Dear diary

It’s about time for another diary entry. So what as been going on? I went exploring to lovely sims inspired by reading the “living in a modemworld” blog. My first visit was together with Jenny to “Le Botanique”
(, which is a beautiful creation of a sim dealing with materials and the advanced lighting settings. There’s not that much to explore but you get to see what is possible even on a small piece of land. And you can relax and watch the raindrops falling and inhale the atmosphere which I tried to capture in some pictures. And yes, I know we weren’t dressed according to the weather nor for that type of a sim.

A rainy day: Diomita and Jenny at "La Botanique"

A rainy day: Diomita and Jenny at “Le Botanique”

I went to another lovely sim Sunday morning, August 3rd, also described in the same blog. That one is called “Dawn of Radiance”
It will provide more occasions for exploring as I just saw the area around the landing point and a plateau above it. The beach invited me to sit down and enjoy. Kitty was online and we chatted while I took some pictures.

Diomita enjoying a lazy Sunday morning at "Dawn of Radiance"

Diomita enjoying a lazy Sunday morning at “Dawn of Radiance”

On the plateau above the beach there are meadows and some sheep and a nice place to sit and eat. Well, I had had breakfast already, so I didn’t eat and continued chatting with Kitty. We both enjoyed the environment while talking.

Diomita and Kitty at "Dawn of Radiance"

Diomita and Kitty at “Dawn of Radiance”

What else is going on? Dana is a class III pony at Stones and Rubber (sNr) again. She somehow comes back to be a pony again and again. So it is for sure one of her main kinks. As she can’t IM due to her restrictions, I don’t know much about how much she enjoys it there, but she seemed to be rather happy sending me some pictures about her activities. On August 1st, I managed to visit her in her stall.
Angelique is starting a new adventure very soon. It will be a longer and intense roleplay and we agreed on conditions. I won’t tell much here and right now but we are excited for her and very curious what news she will have to report. In preparation for this roleplay we also bought a new toy. Well it is not a toy, it is more a script to make play a bit more realistic. I will keep that for another blog entry coming up soon.

Diomita visiting pony Dana at sNr

Diomita visiting pony Dana at sNr

Anything else? Yes, qt returned from her every year summer trip and we took her to The Secret House twice where she could get some eye candy peeking through the large head cage we put on her. Well in the picture below qt didn’t watch the eye candy but was scared to be shown in a picture. And slave and rona? In the picture below they are not that much restricted. But that has changed and will be subject of another blog entry, maybe part of the enjoying bondage series for August.

Eurobrats invading TSH: (from left to right) qt, Dio, slave, Angelique, Jenny, rona and Argi

Eurobrats invading TSH: (from left to right) qt, Dio, slave, Angelique, Jenny, rona and Argi

That’s it for right now.
Love from Diomita