Art in Second Life 2021 (17) Khaos.Part 1 by Cherry Manga and JadeYu Fhang

On February 17th I visited La Maison d’Aneli where at night a new exhibition was going to be opened: Khaos.Part 1 by Cherry Manga and JadeYu Fhang.

I came across Cherry Manga’s and JadeYu Fhang’s artwork already a few times and reported about them. Last year I saw “Le Déraciné” by JadeYu Fhang in 2020 (read here) and “Endometriosis” by Cherry Manga (read here). And I visited their art and music place ADreNaLin, that they own together.

Khaos.Part 1 at La Maison d’Aneli is really quite choatic, but in a positive sense. It consists of transparent and solid boxes, geometric object and oversized figures. These figures have in common that parts of them are in the state of disolving into small boxes or pieces. This style is very common for both artista. They like to play with the human figure, to change it and to use it for expressing their art. Most of the figures are static – but some are also moving.

Impressions of “Khaos.Part 1” by Cherry Manga and JadeYu Fhang (1)

When you walk through the boxes, on the transparent floor, you see all boxes moving and it’s hard to focus your view. You discover more figures within the choatic structure of boxes, and the structure is permanently changing. Don’t forget to switch your sound on, the technical, random sounds fit to this installation.

Impressions of “Khaos.Part 1” by Cherry Manga and JadeYu Fhang (2)

I couldn’t make out any specific move, but sometimes when you get close to a figure or step into a hole in the floor (it is transparent), your avatar gets shaken around like a ball, flips up and down, falls into the nothing and gets re-teleported to where the choatic movement began. What I noticed in addition is that you need sufficent time for your visit. The whole installation changes. New figures appear, others vanish. Sometimes there’s a well of small boxes that almost flood parts of the installation, sometimes there’s none. The boxes themselves change, sometimes they are just white, sometimes black, sometimes blac and while and grey.

Impressions of “Khaos.Part 1” by Cherry Manga and JadeYu Fhang (3)

New elements appear and dominate the installation… boxes or long poles .. or parts of the installation begin to rotate. You are admist the chaos! It is a really intriguing piece of art – and it is art that you can only experience in a virtual world like Second Life.

Impressions of “Khaos.Part 1” by Cherry Manga and JadeYu Fhang (4)

I did not find out a lot about the two artists.
JadeYu Fhang is in Second Life to almost 13 years. For another exhibtion she wrote about herself: “Living in Paris, France, i followed the evening classes in academic drawing at Fine Arts School of Paris and was trained at the Applied Arts School of this city.
After these studies I completely stopped all artistic work. My journey is atypical made of multiple experiences. I returned to artistic work when I was able to get rid of all the academic rigidity that had been taught me.
My experience on Second Life since 12 years allows me to continue and improve my work and extend it to 3D.

Cherry Manga is in Second Life for over 14 years. I couldn’t find anything about Cherry, just that there is an own website where Cherry is characterized as VR-3D Artist (as if I didn’t know that by now *winks*).

Impressions of “Khaos.Part 1” by Cherry Manga and JadeYu Fhang (5)

La Maison d’Aneli is owned by Aneli Abeyante. Through her gallery she brings together all forms of creativity in RL and SL and the featured artists come from around the globe. Aneli’s intention is to “put her gallery in the service of artists, so that the world can be better, exchanges and meetings probably contribute even though it seems to be particles.
Thank you for enabling this facinating installation, Aneli. I enjoyed my visit.
Thank you Cherry and JadeYu for your art work.

Landmark to La Maison d’Aneli
Cherry Manga’s website
Cherry Manga’s flickr
JadeYu Fhang’s flickr
Landmark to ADreNaLin

Art in Second Life 2020 (29) SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre

Following my visit at Eta’s Extempore Gallery and Lounge (read here) where I saw Sophie Marie Sinclair (perpetua1010)’s exhibition “Inspiration in Red”, I visited the SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre, which is Spohie’s own gallery.

SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre consists of several buildings that are arranged around a broad and wide court in the center: The Main Gallery and Multimedia Centre, 3 gallery buildings and a party and event building (cube). In the center is a meeting point and across that is an inforamtion centre under a tent where you can also get a freebie (for joining the group)

The whole setting is ultra modern and the buildings have a modern architecture with a lot of glass for natural light. You find enough areas to party, to meet or for celebrations. I started my visit at the information centre which offers the above mentioned freebie (a handbag with a Lagerfeld likeness) and information about what is shown in the different buildings.

SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre – Information Centre

“Sophie Marie Sinclair is a RL painter and book author. She mainly paints nude from models and abstract art. She loves to experiment with different kind of paint and lithography. She has made several book illustrations and was for many years political cartoonist for a well known satire magazine. She lived and worked in the Unites States, Australia, Rome and Monaco.”
(taken from the notcard I got at the Extempore Gallery and Lounge)

Gallery 1 showns Sophie Marie Sinclair’s art with the title “Emotions in Black and White”. Sophie’s art is not explicit, you always need to look longer and more detailed at them to get the gist, to see the emotion and thus her art has a particular effect on the viewer.

SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre – Gallery 1: “Emotions in Black and White”

Gallery 2 shows Sophie Marie Sinclair’s art with the title “Red Expressions”, which I saw at Eta’s Extempore Gallery and Lounge under the title “Inspiration in Red”, powerful paintings in red with a fantastic 3D-effect.

SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre – Gallery 2: “Red Expressions”

Gallery 3 is was not occupied with an exhibtion on the time of my visit (May 2nd).

The cube is a great place to party and celebrate. Again the space has an ultramodern setting. I had fun looking at the details and in these times the flamingo sign “corona” conjured a smile in my face.

SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre – Cube

I ended my visit at the Main Gallery and Multimedia Centre. In front of it are two sculptures: “Sisters” by Cherry Manga and “Apple Fall ‘Strength’ Fragment” by Apple Pancake. Both sculptures can develop their expressional strength standing alone with the modern environment as backround.

SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre – Main Building with sculptures in front of it, lower right shows “granite art” exhibited around the staircase

Inside of the building is a presentation hall where you can watch movies or other performance art. At the time of my visit, I could watch a video about the “SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre“.

In the Main Gallery and Mulitmedia Centre you find more of Sophie’s art. On the ground floor the exhibtion titled “Yellow Nude Expressions”, which picks up the theme of “Emotions in Black and White”, just in yellow. Again you have to look twice to see persons and emotions, the pictures are a bit more explicit though.

SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre – Main Gallery: “Yellow Nude Expressions”

Around the staircase to the 2nd floor of the Main Gallery and Mulitmedia Centre you find some picture that look like granite, like patterns engraved in granite. On the 2nd floor is again a large corner for events or celebrations in front of a picture titled “Akt Blau liegend” and another exhibition of Spohie’s art with quite erotic, colourful and expressive bodies and faces. I found no title for this part.

SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre – Main Gallery: art on the 2nd floor

SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre is worth a visit and if it is just for the architecture. Sophie Marie Sinclair (perpetua1010)’s art covers several styles yet most of her pictures do express strong emotions and they develop their effect on the viewer who takes a second and third look at them. This effect is also expressed in the name of the gallery centre: subcutan – because the art gets under your skin.

It might have not been my last vist. Thank you Sophie for your art and for creating the SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre. I look forward to seeing more exhibtions.

Landmark to SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre
video about SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre

Art in Second Life 2020 (18A) Endometriosis by Cherry Manga

On Friday, April 10th, I had some time in the later morning and went on a short art-tour. I first went to “Hannington Endowment for the Arts at Xeltentat Enterprises” (HEA). On April 10th, at night, a new installation was going to be opened “Endometriosis by Cherry Manga” and I had a quick look at it.
I came across Cherry Manga in January when I visited Strange Garden (see here), which is located in a huge skybox sphere at ADreNaLin, a new art and music place owned by JadeYu Fhang and Cherry Manga. And at the opening of “Endometriosis by Cherry Manga” the music was by JadeYu.

