Simploring 2020 (44) Frogmore Summer 2020

For my simploring tour on Thursday, June 4th, I picked “Frogmore” from SL Destinations. The entry led to a post from Inara Pey “Frogmore’s Cornish twist in Second Life“. I knew I had been to “Frogmore” before but the Frogmore of Summer 2020 has nothing to do with the Frogmore that I visited in 2019 (read here). Frogmore of 2019 was a sim inspired by Öregrund in Sweden. Frogmore in Summer 2020 is inspired by Cornwall England.
But both have something in common. As in 2019 Frogmore in Summer 2020 is owned by Tolla Crisp (formerly Tolla Fell (bengta)) and it was designed and landscaped by Dandy Warhlol (Terry Fotherington).

Frogmore Summer 2020 – overview

My visit to Frogmore was my longest simploring in this year so far. I stayed about 1 hour the first day and another 2 hours on Friday, June 5th, as there’s so much to see and discover – and there were just too many nice views and details for taking pictures. I took 70 pictures during these 2 days and hence this simploring report will be full of pictures.

Frogmore is a full moderate region with no sim surround. I kept the windlight that provides a cloudy sky and very blue water. I tried to use shadows but unfortunately it simply affords to many ressources. Loading all textures until they are sharp takes some time already nonetheless. But it was worth it! Frogmore consists of 4 islands which are all connected. It might be a bit tricky to find the way but you don’t need to swim, there are bridges and connections between the islands.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (1) – views close to the landing point

My visit started on the largest island close to two buildings, one of them I called castle ruins. From here signs lead you to a path down the hill and around it. I got some nice views already here. Frogmore has 3 lighthouses and you can use them for your orientation.

The path leads to a harbour during low tide with quite some boats laying on the ground. Around the harbour are some simple houses and sheds and across the sea you see a village. This is a quite picturesque place and I found many picturesque places at Frogmore as well as innumerous opportunities to sit, to cuddle and to enjoy the environment.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (2) – the harbour at low tide

I went across the harbour to a residential house and garden house on a hill from where I could see the large round building with a dome, which is an Irish pub. There is a trail from here down to the pub.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (3) – Across the harbour, view on the Irish pub

The Irish pub is on a long promenade close to a small river. At the promenade you find a restaurant, an open event area and a water mill.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (4) – the promenade with the Irish pub and the water mill

After a short rest I continued my visit with crossing the river and walking out on the long pier that is off the shore. I called it artist pier as there are several stands from artists who paint the beautiful landscape or scenes from this lovely spot, just like you find them at many tourist attractions. At the artist pier is a very nice ice cream parlour that invited me to take another rest.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (5) – at the artist pier

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (6) – lighthouses and puffins

I walked back and continued my simploring tour at the lighthouse that you can see from the artist pier. At the lighthouse I saw some puffins. They always look great on pictures. I walked over the to next island where you can visit another lighthouse. This island has a nice large beach and at its end you can walk into the ruins of a former large tower. The steep rocks at the beach fit to the picture I have in mind when I think of Cornwall although I’ve never been there.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (7) – at the beach and at the village

Although you can see it on the orientation map this island is connected by a bridge with tne next island, which is occupied by several houses and again offers a lot of detail to discover. Besides several houses, there’s a church and in the center of the viallage is a bar. The village is one of the many places in Frogmore that invite to sit and enjoy and to take pictures. You can look over the the harbour from here too.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (8) – the village

From the village you can walk over a long bridge to the island with the castle. Next to the bridge is another event area on a wooden raft in the water.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (9) – the wooden raft event area and the castle

The castle, which looked like a ruin from far is in fact a residential building with two large rooms inside that are worth to visit. On the outside of the castle are again some places to sit. The best place in on the roof though, that is used as a plce to relex or to celebrate spontaneously. From the roof you can look over to the hill with the castle ruin where I began my round trip.

Impressions of Frogmore Summer 2020 (10) -inside the castle and on the roof terrace

Frogmore is fully open to the public. It offers occasionally events. And right now, there’s a photo contest running until July 15th. A notecard with the details it being offered upon your landing at Frogmore.

I really enjoyed my visit, taking pictures and writing this post, that saves my memories of this 2 day visit to Frogmore. Thank you Tolla crisp for providing your sim to the public and thank you Dandy Warhlol (Terry Fotherington) for designing this beautiful region. I can only recommend to go and explore Frogmore yourself.

Landmark to Frogmore
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Frogmore’s Cornish twist in Second Life”

A visit to BarDeco

Feb 12th Visiting BarDeco: The BarDeco seen from the waterfront

Feb 12th Visiting BarDeco: The BarDeco seen from the waterfront

Another simploring post. Friday, Feb 12th, I visited BarDeco. I came across it once again by following Inara Pey’s blog “Visiting The Village in Second Life“. She herself was referring to another blog where BarDeco is described: Pearl Grey’s “Million Happy Endings ~ a sometimes intrepid exploration of a virtual world“. Pearl Grey (aka. riverpearl) simply titeled her post “BarDeco_ Secret Garden” and she saw it in winter.  The owner of BarDeco, Dandy Warhlol (terry.fotherington), himself wrote about BarDeco “a small village on the water where you can stroll beside the sea in a Zen atmosphere and relaxed – a drink and listen to the music of the best DJs in SL at Bardeco“.

Feb 12th Visiting BarDeco: Arriving in the middle of nowhere

Feb 12th Visiting BarDeco: Arriving in the middle of nowhere

When you arrive at BarDeco you seem to be in the middle of nowhere. Some derailed freight waggons, fog, a muddy road …. nothing for my heels. Good that we’re in Second Life where your shoes don’t get dirty! Following the road your first thought is that you’re in a ghost town where the nature has reconquered the land. But there are lights and when you take a closer look you see a chapel with light in it and you see that people are living here – at least in some houses. The chimney of one house is smoking, the illuminated advertising of a night club is still working, only the Motel seems really really abandoned.

Feb 12th Visiting BarDeco: Diomita drinking a coffee at the BarDeco

Feb 12th Visiting BarDeco: Diomita drinking a coffee at the BarDeco

And there is BarDeco itself. You can see that it is still alive. And according to one visitor who I met there there are a regular music events (according to the owner the best DJ’s in SL). I sat down and had a coffee before I continued my discovery at the waterfront. Here you can find really nice places to sit. Just imagine the sun would shine. The whole atmosphere of BarDeco is quite dense, somehow sad and suppressive and the foggy windlight setting (don’t change that) adds to it. But when the sun came out I could get a first impression how nice BarDeco could be.

Feb 12th Visiting BarDeco: With a bit of sunshine everything looks immediately a bit more promising instead of suppressive

Feb 12th Visiting BarDeco: With a bit of sunshine everything looks immediately a bit more promising instead of suppressive

I walked along the old industry site where it is dirty and a bit scary until I reached the chapel again, where I ended my visit. This sim once again proves what is possible in SL and how creative People are. Thank you Dandy Warhlol for providing BarDeco for us!

Feb 12th Visiting BarDeco: Walking along the old industry road

Feb 12th Visiting BarDeco: Walking along the old industry road

Landmark “BarDeco”:

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