s scenes

Delain Canucci’s scenes are in several separate rooms. You can see 4 boxes from where you land and several entrances, marked with light frames along the walls.

The Borderless Project – Delain Canucci

I started my visit with the 4 boxes. And each of them has a lot to offer. The boxes are kind of magic. When you enter them you lose contact to the outside. The inside is mirrored and provides the impression of being in a much larger space. It’s perfect for taking pictures. And the content is quite creative. The longer you stay inside, the more details you will discover. And the scenes are not static, hence stay a bit and watch. There’s one box with a green jungle scene, one with an Asian gate, one with a forest scene in Autumn and one winterly scene.

The Borderless Project – Delain Canucci’s boxes: Winterly scene / Forest in Autumn

The installations that you enter from the walls are different, some are bigger boxes, some are spheres. All have in common that you can fully immerse into them. One is a planetarium, some others are like forests – all are very creative, artful and invite to stay longer and take more and more pictures.

The Borderless Project – Delain Canucci’s planetarium

Delain Canucci is in Second Life since 2009. She says about herself, that she’s just herself in SL, an average girl who wants to have fun with her friends, who wants to learn and who lives out her creativity. Delain has an inworld shop for particles “Color Alchemists” and an inworld store for fantasy builds “Fantasy Builds & Plants” . You can also get her stuff on the marketplace.
And if you look up her profile you will find a pick with links to youtube videos using her particles from “Color Alchemists“.

The Borderless Project – Delain Canucci’s Flower Room and Morpho Room

It’s the first time I came across Delain Canucci and I have to admit I am impressed of her art work. Did I mention that all boxes and installations of Delain Canucci are non-static? Everything moves, colours changes, the whole scenes look different every second. Even my pictures are little of temporary art pieces, non-reproducible.

Returning to the ring of boards I went to a cave scene next. This one is also from Delain Canucci. It is a smaller installation.

The Borderless Project – Delain Canucci’s cave

The cave is particular as it permanently changes its main colour, diving the scenery in different colours. Sometimes you have the impression to see people in the cave, but the people are just rocks. Again an artful fantasy build.

Landmark to Borderless
Delain Canucci’s inworld shop for particles “Color Alchemists”
Delain Canucci’s inworld shop “Fantasy Builds & Plants”
Delain Canucci’s on the marketplace

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Violet Boa PR
    Aug 04, 2021 @ 13:18:20

    In my role as PR of Akipelago Islands, and on behalf of all Artist and owner Akiko Kinoshi our big thanks dear Diomita, for your nice presentation of the Borderless Project in SL.
    Best regards,


  2. Delain Canucci
    Aug 04, 2021 @ 13:59:56

    What a great Blog post and so happy you like the Borderless Project ! Thank you so much ! ♥


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