Endimetriosis by Cherry Manga at HEA gallery (1)

“Endometriosis is a condition in which cells similar to those in the endometrium, the layer of tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus, grow outside of it. Most often this is on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and tissue around the uterus and ovaries; however, in rare cases it may also occur in other parts of the body (source: wikipedia)

Endimetriosis by Cherry Manga is a 3D installatio with a large female figure in the center. The woman suffers from Endimetriosis and is surrounded by red blood plates floating around her. I personally suffered with her but I also was impressed by the artful creation and how the moving light made her look differently from various angels and even from one position. I can imagine that there’s an additional effect with the right music.

Endimetriosis by Cherry Manga at HEA gallery (2)

Hannington Endowment  for the Arts at Xeltentat Enterprises – Despite ist name “Xeltentat Enterprises” is not a Commercial sim in any way. It is a peaceful and private area for contemplation and Relaxation, nd is proud to host Artists at The Hive!”
It is owned by Hannington Xeltentat. “Hanningtom Endowment for the Arts at Xeltentat Enterprises” – or short HEA, was built by Tansee, who also runs the gallery.  Thank you Hannington for providing the space and thank you Tansee from enabling the isntallation “Endometriosis by Cherry Manga”

Landmark to Hannington Endowment for the Arts at Xeltentat Enterprises

Art in Second Life 2020 (4) Strange Garden

On SL Destinations I came across a post on 99 faces “Strange Garden by Cherry Managa“. The picture along with the post caught my attention.
Strange Garden is located in a huge skybox sphere at ADreNaLin, a new art and music place owned by JadeYu Fhang and Cherry Manga. In the above mentioned blogpost you’ll find a short video taken at Secret Garden, that gives you an even better impression of what to expect.

Impressions of Strange Garden (1)

The installation was created by Cherry Manga and is held in black and while. There’re for sure several ways how you can interpret it, art looks different for everybody and causes different thoughts. One possible interpretation is given in the blogpost on 99 faces. For me it simply set my mind free to wander.
The background consist of bald trees and the silhouette of what could be a bit City. Inside all objects are either black or white and thes wave with the wind or move. Thus you get a different view all the time. At the landing is a stair that winds up into the sky. If you walk upstairs you will fall down at one point. At the landing point you also find a free avatar, a fantasy being in black and white, that you can use for your visit and that will make you melt into the installation and become a part of it – if you like.
When you visit be prepared that you can suddently fall out of the sphere, in particular when you go closer to the walls. It might be intended, who knows *winks*.  Don’t worry, in Second Life you can fly back and re-enter the Strange Garden easily.

Impressions of Strange Garden (2)

There’s kind of a pond in the center and inside is a shark and a jellyfish. At one place you find sort of a grave with a skull and candles but at least for me the Strange Garden isn’t scary. It’s fantasy … black and white … life and death … danger and the feeling of security, it’s beautiful and ugly … and maybe that is why it makes your mind and thoughts wander.
Cherry also created the music that you hear when visiting Strange Garden, a psychedelic sound and very fitting to what you see.

Impressions of Strange Garden (3)

You can buy some of the objects used at Strange Garden, just hover over the object and you might get the L$ symbol for purchasing. You should also visit the ADreNaLin store where you can get some of Cherry Manga’s art for free, the teleport point to the store is just next to the landing. The store itself with it’s geometrical forms that move up and down, with its cubes and walls is worth a visit!

Impressions of Strange Garden (4) – the picture in the lower right is taken at the ADreNaLin store

Strange Garden is an intriguing installation and should be available for another couple of weeks. Thank you, Cherry, for creating this installation. Thank you JadeYu Fhang and Cherry Manga for the new art and music place ADreNaLin, that is tagged in the landmark profile with “Original Art, Animesh, avatars, freebies store, Musique Venue

Landmark to Strange Garden
Landmark to ADreNaLin store
Blogpost on 99 faces “Strange Garden by Cherry Managa”