Bad Kitty

Finally Kitty is exploring Second Life again and is having various fun. Not that she didn’t enjoy being a pony and we know: once a pony, always a pony. But her reports about sims were missed and here is one again: Kitty visited Bad Kitty!

Here is her report on Bad Kitty, spiced with pictures of her and from a visit Jenny and I made later:

"Pickled Slut"

“Pickled Slut”

Some say that there’s a sim appropriately named in Kitty’s honor and that they use wooden barrels to pickle their sluts. All we know is that it’s called Bad Kitty and it’s jam-packed with great RLV fun and unique toys. When you arrive, you might notice warning signs along the path. Ignore them, set your relay to ‘auto’ and enjoy. However, if you still happen to have a good friend or two, keep them on speed-dial or better yet, bring them along for the fun.

This sim is best explored with two or more people to try out different toys and to help each other with traps.

I'm not going to try it!

I’m not going to try it!

Here are some of the areas you should not miss:
If you enjoy trapping your friend in something that you’d like to take home, there is a store which sells most of the unique contraptions that you will find in this sim.
For all the pony fans out there, please check out the design of the stalls. Why aren’t there more stalls like this around? Of course there is a training area as well. After all, you can’t leave your ponies locked away at all times (or can you???).

Kitty loves ponies

Kitty loves ponies

No pony around? Ride a Zebra!

No pony around? Ride a Zebra!

Some of you might still remember the good old Challenge Cells from Stonehaven. Well, Bad Kitty has it all and some more, including Think Tanks, Strip Poker, and other nice games.
For those who want to have even more fun, just run like mad behind a UFO.
All of this good fun can be had just behind the a well-manicured garden with beautiful sculptures. In case you decide to strike a pose or two, just be patient. Alabaster won’t last fovever.
For those who are more romantically inclined, Bad Kitty offers you various places to dance and cuddle. One of them is a large gazebo at the end of the dock. Even though all of Bad Kitty is one big playground with toys and gadgets in nearly every corner, there is one square that contains a large assortment of the same and you should not miss visiting it.

At "Bad Kitty"

At “Bad Kitty”

The tower at "Bad Kitty"

The tower at “Bad Kitty”

There is a beautiful tower on the island. You can climb it but make no mistake – it is a long, dizzying way up to 270m. Alternatively, you could also hitch a ride in the rubber band rocket near the base of the Tower. The tower rises even higher though the upper floors are private. From here you have a good view of the waterpark-style slide back down. Just far-sit and: Weeeeeeee!

The rocket: the fast way up to the tower.

The rocket: the fast way up to the tower.

There are way, way, way too many other fun things to discover on this island. The best you can do is go and check it out.

Thank you for your inspiring report, Kitty. There are still places in SL where you can simply have fun.