Art in Second Life (79) Sandi Benelli at La Maison des Artistes

Michiel Bechir invited me to his newest place for the arts: La Maison des Artistes, an art café at the new French sim Le Village de Charente.

The current exhibition features a selection of pictures by Sandi Benelli, an artist I came across just once so far. Sandra Benelli’s pictures were showcased at Temprus – My Secret Garden in the “Art in the park” exhibtion in 2017 (read here).

Sandi Benelli is in Second Life since 2007. She’s one of those who found her RL love in the virtual environment of Second Life. Your can see her art also at her flickr account.
Sandi takes pictures of lovely spots in Second Life. I recognized some of them as I have been to these placces myself and even blogged about them. I think Sandi does process her pictures a little bit, but basically, these are pictures taken in Second Life, with the eye of an artist for the right angle and environment.

Impressions of Sandi Benelli at La Maison des Artistes (1) – Imago (upper left) / Walsh County (lower left)

The selection compromises 10 pictures and shows the little paradises we can see and create in Second Life. Sandi’s style reminded me of Michiel Bechir’s own style as Michel also takes his pictures directly in Second Life.

Impressions of Sandi Benelli at La Maison des Artistes (2) – Bella’s Lullaby (upper right) / Auld Lang Syne (lower right) / Nelipot (upper left) / Soul2Soul (lower left)

La Maison des Artistes is a small, nice space for the arts owned and curated by Michiel Bechir. Thank you Sandi for your pictures, and thank you Michel for providing the space for the arts.

Landmark to the art café “La Maison des Artistes”
France – le Village de Charente – Galerie
Sandi Benelli’s flickr

Simploring 2017 (63) Temprus – My Secret Garden

Tuesday, August 1st, I made another simploring tour. I found Temprus My Secret Garden in the SL Destination guide  under the category art.
Temprus, home to Art in the Park, is featuring the work of Ilyra Chardin in a full sim, immersive art installation. Begin your exploration with “normal” gardens that quickly lead both to the secret garden and to Art in the Park.”

Upon your landing, you choose to either walk along the shoreline to “Art in the Park” or to see “My Secret Garden. I first explored “Art in the Park”, a gallery within a park just by the shoreline. There are paintings of several artists that have exhibitions also somewhere else like Sandi Benelli, Maxie Daviau, CybeleMoon (Hana Hobinoo), Kayleigh Lavende and ilyra chardin herself, who owns “Temprus My Secret Garden“. As far as I understood, the paintings are changing, there’re also particular exhibitions, which are announced either in a group, that you can join, or on the homepage for the sim “Temprus Times“.

“Art in the park” at Temprus – My Secret Garden

After my visit to the “Art in the Park”, I follwed the path to “My Secret Garden”. The stairs and the path end at a hut with a board “Just a garden shed. Nothin’ interesting here! KEEP OUT! This means YOU!!!” Of course that reads like an invitation to have a look, and I looked inside.

There’s nothing inside but the end of a tunnel that leads you below the big massive rocks to the other part of the island – and to a house with a garden in which art of ilyra chardin is exhibited. Is this the “My Secret Garden?” Honestly I have no idea. It is nice and tasteful though – or is “My Secret Garden” the farmstead, that covers most of this part of the island beyound the massive rock? I had a look around and enjoyed the silence and the peace. There’re also some children playing (mesh dolls) but ecept ot them, I saw none a the whole farmstead. At one end of the farmstead is a crooked and high frame house and I climbed on it just for the view over the island. From there I could see a beach which was my next point to visit.

Exploring the path to “My Secret Garden”? at Temprus – My Secret Garden

At the beach you find a scene that reminded me of Gulliver’s Travels by the Irish writer Jonathan Swift. Or is that scene related to anything else?

At the Northern end of the island is a row of industrial or warhouse houses, a crane and the submarine Nautilus. Again a scenery that doesn’t fit to the farmstead and seems to be of another world. And there’s this woman selling flowers and veggies … strange. There might be more to discover that will bring some more light into this, but I was lacking time.

Farmstead (upper left), Gulliver (upper right), Nautilus (lower left) and Nautilus Harbour (lower right) at Temprus – My Secret Garden

The last edge of “Temprus My Secret Garden“, that I explored was Maycomb. It is spearated from the farmstead and the other parts of the island by a steep rock wall on one side and by the massive rock that parts the island by the other side. What you see is just one road, on the first glance I assumed that this road and the houses along it are a reproduction of the real Maycomb, Alabama in the United States. It looks at least typical, the map, that is shown on a baord at the entrance of the street looks real – but Maycomb, Alabama is a fiction from the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee published in 1960. The primary themes of “To Kill a Mockingbird involve” racial injustice and the destruction of innocence. The story takes place during three years (1933–35) of the Great Depression in the fictional “tired old town” of Maycomb, Alabama, the seat of Maycomb County (source Wikipedia)

My visit to “Temprus My Secret Garden” was very varied, I enjoyed art as well as nature and some fictional places of novels, literature in 3D 🙂
Thank you, ilyra chardin!

Landmark to Temprus – My Secret Garden
Homepage – Temprus Times
ilyra chardin at deviant Art