Simploring 2022 (7) Grauland May 2022

Sunday, May 15th, I had some time in the later morning and went simploring. I read in Susann DeCuir’s blog “Mein Zweites Leben” that Grauland has been refurbished once again (Simtipp: Grauland wurde umgebaut (Adult) in German).

I have visited Grauland in 2019 the first time (read here), three times in 2020 (read here, here and here) and twice in 2021, in April 2021 (read here), in November 2021 (read here) and in January 2022 (read here). And every time it was different. Each redesign was worth a visit, as is this one!

Grauland May 2022 – bird eye view and orientation map

Grauland is an adult sim owned by JimGarand. Jim owns a shop for poses, the M-1 Art Poses. The landing at Grauland is in front of a little shop for Jim’s poses. Jim’s former iterations of Grauland were often filled with a lot of art objects. This time the architecture and design of Grauland is one main focus.

Impressions of Grauland May 2022 (1)

Right upon landing you have spectacular views. The sim is surrounded by high mountains and spatially confined by high rocks on two sides. A path leads from the landing along a waterfall, over a bridge and under an aqueduct to a modern villa. The aqueduct leads the water of another waterfall over several segments down into the sea. The modern villa is for sure one of the highlights of Grauland in May 2022. From here you have a good view on the whole sim as well as on a field of menhirs, the only art object of this iteration of Grauland.

Impressions of Grauland May 2022 (2)

I continued my simploring tour and my woalk along the path. It led me to a large parking area and a festival area with a huge stage and stands, For sure a place to watch great concerts.

Impressions of Grauland May 2022 (3)

Close to the parking and the festival area you find a camping side, the place where festival visitors stay overnight, where they celebrate before and after the event. You should try out the seats there, they offer nice and unique poses for celebrations. Quite realitic are the portable toilets, the public showers and the garbage tons. There’s really all you need for a festival.

Impressions of Grauland May 2022 (4)

Next to the festival area is the beach and it is a fun beach with a large playground. The main attraction at the beach is a huge orange King Kong figure with a skid that leads from King Kong’s chest down to the beach. You can slide down actually (and I did). A more quiet area is at the end of the natural bay where a pier reaches out to the bottom of another waterfall. You can sit there and watch the world go by. Or you face the other direction and look over the festival area, the beach and the long aqueduct.

Impressions of Grauland May 2022 (5)

As I wrote in the beginning of my simploring report, it is the desgin, the waterfalls, the aqueduct, the villa and the festival area that makes Grauland May 2022 so outstanding. In my personal opinion that is art. Thank you Jim, you made another great iteration of Grauland and I enjoyed my visit a lot.

Close to the beach you find some water fun. A skid and several tubes and inflatable mattresses float in the sea. Spontaneously I stripped (it is an adult homestead) and tried them out. I had fun posing.

Diomita posing at Grauland May 2022

And this ends my simploring report. Well done, Jim!

Landmark to Grauland
Grauland flickr
JimGarand’s store M-1 Art Poses on the marketplace
Susann DeCuir’s blogpost “Simtipp: Grauland wurde umgebaut (Adult)”

Simploring 2021 (7) Valium SL – MARFA

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, January 26th, I picked Valium SL – MARFA from SL Destinations. The entry led to an entry of Susann Decuir “Neueröffnung: Valium SL- MARFA (Moderat)” (the post is in German). It attracted my immediate attention because of several issues: Firstly I visited often places created and/or owned by Vally Lavender (Valium Lavender), secondly Fred Hamilton, Lotus Mastroianni and Sofie Janic built the sim, and thirdly the published picture reminded me of “Kun-Tei-Ner”, another place that was built by Fred Hamilton (frecoi) and Lotus Mastroianni (read here).

In addition I visited Marfa, Texas, already in Second Life back in 2017 (read here) and had done some research.
Marfa was founded in the early 1880s as a railroad water stop. The town was named “Marfa” at the suggestion of the wife of a railroad executive. The Marfa Army Airfield served as a training facility for several thousand pilots during World War II. It was closed 1945. Marfa has a population of about 2,000 people, hence it is really small.

Impressions of Marfa, Texas (source,_Texas)

Today, Marfa is a tourist destination and a major center for Minimalist art. Attractions include Building 98, the Chinati Foundation, artisan shops, historical architecture, a classic Texas town square, modern art installments, art galleries, and the Marfa lights. The city is also 37 miles (60 km) from Prada Marfa, a pop art exhibit, which might be the most photographed and visited site in Marfa. The area around Marfa is known as a cultural center for contemporary artists and artisans. In 1971, minimalist artist Donald Judd moved to Marfa from New York City. Since Judd’s death in 1994, two foundations have worked to maintain his legacy: the Chinati Foundation and Judd Foundation. Every year the Chinati Foundation holds an open house event where artists, collectors, and enthusiasts come from around the world to visit Marfa’s art (Source: wikipedia).

