Art in Second Life 2022 (66) Kids These Days by Lex Machine

I got a group message from Lex Machine (Archetype11 Nova) announcing the opening of “Kids These Days“, his latest installation.

Lex Machine (Archetype11 Nova) was formerly known as Schmexysbuddy Resident and created the Hotel California sims, which I visited in 2019 (read here and here). I saw Lex Machine’s installation “Isolation’s Passengers” in 2020 (read here), his installations Bermuda Locket (read here), “The House that Love Built” (read here), Numb (read here) and Nero (read here) in 2021, “Stillborn” in February 2022 (read here) and now I visited “Kids These Days“.

Impressions of “Kids These Days” by Lex Machine (1) – overview

Lex Machine’s installations are collections of art objects from different artists, some of the objects were not intended to be art. Lex’ art is arranging them in his own way and setting them into a context and into an intriguing environment. While quite some of Lex Machine’s installation were dark and yes, a bit depressing, “Kids These Days” is not dark. I wouldn’t go so far to say it expressed fun and happiness, but it is art nicely spiked with absurdity – in my eyes. You find many different scenes and objects at “Kids These Days“. The big whie figure on the top of a mountain range is from Bryn Oh and it overlooks the island like the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.  And in the mountains you don’t the “Hollywood” sign but “Pretty Much Fucked”.

Impressions of “Kids These Days” by Lex Machine (2)

Once again there are many scences realised at “Kids These Days” and most probably I haven’t seen all of them. You land in a field, a tractor is nearby, irrigation systems and a piano. My eyes were caught first by the old Missisippi steamer a bit away. Huge scarecrows seem to guard the old boat. Behind the steamer is kind of a small village with a barn and a chapel … and a pouncing fox (another one from Bryn Oh) looking down at two artful statues (*CM* Sisters by Cherry Manga).

The many objects interfer with each other and it is difficult to focus on one. In the center of the sim is an old steam engine. I once reduced my drawing distance to get just the engine on a picture. The steam is built by birds btw.
Also the scene at the corner of the island, exploding female upper bodies, revealing robot technic inside is difficult to catch alone.

Impressions of “Kids These Days” by Lex Machine (3)

What else? Wrecked cars of course. a bit clown in the mountains, a killer cat with 2 skulls (that one could be from Halloween). slaves pulling a carriage … I sat down and played the piano.

Impressions of “Kids These Days” by Lex Machine (4)

There’s a whole circus in the mountains, the figures are from Silas Merlin. Other objects are from Rebeca Bashley and from Fresh3D (the scarecrows for example). You hardly know where to look first. The only common theme I could gather form all the art is: Enjoy, don’t take everything too serious, something nice in these days of war in Europe. Who knows, perhaps I didn’t realize the message … it is just “pretty much fucked” *winks*

Impressions of “Kids These Days” by Lex Machine (5)

Did I mention that avatars visiting “Kids These Days” are just dwarfs compared to the figures and art objects? Everything is huge, despite the wrecked cars and the piano, the tractor and the steam engine are “normal” sized and the Missisippi steamer is comparably small. I had fun spoiling my eyes with art and getting distracted like in a desolate dream, in which things often do not fit together.

Thank you Lex for another installation. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to “Kids These Days” by Lex Machine

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