Art in Scond Life 2022 (20) Carpe Noctem by Maloe Vansant

I got an invitation to visit the lastest exhibition at DixMix Gallery, that opened February 19th: “Carpe Noctem” by Maloe Vansant.
Sometimes I come across an artist quite often in a short time, just to see nothing of the artist again for a longer time. Just recently I saw “Inside Maloe’s Mind” by Maloe Vansant, an exhibition that opened Sunday, February 6th (read about it here). I have written about Maloe’s art already before. The last time I came across her was in September 2021 when I visited her exhibition “Eternally” at DixMix Gallery (read here) that celebrated the tenth anniversary of Maloe Vansant and DixMix Source’s friendship.

Carpe Noctem” by Maloe Vansant is showcased in room Amalfia at DixMix Gallery. It consists of 10 pictures mainly showing female faces or parts of it. There is no obvious story that connect these pictures. Each seems to have an own story. I was particularly attracted by the picture that is also used for the exhibition poster. It is called “Faux Andy” and is shown with four different colour filters at the exhibtion. For me it is amazing how different the the face and the expression becomes with a different colour.

Maloe also plays with other effects, like blurring or with several layers of different pictures. She plays with softenting, light and also with strong colour contrasts. Another favourite of me at “Carpe Noctem” by Maloe Vansant is “The crack in the mirror”. Maloe’s art is passionate and full of details, the pictures provoke the visitor to spin stories around them.

Examples of “Carpe Noctem” by Maloe Vansant – Faux Andy / The truth is mine / just a shadow left / The crack in the mirror

Maloe Vansant joined Second Life in 2007, a new world for her who had never played games or joined any social network site: “After creating little Maloe, my barbie doll, my pixel soul, I discovered the possibility of making snapshots and I started to make a graphic diary of Maloe’s journey in Second Life, showing the emotions she experienced in this pixel world. I think I succeeded in doing this by using some post processing in Photoshop. I am not a woman of many words, I try to express myself, my feelings, my passion and probably my dark side through my pictures.
Maloe has also a flickr account where you can see more of her artwork.

The virtuality blog published an interview with Maloe Vansant by Violet Boa back in August 2021. Violet Boa wrote in the introducing text about Maloe:
Maloe belongs to the group of people who are strongly guided by feelings and she is blessed with ability to touch our souls with her photography.
With skillful game between light, shadow, color and composition she creates works that appeal to us not only on the quality level, but also write stories of life and with it catch our thoughts and hearts.
Read the full interview on virtuality blog here.

Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the DixMix Gallery, thank you Megan for building it and thank you Violet Boa for the PR. The exhibition “Carpe Noctem” by Maloe Vansant shall stay open until March, 6th.

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery
Interview with Maloe Vansant by Violet Boa in virtuality blog
Maloe Vansant’s flickr

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