As mentioned above Valium SL – MARFA is built on a full moderate region owned by by Vally Lavender (Valium Lavender). Fred Hamilton, Lotus Mastroiani und Sofie Janic have rebuilt Marfa quite realisitc. You recognize the buildings, the art and the weiredness of this place in Texas, art in the middle of nothing. No wonder that many people visit it nowadays.

Valium SL – MARFA: Bird eye view and orientation map

The landing is admist the town center next to the fire department. If you zoom out, you can see how in the middle of nothing Marfa is located. Close to the landing point is a Motel, a garage and a gas station. And right across the street is one of the largest buildings, the “Empty Chair Gallery”. I visited the gallery first before further exploring Valium SL – MARFA.

Impressions of Valium SL – MARFA (1): around the landing

In the Empty Chair Gallery Vally showcases pictures that she had collected. All pictures are about empty chairs: “I felt that the ’empty chair’ in most cases created the emotion of being lonely, sad, or waiting, and wanting from the observer. They seemed to ask the same question over again and that is “Do you feel what I am feeling about my empty chair?” And often time the chairs instilled a sense of happiness, knowing perhaps, that soon someone would occupy their empty chair.”
The pictures exhibited right now at the Empty Chair Gallery are from Adam Cayden, Cecilia Nansen, D e F o e, Duna Gant, GlitterPrincess Destiny, Key Monk, Loegan Magic, Powder Grau, Samyi Basevi, Sander Sunborne, Shawn Shakespeare, Sunset Theas and Venicio Armin,

Impressions of Valium SL – MARFA (2): The Empty Chair Gallery

After visiting the gallery, I first explored the little town. There’s a lot to discover and I didn’t see all. Close to the residential area is a nice flower store and I saw an antiques store, both decorated with love for details. The largest building in town is the countyhouse. It was built fitting the original building in Marfa, Tx.

Impressions of Valium SL – MARFA (3): countyhouse, flower store, antiques store

In the residential area you find several house, some of them were still empty duing my visit but that might have changed in the meanwhile. Between two houses closer to the town I found a nice little court to sit and enjoy. Also quite close to thre residentail area is Thor’s Café & Bar. I recommend that you have a look inside. The decoration is outstanding. I think these little details make Valium SL – MARFA so particular. For example you find a wardrobe in the form of a cactus.

Impressions of Valium SL – MARFA (4): Residential area and Thor’s Café & Bar

The visitors and I assume in particular those who visit the Marfa Lights Festial live in a seperate camp in containers, in tents and caravans. In the center of the site is an event area. really amazing is the the gate to the site has exactly the same form and symbol as in real life. The containers did remind me of “Kun-Tei-Ner” (read here). I didn’t have the time to go into every tent or container but they are furnished and I bet there’s also a lot to see. If you get hungry after all what is to see at Valium SL – MARFA you can take a break at the bbq stand right next between the camp and the Lights building.

Impressions of Valium SL – MARFA (5): containers, tents and caravans and the bbq stand

The “Lights-Building” is another landmark of Marfa, Tx. in RL. It has a pertciluar egg form and daylight just comes through a small gap in the ceiling. The entrance and the exit are built in a waythat avoids any light coming it. Marfa is renown for its art. And you find it spreaded around the town. There’s the renown Prafa store, a care on a concrete box, a large board showing James Dean (I think at least) next to a scaffold in the middle of nothing

Impressions of Valium SL – MARFA (6): Lights building, Prafa and other art

And finally there is art spread on ranch land, many boxes and cubes made of concrete, iglus, and inbetween grazing cattle, quite weired.

Impressions of Valium SL – MARFA (7): Art and cattle, the railroad

I was impressed of my first visit. Fred Hamilton (frecoi), Lotus Mastroiani, Sofie Janic and Vally Lavender (Valium Lavender) created a really outstanding place. I enjoyrd seeing Marfa, Tx. again. In these days and age where you can only travel virtually it was a feast for me. A big thank you to all who were and are involved in realizing Valium SL – MARFA.

