Art in Second Life (79) Sandi Benelli at La Maison des Artistes

Michiel Bechir invited me to his newest place for the arts: La Maison des Artistes, an art café at the new French sim Le Village de Charente.

The current exhibition features a selection of pictures by Sandi Benelli, an artist I came across just once so far. Sandra Benelli’s pictures were showcased at Temprus – My Secret Garden in the “Art in the park” exhibtion in 2017 (read here).

Sandi Benelli is in Second Life since 2007. She’s one of those who found her RL love in the virtual environment of Second Life. Your can see her art also at her flickr account.
Sandi takes pictures of lovely spots in Second Life. I recognized some of them as I have been to these placces myself and even blogged about them. I think Sandi does process her pictures a little bit, but basically, these are pictures taken in Second Life, with the eye of an artist for the right angle and environment.

Impressions of Sandi Benelli at La Maison des Artistes (1) – Imago (upper left) / Walsh County (lower left)

The selection compromises 10 pictures and shows the little paradises we can see and create in Second Life. Sandi’s style reminded me of Michiel Bechir’s own style as Michel also takes his pictures directly in Second Life.

Impressions of Sandi Benelli at La Maison des Artistes (2) – Bella’s Lullaby (upper right) / Auld Lang Syne (lower right) / Nelipot (upper left) / Soul2Soul (lower left)

La Maison des Artistes is a small, nice space for the arts owned and curated by Michiel Bechir. Thank you Sandi for your pictures, and thank you Michel for providing the space for the arts.

Landmark to the art café “La Maison des Artistes”
France – le Village de Charente – Galerie
Sandi Benelli’s flickr