Diary (67) June 25th – 27th

As Christa’s trial is going on we spent quite some time at her cell chatting and teasing. We discuss rules and some of them fell into oblivion. When the family grows again rules become more important. They not only contribute to a fair share of attention for the slaves, they also provide opportunties for play. Beside Christa’s trial Mistress Jenny shortened my leash again after my long time in control and reinforced her position. On a sidenote it provides time for me to make plans for my next green light *winks*. No post without a picture: Here’s  an actual picture of Mistress Jenny and me chilling at club DeLust.

June 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust

June 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust

New slave

On June 29th I went to the dungeon of FDS (according to the owner “A place where fake dommes are  broken and turned  into play things for true Dom’s and Dommes”). Chained to the wall was a black slave with a funnel gag and the one who tied her like this was teasing the poor victim. The slave tried to resist….in vain of course and the woman continued teasing her. As more gathered around the scene she said she had no time for her victim, her slave and that she will give her away just to have no further responsibility for her. I took the offer. I brought the black slave, her name was Natalia Bressig, to Sarah’s Patio and took control of her, step by step.
We assigned the house work to our new slave. And she will serve us as a maid. We will work to get her best mannered and with some punishments she might learn quickly. Please support her transformation. It’s for her good and for our pleasure. And of course she may please you in any way *winks”
Slave (formerly known as Natalia) is our newest addition. Lately we enslaved also Tamsin Etoile and Ivory Princess (malidur.galicia). So it seems that we might establish a new subgroup within the family for the slaves. They might be sold or given away or kept forever and collared some day. So we enjoy whatever will happen.

20130708 Slave formerly known as Natalia Bressig_002

Slave (formerly known as Natalia Bressig)