Landmark to Valium SL – MARFA
Valium group flickr page
Vally Lavender (Valium Lavender)’s flickr page
Susann Decuir “Neueröffnung: Valium SL- MARFA (Moderat)”

Simploring 2020 (81) Oblivion

For my simploring tour on Saturday, November 14th, I picked Oblivion from SL Destinations. The entry led to a blogpost of Susann Decuir “Simtipp: Oblivion (Adult)“. When reading the post I remembered why the name rang a bell. I was there before when I tried to get to the DixMix Gallery while it wasn’t yet opened. Oblivion is in the same region and it was mainly built by Megan Prumier who is also involved in the DixMix Gallery.

Oblivion – Bird’s eye view / at the landing point / crossing the bridge

Oblivion occupies a quarter of the region. It’s rated adult. Oblivion is owned by Dante (Gian Fetuccio) und MAYA (mayamoxie). As mentioned above Megan Prumier built most of it.

From the landing point you have to walk over a long bridge to get to Oblivion which is located on a seperate island. There’s a sign “Trepassers will be violated. Can there be anything more inviting in Second Life, in particular in an adult sim?

Oblivion – The Main Event Dome (1)

On the island are three buildings and a couple of places to cuddle, sit or meet with friends. I called the main building in the center of the island “Main Event Dome”. It is a huge building and has one big round room inside, perfect for events. Along the sides are several opportunities to sit, play billard, expose a slave or sub, meet and talk with friends, read or cuddle. I tried out some of them. Opposed to the entrance in a dj desk, hence i suppose that the dome is or will be used for events.

Oblivion – The Main Event Dome (2)

On the left side of the Main Event Dome is another larger building formed like a cross. The light inside has a green touch and makes it look a bit mysterious. In the center ot the cross is a round meeting place which looks very luxurious, almost like a room in a palace. From here doors lead to the 4 arms of the cross and in each of them is one room with a BDSM furniture in the center of it: A cross, a bird cage, a lounger and a doll cage. I couldn’t resists and tried out each.

Oblivion – The Luxury Playroom

The third building in a small tower which is used as a bathroom. The three buildings are surrounded by a park with several opportunities to sit or talk. The whole scenery looks quite neat and luxurious. It might be a secret club meeting here, maybe a circle of doms who enjoy some time with their subs here … or are there BDSM events celebrated here? I don’t know, yet what I know is that the place excited me and that I might come back to see what happens here.

Oblivion – Bath-Tower and places to sit and meet

Thank you Dante (Gian Fetuccio) and MAYA (mayamoxie) for sharing your place with the public, thank you Megan for building it. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Oblivion
Susann Decuir “Simtipp: Oblivion (Adult)”

Simploring 2020 (66) Coasta Verde

For my simploring tour Monday, September 28th, I picked Coasta Verde from SL Desinations. It led to a post from Susann Decuir “Simtipp: Coasta Verde (Moderat)” (in German) and that was really a teaser for going there on the spot.

The landmark description is short and doesn’t fully reveal what you can expect there (a lot!): “Coasta Verde. Visitors are welcome, beach, hangout, relax, explore

Coasta Verde – overview and orientation map

Coasta Verde is a moderate homestead owned and designed by Night (Nightwatcher Stormcrow). And it is incredible what Night made with less than 5000 prims – Chapeau!

The landing is in the center of a long promenade at the beach. Your first view goes over the large beach to the lighthouse. The scenery is hazy, it almost feels a bit cold and damp. Well it is Autumn. If you turn around you see a fair with a ferris wheel and a large fall tower (Madfall). Behind the fair is a mountain ridge that melts into the high mountains of the sim surround.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (1) – around the landing point / the beach / the lighthouse

I first went on the beach with its many opportunities to sit and watch, just the cold and damp weather doesn’t really invit to sit – that’s how many beaches look like at this time of the year. I walked along the beach and went to the lighthouse first. Below the lighthouse you find two cosy places, one tent and one campfire. Above the campfire is a balloon. Try sitting on it to have a nece view over the whole place.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (2) – the campfire with the balloon / Irish pub / a view on the fair

I went back to the promenade, visited the Irish pub and enjoyed the view on the fair, which is for sure one of the hightlights of Coasta Verde. I had fun! I tried out the fall tower (Madfall), which is quite well made, I tried out the swingboat (that offers only different seating poses for pictures) and I tried the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel is fully operational. It stops at the highest point so that you can have a view and take pictures. Just great!

