Diary 2020 (139) October 3rd – A day in control

Saturday afternoon, Ocotber 3rd, I started the green light, that Mistress had granted a few days before. Mistress had changed into something submissive and into her short hairstyle the night before just before we logged off to bed. Hence almost all was prepared. I made her wear a gag in addition. Mistress had used this gag on me before. It is a very old full perm gag that doesn’t work with the bento head. But it has a particular feature. It detects any attempt to talk in main chat and you can set a punishment time that adds to a timer. Hence with that gag I had Mistress all for myself (IM isn’t blocked) and I could provide an experience to her that I made already. Mistress had called it obedience training.

I took Mistress to Puerto Esclava, to BDSM Lifestyle Swinger Club and to club DeLust. I love exposing Mistress while she kneels at my feet. It fills me with pride that I own her. After almost an hour of clubbing I took Mistress home to the annex of our skybox. Mistress had caused quite some extra punishment time. Now she knows how difficult it is *winks*. The main problem is that you have to be very careful whre to type when chatting, you have to focus and to double check eacht time.

October 3nd: Diomita with Mistress Jenny at Puerto Esclava, at club DeLust and at home

I had prepared something for Mistress. My surprise should be the highlight of this afternoon. It was quite a disaster. I had bought a new chair, a chair that I saw when I was kinkploring on my own a few weeks ago. The moment I sat down and tried to find the right animation for being licked by Mistress, I noticed, it was not the chair that I wanted. Lazy me, I should have tried it out at home!! The chair did the job, but it was no surprise, no new pose that we hadn’t tried out before. To add to my mistake, I misclicked in the menu of the chair and it started to dump the whole content of poses into the main chat for about 10 minutes ongoing – and distracting at least me. Anyway, it was my mistake. When Mistress was off to tend to her RL, I bought the right chair and I tried it out this time.

When I returned at night Mistress came inworld a few minutes after me. I decided to make up for my mistake of before and rezzed the right new chair. And I got a proper licking *winks*

October 3rd: Diomita with Mistress Jenny at home

We went to see slave Flo afterwards. She was in the house cleaning. Mistress submissive feelings must be quite strong as she began to help slave Flo spontaneously. Of course I had to take some pictures of these rare moments. We played a round of greedy after the house was cleaned. Then I took my very owned Mistress and slave Flo to Coasta Verde http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20Cay%20Verde/147/129/28, a sim that I had visited a few days before (read here https://wp.me/psPPu-6bD). We had fun and visited the madfall at the fair, we tried the shooting and the carousel, we visited Master Bates motel, Mistress and slave Flo went on the ferris wheel and we visited the asylum. In simply words we had fun together. At the end of our visit we stayed a bit on the beach next to the sign “Be With Someone That Makes You Happy”, how fitting.

October 3rd: maid Mistress Jenny at home / Diomita, Mistress Jenny and slave Flo at Coasta Verde and at Mesmerize Dungeon

We spent some 20 minutes at Mesmerize Dungeon, then slave Flo had to leave to bed. I restricted Mistress and brought her to Psi’s realm where it was quite full that night. I had a complaint. Mistress had forgotten how to address me during my green lights *shakes her head*. Even after I asked her what she forgot, she didn’t remember.. bad girl. We didn’t stay long as I had to punish that. But it was more a light and playful punishment. I admit, I can’t do that really properly anymore *winks*. Hence she just got three smacks on her bare butt from me. Before we went to bed ourselves though, I took my fix and I did it teasingly slow, maybe that was the another light punishment.

October 3rd: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at Psi’s realm and at home

And that’s it about my day in control.

Simploring 2020 (66) Coasta Verde

For my simploring tour Monday, September 28th, I picked Coasta Verde from scoop.it SL Desinations. It led to a post from Susann Decuir “Simtipp: Coasta Verde (Moderat)” (in German) and that was really a teaser for going there on the spot.

The landmark description is short and doesn’t fully reveal what you can expect there (a lot!): “Coasta Verde. Visitors are welcome, beach, hangout, relax, explore

Coasta Verde – overview and orientation map

Coasta Verde is a moderate homestead owned and designed by Night (Nightwatcher Stormcrow). And it is incredible what Night made with less than 5000 prims – Chapeau!

The landing is in the center of a long promenade at the beach. Your first view goes over the large beach to the lighthouse. The scenery is hazy, it almost feels a bit cold and damp. Well it is Autumn. If you turn around you see a fair with a ferris wheel and a large fall tower (Madfall). Behind the fair is a mountain ridge that melts into the high mountains of the sim surround.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (1) – around the landing point / the beach / the lighthouse

I first went on the beach with its many opportunities to sit and watch, just the cold and damp weather doesn’t really invit to sit – that’s how many beaches look like at this time of the year. I walked along the beach and went to the lighthouse first. Below the lighthouse you find two cosy places, one tent and one campfire. Above the campfire is a balloon. Try sitting on it to have a nece view over the whole place.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (2) – the campfire with the balloon / Irish pub / a view on the fair

I went back to the promenade, visited the Irish pub and enjoyed the view on the fair, which is for sure one of the hightlights of Coasta Verde. I had fun! I tried out the fall tower (Madfall), which is quite well made, I tried out the swingboat (that offers only different seating poses for pictures) and I tried the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel is fully operational. It stops at the highest point so that you can have a view and take pictures. Just great!

Impressions of Coasta Verde (3) – fair fun: Madfall / swingboat / ferris wheel

I finally tried out the carousel (Shell Shocked) – another fun ride. Next to the carousel is the source for the scary noises that I heard all the time in the background – a graveyard. And fitting to the season some scary zombies were around, seemingly trying to catch me.
No fair without food and drinks. At the other end of the fair is a bar and restaurant offering places for a break after all the fun.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (4) – the crousel (Shell Shocked) / graveyard with zombies / bar and restaurant

I visited the next highlight – the Wolf Ridge Asylum. You can grab a notecard in the entry hall when you dare to step close to the wall: “Welcome to the Wolf Ridge Asylum. Closed and abandoned in the late 1970s, former residents have recounted tales of ghastly trials and demented attempts to cure the mentally disturbed. One in particular, a nurse of the facility spoke …. ”
I recommend to get the full text and to enjoy your scary visit. Ghosts are round and the above mentioned nurse. You can gat a flashlight at the wall as well ….. I managed to take on picture with a ghost.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (5) – Wolf Ridge Asylum

Finally I went to Bates Motel and to the Psycho house. Have a look into the rooms of the motel. Every room showcases another scary scene – bloody, scary, just great. Of course the Psycho house is home for ghosts, one welcomes you already on at the entrance stairs. And those inside seem to be quite alive. Next to the Psycho house is another graveyard and two more ghosts.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (6) – Bates Motel and Psycho House

Coasta Verde is a very well made place. It offers a lot of fun as there’s so much to explore and to discover. The fair is really well made. Beside of all this fun, Coasta Verde is excellent built with a lot of fitting details. And for the Halloween season, it is just perfect. I will return for sure and enjoy this place.
Thank you, Night, for sharing this place publicly. I had fun on my first visit!

Landmark to Coasta Verde
Susann Decuir’s Simtipp: Coasta Verde (Moderat)