Art in Second Life 2021 (121) The Incal and the 4 Mazes by Betty Tureaud

Akiko Kinoshi (Akiko Kiyori) invited me to another art installation: “The Incal and the 4 Mazes” by Betty Tureaud. It is shown at Akikaze, which is a member of the Akipelago group of sims dedicated to artistic and natural beauty in its many forms.
“The Incal and the 4 Mazes” by Betty Tureaud opens today with a Grand Opening party at 2 pm (SL time) with the music of Ultraviolet Alter.

Impressions of “The Incal and the 4 Mazes” by Betty Tureaud (1) – “Offical” picture of the installation (upper left) / first impressions at the landing.

When you visit, please make sure that your use shared environment and have your draw distance above 250m. The landing is in an endless desert, on the horizont you see some mountains. If you turn you see a block of four large buildings. They look like huge storage halls. In the front of the buildings are 6 objects. The most left is a cube and when you click it you get a notecard with a biography of Betty Tureaud. The most right is a rezzer for a huge bug with which you can fly around. More about that bug later. And inbetween are 4 objects and each of them will teleport you into one of the 4 buildings. And each building contains a maze with another theme.

Impressions of “The Incal and the 4 Mazes” by Betty Tureaud (2) – The Space maze

The spaceship stands for the space, the eye for the mind, the bug for the earth and the cube for the tecno maze. I started on the left and visited the Space maze first. Inside the maze you can get easily lost. The textures on the walls of the maze are permanently changing, sphere, coloured spheres like planets block your way as you try to find the center of the maze. In the center you find our planet Earth with it’s moon. You can “sit” on the moon and mediate. And you find a box with a gift giver. I won’t reveal what you get and won’t spoil your fun.

Impressions of “The Incal and the 4 Mazes” by Betty Tureaud (3) – The Mind maze

The Mind maze has soemthing of “Big brother is watching you” as there are many huge eyes that follow you when you walk by and that’s a bit scary. Close to the center of this maze a brian flies around and when you walk into a dead end, then you see a mouth with a tongue sticking out … ha ha wrong way. In the center room are eyes and ears and the mouth with the tongue sticked out and they form a face – and once again you can grab a gift.

Impressions of “The Incal and the 4 Mazes” by Betty Tureaud (4) – The Earth maze

The Earth maze is held in warm tones blue, green, yellow and brown. As in all mazes, the textures changes. In this maze you are blocked by huge bugs and creatures that either crawl throught he hallways or simple wait in a corner and watch you with their aritcicial eyes. In the center they circle around a spaceship. Is there a gift – yes, there is.

The Tecno maze is all about bits and bytes, curtains of 0 and 1 block your way as you search the center, the walls are covered with electric circuits. At some walls are just coloured squares in a pattern. And in its center is a pair of jumping doplhins. I won’t try to interpret that.

Impressions of “The Incal and the 4 Mazes” by Betty Tureaud (5) – The Tecno maze

I ended the exploration of the mazes and tried out the most right object, the bug rezzer and I used to to fly around and explore the installaion from higher up. It’s fun to fly with the bug. I circled one time around the space ship that hoovers over the block of the 4 buildings. And I flew through the small lanes between the buildings. In the center is a glowing small pyramid, the “INCAL”? On one side is a crystal and on the other side a “Dark Light”. I ended my flight with the bug and returned to the INCAL. If you sit on it you get teleported to the space ship above the buildings. Yo find yourself standing on the ship and there are poseballs. I tried out one and it made me hoover circiling around the spacehip, like the 2 people in the “offical” picture of the installation shown above. That is fun!

And what is the “INCAL”? I looked it on the internet: “The Incal is a comic masterpiece illustrated by acclaimed artist Moebius and written by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Together they present a classic sci-fi adventure featuring John Difool, a private detective. With the great darkness attacking the galaxy, Difool races through the cosmos with his pet concrete bird, Deepo, and the Universe’s greatest warrior, the Metabaron, on a quest to face the great evil.

Impressions of “The Incal and the 4 Mazes” by Betty Tureaud (6) – Flying around, the INCAL and hoovering in the air (the arrow points to me)

Betty Tureaud is from Denmark, she’s a builder and light and space artist in Second Life. I came across her art already a few times and it was always impressing and something outstanding – just like this interactive installation, that combines art, space and fun. Betty has a flickr page where you can see more of her art.

Betty wrote in her biography notecard about herself: “I love to put some scripting to my art and bright colors are my favorite.
I love artwork who is coming from Mexicans Indians. The colors is so bright and sometimes chocking for your eyes. It makes me also think about Frida Carlo who make some wonderful paintings where she express her own pain. My art is a more happy happy style, but i also get my inspiration from real world.”

Thank you Betty. Thank you also to Akiko Kinoshi (Akiko Kiyori) for the invitation and for providing the space for the art. I enjoyed my pre-opening tour.

Landmark to “The Incal and the 4 Mazes” by Betty Tureaud @ Akikaze
Betty Tureaud’s flickr