Impressions of Coasta Verde (3) – fair fun: Madfall / swingboat / ferris wheel

I finally tried out the carousel (Shell Shocked) – another fun ride. Next to the carousel is the source for the scary noises that I heard all the time in the background – a graveyard. And fitting to the season some scary zombies were around, seemingly trying to catch me.
No fair without food and drinks. At the other end of the fair is a bar and restaurant offering places for a break after all the fun.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (4) – the crousel (Shell Shocked) / graveyard with zombies / bar and restaurant

I visited the next highlight – the Wolf Ridge Asylum. You can grab a notecard in the entry hall when you dare to step close to the wall: “Welcome to the Wolf Ridge Asylum. Closed and abandoned in the late 1970s, former residents have recounted tales of ghastly trials and demented attempts to cure the mentally disturbed. One in particular, a nurse of the facility spoke …. ”
I recommend to get the full text and to enjoy your scary visit. Ghosts are round and the above mentioned nurse. You can gat a flashlight at the wall as well ….. I managed to take on picture with a ghost.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (5) – Wolf Ridge Asylum

Finally I went to Bates Motel and to the Psycho house. Have a look into the rooms of the motel. Every room showcases another scary scene – bloody, scary, just great. Of course the Psycho house is home for ghosts, one welcomes you already on at the entrance stairs. And those inside seem to be quite alive. Next to the Psycho house is another graveyard and two more ghosts.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (6) – Bates Motel and Psycho House

Coasta Verde is a very well made place. It offers a lot of fun as there’s so much to explore and to discover. The fair is really well made. Beside of all this fun, Coasta Verde is excellent built with a lot of fitting details. And for the Halloween season, it is just perfect. I will return for sure and enjoy this place.
Thank you, Night, for sharing this place publicly. I had fun on my first visit!

Landmark to Coasta Verde
Susann Decuir’s Simtipp: Coasta Verde (Moderat)

Simploring 2017 (20) – Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island

Saturday night, March 18th, Mistress Jenny and I took the slaves Flo and puppy Adarra to Mesmerize Dungeon and later to Heavy Bondage Club. Besides exposing our slaves in their March outfit, we had in mind to find profiles with new places to explore. We had in mind to do some kinkploring. Unfortunately we didn’t have much success but we had a relaxing night out and chatted a lot while exchanging thoughts about profiles and about what we read.

March 18th at HBC: slave Flo, Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave puppy Adarra

Finally we decided to see two places, one which was definitively new for us and one, that we wanted to revisit after a few years. The new landmark was disappointing as it was just an empty BDSM club, and the place we wanted to revisit was gone and replaced by another non adult sim. Then slave Adarra proposed to visit a sim that she found with the search for RLV sims – Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island.
We arrived at the landing point next to several boards with information. Quite close to the landing point is an old castle tower and two meeting area’s. I was attracted by a teleport pad which I tried and which led us to an separate smaller island just close to the main island where we landed. On this little island is a ruin of an old castle and within the ruins there’re some possibilites for BDSM play. We left the island again, returned to the landing point and found an entrance to a room that was built under the island. A single room with an isolation cell and some equipment for torture, just perfect for a kidnapping for example. Mistress Jenny just quickly tried out one of the torturing equipment with slave Flo, a metal grid where the victim is tied on. You can use electricity or water with high pressure for torture. As it was time for bed for slave Flo and time for Mistress and me to retreat we left the Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island again. After Mistress and the slaves went to bed, I returned to the island and completed exploring it. Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island seems to be a classic place to go to for many people particular for the German BDSM scene, to which we’re not as connected to. The group for the island has more than 500 members and there’re regular events and contests. Right now for example there’s a photo contest ongoing. Although it was already late in Germany, there were still around 10 people on the island. I explored the buildings on the main island, a larger house which is quite cosy, a greenhouse, a smaller house and the castle tower next to the landing point. There are really plenty places for play or to cuddle. The island itself is very beautiful and photogenic. The castle tower offers several rooms, all equipped with bondage furniture or other bdsm gear. The landmark description Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island is quite inviting: “Feel free to do whatever you like. BDSM Bondage Femdom Miss Dom Sub Slave Switcher RLV Voice Playground deutsch, inspiring for your art & photography“. From what I saw, we will for sure return.
Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island is owned by Susann DeCuir, who is writing a blog named “Mein Zweites Leben” (My Second Life). I will add the link to the active blogs section on the sidebar. Her blog is in German and it contains all around Second Life and covers a broad variety of themes. It is about BDSM news, sims, fashion, events, furniture and gear, Linden Lab, just about everything that is connected to her second life and she shares it. She’s writing this blog since 2009 and has around 4.000 (!) blog entries so far, quite impressive. So if you understand German, you should keep an eye on it.
Thank you Susann for providing your sim to the public and for your blog.

Landmark to Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island
Susann DeCuir’s blog “Mein Zweites Leben”